First Date Last Date Description Download
3438 16.10.2020 02.11.2020

TN-645 for Supply Self-cleaning air intake filters

TN-646 for Supply of GI pipes for various works of DM plants & AC Maintenance

TN-647 for Supply of Bulk Acid storage Tank for DM plant

TN-648 for Supply and E.T.C work of DG Emergency MCC

TN-649 for Supply and E.T.C work of 750 KVA DG set with AMF cum Control Panel and Synchronous panel

TN-650 for Supply & ETC of new lead acid, tubular, HDP type battery banks, 2V/120AH & 2V/500AH with  dismantling of existing banks

TN-651 for Study and Third party audit of protection system of Power Station RGTPP, RVUNL, Ramgarh 270.50 MW as per NRPC guidelines

TN-652 for Intermediate Overhauling of STG# I (37.5 MW)

TN-653 for Annual Work Contract for Handling of Chemicals, Operation of DM plant, Clarifier, ETP & various works of Chemical wing

TN-654 for Annual contract of up keeping and maintenance of various Instruments and panels of C&I installed in stage – III

TN-655 for Annual contract for supply and application of insulation work in boiler, Turbine and chimney area

TN-656 for AMC for DM plants with cooling Towers, ETP

3418_D -- 13.10.2020 Date extension of TN-638 & 640 3418_D(size-560kb)
3418_C -- 05.10.2020 Date extension of TN-638 & 640 3418_C(size-768kb)
3418_B -- 24.09.2020 Date extension of TN-638,640,643,644
3418_A -- 10.09.2020 Date extension of TN-641 3418_A(size-881kb)
3418 19.08.2020 --

TN-638 for Supply of Sulphuric Acid.

TN-639 for Supply of RO Membrane 8040.

TN-640 for Supply of Spares, Repair of Combustion Spares and Execution of Major Inspection of Fr-6B GT # I

TN-641 for Annual Contract for O&M of Fire Fighting System

TN-642 for Annual maintenance contract for Protection System , various equipment of 132/220KV switch yard, Power Transformer, Generator and DC system

TN-643 for AMC for HT/LT motors, switchgears, actuators, electric system and various appliances

TN-644 for Hiring of services of 05 Nos. Vehicle Drivers for departmental vehicles.

3394_B -- 22.07.2020 Date extension of TN-635 3394_B(size-378kb)
3394_A -- 14.07.2020 Corrigendum_I for date extension TN-635 & TN-C-95 3394_A(size-274kb)
3394 19.06.2020 03.07.2020

TN-635 fo Annual Contract for O&M of RD-249 Pump House.

TN-636 for Annual Contract for O&M of Fire Fighting System.

TN-637 for Annual contract for providing assistance in operation of stage I , II & III of  RGTPP, Ramgarh.

TN-C-95 for Construction of PCC Platform for drying sludge.

TN-C-96 for Annual Contract for R&M of Rest House at Jaisalmer

TN-C-97 for Annual contract for  up keeping & maintenance of dormitory, field hostel and community center at RGTPP Colony.

TN-C-98 for Annual Contract for R&M of Rest House at RGTPP Colony, Ramgarh.

TN-C-99 for Annual contract for cleaning residential colony at RGTPP, Ramgarh.

3381_C -- 17.06.2020 Corrigendum_I for date extension of TN-631 3381_C(size-356kb)
3381_B -- 09.06.2020 Corrigendum_I for date extension of TN-629,630 & 634 3381_B(size-256kb)
3367_E -- 09.06.2020 Corrigendum_V for TN-629 3367_E(size-320kb)
3381_A -- -- Corrigendum_I for TN-629 3381_A(size-891kb)
3367_D -- 03.06.2020 Corrigendum_IV for date extension of TN-625 3367_D(size-289kb)
3381 15.05.2020 03.06.2020

