Generation Circle(Banswara)

Start Date Last Date Description Download
3444_B -- 03.12.2020 Date extension of NIT No-27/2020-21 3444_B(size-258kb)
3444_A -- 25.11.2020 Date extension of NIT No-27/2020-21 3444_A(size-252kb)
3444 -- --

TN-27/2020-21 – Bi-annual contract for Routine and Annual cum Breakdown Mechanical Maintenance work of the 2x25 MW Turbine, Generator, Penstock system, Draft tube gate system, fire-fighting system etc. at Mahi PH-I, Banswara.

TN- 28/2020-21 - Supply of control Rod, Brass bush, Brass Ring and Nut Bolts coupling for MHPS

TN-29/2020-21 Purchase of different types of valve for Mahi PH-I Banswara & Mahi PH-II Bagidora. 

3421_D & 3429_C -- 25.11.2020 Date extension of NIT-19/2020-21 & 24/2020-21 3421_D & 3429_C(size-258kb)
3429_B & 3421_C -- 04.11.2020 Date extension of NIT-19/2020-21, 24/2020-21 and 25/2020-21 3429_B & 3421_C(size-313kb)
3429_A -- 20.10.2020 Date extension of NIT-24/2020-21 and 25/2020-21 3429_A(size-288kb)
3421_B -- 20.10.2020 Date extension of NIT-19/2020-21 3421_B(size-254kb)
3429 -- --

TN-23/2020-21 for Purchase of various MCCB's, MCBs and its enclosures for AC and DC power distribution at Mahi Hydel Generation, Banswara.(E-tender) UBN No. RVU2021GLOB01014,Tender ID 2020_RRVUN_200422_1

TN-24/2020-21 -Bi-Annual Contract for Routine and Annual cum Breakdown Electrical Maintenance work of the 2x45 MW machines and it’s Various Equipments at Mahi PH-II, Bagidora. (E-tender) UBN No. RVU2021WSOB01015, Tender ID 2020_RRVUN_200426_1

TN-25/2020-21 – Annual Contract for Operation & functioning of both machines (2x45MW) and its various Electrical & Mechanical Equipments at Mahi PH-II, RVUN, Bagidora. (E-tender) UBN No. RVU2021WSOB01016, Tender ID 2020_RRVUN_200449_1

3421_A -- -- Date extension of TN-19/2020-21 & 21/2020-21 3421_A(size-284kb)
3421 -- 16.09.2020

NIT No.-19/2020-21 for Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 3 Nos., 145 KV, SF6, Circuit Breakers and dismantling of existing 3 Nos. MOCB Breakers of Generator-1, Generator-2 and Feeder-1, installed at Switchyard at Mahi PH-I, RRVUNL, Banswara.

NIT No.-20/2020-21 -for Overhauling/ Repair & maintenance of 30 Ton Outdoor Gantry Crane at Mahi PH-I,  RRVUNL, Banswara.

NIT No-21/2020-21 for Bi-Annual Contract for Hiring of 1 Nos. Bolero diesel vehicle (Capacity 8+1) or equivalent with driver (for 24 hrs. services) for transportation of Engineers and staff from Shakti Nagar colony, Bagidora to Mahi PH-II site, Lilwani and back at Mahi PH-II, Bagidora.

3404_B -- 02.09.2020 Date extension of NIT No.-14/2020-21 3404_B(size-275kb)
3404_A -- 13.08.2020 Date extension of NIT No.-14/2020-21 3404_A(size-287kb)
3387_C -- 05.08.2020 Date extension of NIT No-03/2020-21 3387_C(size-378kb)
3404 -- --

NIT-14/2020-21 – Purchase of 03 Nos. 132KV Current Transformer for  Mahi PH-I, Banswara.(Two Part)UBN No. RVU2021GSOB00547

NIT-15/2020-21 - Work of Repairing of 45T single acting Hydraulic cylinder of Unit-I of 2x25 MW Mahi PH-I RRVUNL, Banswara. (E-tender) UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00548, Tender ID 2020_RRVUN_189535_1

NIT-16/2020-21 – Annual Daily Cleaning work at Mahi PH-I, Banswara  & Mahi PH-II ,Bagidora, and RMC-I Ghatol & RMC-II Ganora. (E-tender)UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00549, Tender ID 2020_RRVUN_189545_1

3387_B -- 16.07.2020 Date extension of TN-03/2020-21 3387_B(size-274kb)
3387_A -- 06.07.2020 Tender event extension of NIT No. 03/2020-21 to 07/2020-21 3387_A(size-288kb)
3387 -- --

NIT 03/2019-20 for Purchase of 11KV Outdoor oil filled CT at Mahi PH-II Bagidora.(One part)

NIT 04/2020-21 for Purchase of various type of pump motor set, at Mahi Hydel RVUNL Banswara. (One Part).