TN-629 for Biennial Contract for hiring of 11 Nos. vehicles along with driver (03 Nos. Maruti Swift DzireVdi (AC) or equivalent, 07 Nos.  Mahindra Bolero SLX (AC), 01 No. Mahindra Bolero Camper (Non AC) or equivalent (model not older than 2018

TN-630 for Annual Contract for O&M of Air Conditioning Plants , Air Compressors and its auxiliaries

TN-631 for Work contract for  Major  Overhauling of 37.5 MW Generator, Exciter & its auxiliaries of STG #1

TN-632 for Biennial Contract for cleaning of GT, HRSG, STG area and various locations

TN-633 for Annual  Contract of various works of Chemical Wing

TN-634 for Refilling  Contract of refrigerant Gas Mafron/Freon ( M-22/R22)

3367_C -- 19.05.2020 Corrigendum_III for date extension of TN-620 & 625 3367_C(size-303kb)
3367_B -- 06.05.2020 Corrigendum_I for date extension of TN-620,625,626 & 628 3367_B(size-567kb)
3367_A -- 20.04.2020 Date extension of TN-620,621,625 to 628 3367_A(size-576kb)
3367 18.03.2020 31.03.2020

TN-620 for Chemical cleaning of condenser tubes of 37.5 MW & 50 MW steam turbine followed by high pressure hydro jet cleaning with 200-400 kg/cm2 pressure   

TN- 621 for Annual  Contract for HP/LP IBR Welding  and attending leakage of HP/LP Module of HRSG     

TN-622 for Annual contract for up keeping and maintenance of various C&I instruments / equipment/ panels. 

TN-623 for Two year contract for cleaning of office building, road etc.

TN-624 for Biennial contract for stack/ ambient air quality monitoring & trade effluent analysis.

TN-625 for Supply of Drain and sewer cleaning equipment. 

TN-626 for Supply of RO Membrane 8040 for ETP.

TN-627 for Supply of Hydrazine Hydrate.

TN-628 for Supply of circulating cooling water chemicals( SIT, CIT, BDT) 

3344_A -- 27.02.2020 Date Extension of TN-617 & 618. 3344_A(size-544kb)
3344 -- --

TN-617 for Supply of  Non-Ferric Alum

TN-618 for Supply of Submersible Pump-Motor Set

TN-619 for Annual contract for Maintenance of STG- I&II and its Auxiliaries.

3306_A -- 16.12.2019 Extension of TN_615,TN_616 & C_91 to C_94 3306_A(size-544kb)
3292_C -- 9.12.2019 Extension of TN_613 3292_C(size-516kb)
3292_B -- 29.11.2019 Extenison of TN_613 and TN_614 3292_B
3306 14.11.2019 3.12.2019 notice for TN-615 to 616 & C-91to C-94 3306
3292_A -- 19.11.2019 Extenison of TN_608to614 3292_A
3292 18.10.2019 6.11.2019

TN-607 for Annual Maintenance  Contract for DM Plant along with cooling Towers , ETP Plant & its auxiliaries

TN-608 for Annual contract of up keeping/ maintenance of  various instruments/panels of C&I system of stage-III

609 for Annual Maintenance Contract  of HRSG  and auxiliary system  of stage I & II

610 for Annual contract for complete overhauling of various type of HP valves and steam valves

611 for Annual Mechanical Maintenance Contract for GT  # I , II &  III and its auxiliaries and operation of machines installed at workshop

612 for Annual maintenance contract for STG I & II & its auxiliaries

613 for Annual contract for providing manpower for assistance in material handling stacking, Store related works along with Hydraulic crane operator  at Store RGTPP, RVUNL, Ramgarh

614 for Annual Maintenance contract for Repairing & Rewinding of LT Motors at RGTPP,Ramgarh.

3252_B -- 28.08.2019 corrigendum-III for TN-606 :Supply of various Tanks  for ETP & DM plant 3252_B(size-323kb)
3252_A -- 13.08.2019 CORRIGENDUM- I (TN-603,604,605,606, C-88) 3252_A(size-325kb)
PR_3252 13.07.2019 30.07.2019 Find Attachment for more detail. 3252(size-606kb)
PR_3228_A -- 1.07.2019 Extension Notice for TN No595 to 599& C-85 to C-87 3228_A(size-350kb)
PR_3228 20.6.2019 20.6.2019 Online Tender of TN-594 to 601 and C-85,C-86,C-87 PR_3228
PR_3195_B 20.4.2019 20.4.2019 CORRIGENDUM- I FOR TN-591,TN-593

PR_3195_A 09.04.2019 09.04.2019 CORRIGENDUM- I FOR TN-591: AMC for HT/LT motors, switchgears, actuators, electric system and various appliances ,TN-592: Annual contract for up keeping and maintenance of various C&I instruments / equipment/ panels ,TN-593:  Supply of Electrical Insulating Mat. PR_3195_A
PR_3188_B 19.3.2019 19.3.2019 Tender Extension Notice of C-84 3188_b
PR_3188_A 26.3.2019 26.3.2019 CORRIGENDUM- I  (TN-584, TN 585, TN 588) 3188_A
PR_3195 27.3.2019 27.3.2019 Notice for online tender PR_3195
PR_3188 13.3.2019 13.3.2019 NOTICE OF ONLINE TENDER 584 TO 588,C-82 AND C-83 PR_3188
PR_3170_C 26.2.2019 26.2.2019 Tender Extension Notice OF TN-582,583  3170_C
PR_3170_B 14.9.2019 14.9.2019 CORRIGENDUM- I  (TN-581) 3170_B
PR_3170_A 16.2.2019 19.2.2019 Corrigendum/Date Extension in TN 582 ,TN 583,Tn-C-77,C-78,C-79  3170_a
PR_3156_C     CORRIGENDUM- III for TN_580 PR_3156_C
PR_3156_B 15.02.2019 15.02.2019 CORRIGENDUM- II  FOR TN-580 PR_3156_B
PR_3170 02.02.2019 07.02.2019 TN-581 for Supply of new Spares and Execution of HGPI of GT # 2 (37.5 MW Fr6B).TN_C77 for Construction of Badminton court at RGTPP, Colony,TN-C-78 for Construction of 02 Nos RCC tanks for ETP plant,TN-C-79 for Percolation pits for water harvesting system,TN-582 for Supply of  Self Cleaning  Intake Air Filters for GT-I,TN-583 FOR Retrofitting of old battery charger float cum  boost by new battery charger at RGTPP, Ramgarh.TN-C-80 for Providing & fixing of Jaisalmer stone carving bench including play equipments at RGTPP colony,TN-C-81 for Development of store room near main sports ground PR_3170
PR_3156_A   31.01.2019 Corrigendum against TN-578 PR_3156_A
PR_3156 18.12.18 17.1.2019 TN 578 AND TN 580 FOR Supply of various type of metallic piping and fittings etc. PR_3156
PR_3147 28.11.18 28.11.18 Notice for online tender is 575,576,577,579 PR_3147
PR_3126_B 04.12.18 04.12.18 TN No 570 ; 573, Supply of new Spares with hardware & consumables and Execution of HGPI of GT
# 2 at RGTPP,
PR_3126_A and PR_3134_B





TN-570 Supply of new Spares with hardware & consumables and Execution of HGPI of GT # 2 at RGTPP, RRVUNL Ramgarh,TN-571:Supply & ETC of Electromagnetic flow metersat RGTPP, Ramgarh,TN-572:  Supply & ETC of PTZ camerasat RGTPP, Ramgarh, TN-573: Supply of 145 KV current transformers at RGTPP, Ramgarh.


PR_3134_A 08.10.18 29.10.18 TN-571,572,573, Supply & ETC of Electromagnetic flow meters, Supply & ETC of PTZ cameras, Supply of 145 KV current transformers PR_3134_A
PR_3134 15.09.18 08.10.18 TN No 571 to 574,Supply & ETC of PTZ cameras,Supply & ETC of Electromagnetic
flow meters,Supply of 145 KV current transformers etc...
PR_3126 01.09.18 17.09.18 TN No 569 and 570, Supply of new Spares and Execution of HGPI PR_3126
PR_3091_G 30.8.18 31.8.18 Corrigendum in TN-563,566,568 PR_3091_G
PR_3091_F 20.08.18 20.08.18 TN No 560 & 563, Supply of Critical LT Induction Motors,Supply of Hydra Crane PR_3091_F
PR_3091_E 17.08.18 17.08.18 TN No 564,Supply of Instrumentation cables PR_3091_E
PR_3111 28.07.18 20.08.18 TN No 566 to 568, Retrofitting of protection relay systemsfor Generator,Annual mechanical maintenance contract for DM Plant,Annual contract of up keeping PR_3111
PR_3091_D 8/8/18 8/8/18 Corrigendum in 560,562,563 PR_3091_d
PR_3110     Expression of interesr 3110
PR_3091_C   02.08.18 extension Notice for TN No 564, Supply of Instrumentation cables PR_3091_C
PR_3091_B 25/7/18 25/7/18 Corrigendum 562,563 and time extension in 560 3091_B
PR_3091_A 19/7/18 19/7/18 Amendment and Time extension Notice in 564,565
PR_3065_G 11.07.18 11.07.18 CORRIGENDUM-IV (TN- 556 ),Biennial Contract of various works of Chemical Wing PR_3065_G
PR_3065_F 28/6/18 26/6/18 Corrigendum TN-556 3065_F
PR_3091 11/7/2018 11/7/2018 TN-560,561,562,563,564,565 3091
PR_3065_E 01/5/18 01/5/18 Extension in TN-558 3065_e
PR_3065_D 20/6/18 20/6/18 TN-556,557,558 3065_D
PR_3065_C 19/06/18 19.06.18 extension Notice for TN No 558 3065_C
3065_B 13/6/18 13/6/18 TN-557,559 3065_B
3065_A 8/6/18 8/6/18 TN-558 3065_a
3065 30/05/2018 30/05/2018 TN-553 TO 559 3065
3044_E 27/04/2018 27/04/2015 TN-547 3044_E
3044_D 20/04/2018 20/4/2018 547 & 548 3044_D
3044_C 13/04/2018 13/04/2018 547 3044_c
3044_B 13/04/2018 13/04/2018 548 3044_B
3044_A 20/4/2018 20/04/2018 550,551,552 3044_A
3039_A 3/4/2018 3/4/2018 540 3039_A
3044 6/4/2018 6/4/2018 43,74,75,545 3044
3039 16/3/2018 16/3/2018 544 3039
3010 6/1/2018 6/1/2018 538,539 3010
2987_A 12/12/17 12/12/17 Extension of Tender
2987 06/12/17 06/12/17 Tender Notice 2987
2963_C 31/10/17 31/10/17 Tender extension Notice
2963_B 24/10/17 24/10/17 Tende Extension Notice 2963_B
2963_A 17/10/17 17/10/17 Tender Extension Notice 2963_A
2963 10/10/17 10/10/17 Tender Notice 2963
2947_C 10/10/17 10/10/17 Tender Extension Notice
2960     Expression of Interest
2947_B     Tender Extension Notice 2947_B
2939_A 07/09/17 07/09/17 Tender Extension Notice 2939_A
2939_B 07/09/17 07/09/17 Tender Extension Notice 2939_B
2947_A 12/09/17 12/09/17 Tender Extension Notice 2947_A
2947     Tender Notice 2947
2928_B 10/08/17 10/08/17 Tender ExtensionNotice 2928_B
2939 05/08/17 05/08/17 Tender Notice 2939
2928_A 28/07/17 28/07/17 Tender Extension Notice 2928_A
2928 14/07/17 14/07/17 Tender Notice 2928