NIT 05/2020-21 for Purchase of 02 Nos. 11KV Outdoor Porcelain Clad VCB with supporting structure (Straight type) for CB and CT at Mahi PH-II Bagidora. (Two Part).

NIT 06/2020-21 for Purchase of 5 KV Digital Insulation Resistance Testers for Mahi Hydel Organization, RVUNL, Banswara. (Two Part).

NIT 07/2020-21  for Purchase of microprocessor based Annunciation system for control room, UCP/T-G Panels at Mahi PH-I Banswara and Mahi PH-II Bagidora.(Two Part).

NIT 08/2020-21 for Annual Contract for Operation and dewatering work at Mini Hydel Power Station (2X400 KW) RMC-I, Ghatol & (1X165 KW) RMC-II, Ganora. (Two Part).

NIT 09/2020-21 for Annual Contract for Operation /functioning of both units and their various Electrical-Mechanical Equipments of 2x25 MW Mahi Power House-I, RVUN, Banswara. (Two Part).

3382 16.05.2020 --

TN-01/2020-21 for Day to day R&M of Civil &Sanitary work of Resi. & Non  Resi.Building at Vidhyut Nagar Colony & Power House-I Banswara.

TN-02/2020-21 for Day to day R&M of Civil &Sanitary work of Resi. & Non  Resi. Building at Shakti Nagar  Colony & Power House-II, Lilwani,Bagidora. 

TN-03/2020-21 for Day to day R&M of Joinery work of Resi. & non Resi. Building at Vidhyut Nagar & Shakti Nagar & their respective Power House.

TN-04/2020-21 for Repair and maintenance of Roof at Power House-I Banswara, Power House-II, Bagidora and RMC-I, Ghatol.

TN-05/2020-21 for Work of Watch &Ward & Maintenance of Rest House at Vidhyut Nagar Banswara and Shakti Nagar, Bagidora.

3335_A -- 12.02.2020 Corrigendum & tender date extension of NIT No. 33/2019-20. 3335_A(size-836kb)
3323_B -- 03.02.2020 Date Extension of NIT TN-30/2019-20 3323_B(size-402kb)
3335 -- --

1. NIT 33/2019-20 – Annual contract for R&M of electrical works of Residential and Non-Residential building at Vidyut Nagar, Banswara and Shakti Nagar, Bagidora.(Two part)

2. NIT 34/2019-20 - Bi-annual Daily Cleaning work at Mahi PH-I, Banswara  & Mahi PH-II ,Bagidora, and RMC-I Ghatol & RMC-II Ganora. (Two Part). 

3.NIT 35/2019-20 - Bi-Annual Routine cum Breakdown and Annual Maintenance work of 2x25MW Switchyard & Associated equipments at Mahi Power House-I, Banswara. (Two Part).


3323_A -- 16.01.2020 Date Extension of NIT 29/2019-20, 30/2019-20 & 31/2019-20. 3323_A(size-689kb)
3323 -- 9.01.2019

1.      27/2019-20 – Purchase of new furniture for Power houses, Rest houses and various offices of Mahi Hydel, Banswara.(Two part)

UBN No. RVU1920GSOB01707

2.      28/2019-20 - Annual Rate contract for operation & maintenance of 110/25 Ton E.O.T. crane, 45/8 Ton E.O.T. crane, 30 Ton Penstock gantry Crane & 20 Ton D.T. gantry crane at Mahi PH-I (2x25 MW), Banswara. (One Part).

           UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01708

3.      29/2019-20 – Repairing /Rewinding of various type of Motors & Pump at Mahi PH-I , Banswara & PH-II, Bagidora. (One Part).

UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01710

4.      30/2019-20 - Supply of Generator Space Heater (Certified with Underwriters Laboratories) at PH-I Banswara & PH-II Bagidora. (One Part).

UBN No. RVU1920GSOB01711

5.      31/2019-20 - Work of Transformer oil filtration as per IS: 335 (Filtration upto 75 KV BDV of oil at 50 Degree C) with Ultra High Vacuum Machine of Generator transformer at Mahi PH-I, Banswara & Mahi PH-II, Bagidora.(One Part).

UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01712

3303_A -- 21.11.2019 Date extension of TN_21 and TN_22 3303_A
3303 --

15.11.2019 FOR TN_21and TN_22

16.11.2019 FOR TN-23 AND 24

1.      21/2019-20 – Supply of CRC Material for Mahi Hydel Organization, Banswara.(One part)

UBN No. RVU1920GSOB01335

2.      22/2019-20 - Annual contract for hiring of 1 Nos. AC Bolero diesel vehicle (6+1 seater or above) or equivalent with driver (for 12 hrs services) for inspection of Executive Engineer (O&M/PH-II), Bagidora and other emergency work of Mahi PH-II, RVUNL, Bagidora. (One Part).

           UBN No. RVU1920SSOB01336

3.      23/2019-20 - Bi-annual contract for hiring of 1 Nos. AC Bolero diesel vehicle (6+1 seater or above) or equivalent with driver (for 12 Hrs services) for inspection of Executive Engineer (O&M/PH-I) for site inspection and other emergency work of Mahi PH-I/RMC-I/II, RVUN, Banswara.(Two Part)

 UBN No.RVU1920SSOB01337, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_167660_1

4.      24/2019-20 - Bi-annual contract of hiring of one no. hatchback car e.g. Swift dezire/TATA Indica/Vista(AC) or equivalent with driver (for 12 Hrs. services)  for the Superintending Engineer (Gen.),RVUNL, Banswara  for inspection and other emergency work of Mahi Power Houses. (Two Part).

 UBN No. RVU1920SSOB01338, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_167665_1

3274_D -- 23.10.2019 TENDER NOTICE (for Date extension of TN_13) 3274_D(size-295kb)
3274_C -- 15.10.2019 TENDER NOTICE (for Date extension of TN_13)

3274_B -- 09.10.2019 TENDER NOTICE (for Date extension of TN_13) 3274_B(size_306kb)
3274_A -- 30.09.2019 TENDER NOTICE (for Date extension of TN_13) 3274_A(size-296kb))
3274 -- 24.09.2019

1. 13/2019-20 – Purchase of Various types of Fasteners (Bolt, Nut,Stud and washer) for Mahi PH-I, Banswara & PH-II, Bagidora.(One part)

UBN No. RVU1920GSOB01016

2. 14/2019-20 - Providing and Fixing of Flex Packing with O-ring & fasteners in the Two nos. penstock pipes Expansion joints of Unit I & II after making equal clearance around the pipes at Mahi Power House-II, Bagidora. (Penstock Pipe Inner Dia.= 5.00 Meter). (One Part).

UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01017

3. 15/2019-20 - Various MS/GI Pipe Line Work (Providing, Laying, Testing, Commissioning and Painting including Rerouting) at Mahi PH-I, Banswara & Mahi PH-II , Bagidora.

UBN No. RVU1920GSOB01018, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_161404_1

4. 16/2019-20 - Providing & Fixing of Rubber Seals and work of fixed wheels roller assembly bearing replacement with Sand Blasting & Epoxy painting of Two Nos. penstock Gates at Mahi Power House-II, Bagidora. (Two Part).

UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01019,Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_161406_1

5. 17/2019-20 - Bi-Annual Contract for Routine and Annual / Breakdown Maintenance work of 132KV Switchyard & associated equipment at 2x45MW, Mahi PH-II, Bagidora.(Two Part).

UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01020, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_161408_1

6. 18/2019-20 - Bi-Annual Contract for "Routine Cum Breakdown and Annual Electrical Maintenance Work" at Sub-Division-I of Mahi Power House-I, RRVUNL, Banswara

UBN No. RVU1920 WSOB01021, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_161410_1

PR_3243_F -- 4.09.2019 Date Extension of TN_05 3243_F(size-294kb)
PR_3243_E -- 26.08.2019 Date Extension of TN_04,05,06/2019-20 3243_E(size-318kb)
PR_3243_D -- 13.08.2019 Date Extension of TN_04,05,06/2019-20 3243_D(size-217kb)
PR_3243_C -- 5.08.2019 Date Extension of TN_04,05,06/2019-20 3243_C(size-218kb)
PR_3243_B -- 6.08.2019 Date Extension of TN_07/2019-20 and TN_08/2019-20 3243_B(size-287kb)
LimitednitTN-09_A -- 30.07.2019 Extension of TN-09/2019-20 LIMITEDNITTN-09_A(size-274kb)
limited Nit 12.07.2019 22.07.2019 TN-09/2019-20 for Machenical work of unit I/II MHPS,RMC-I,GHATOL,RVUNL,Banswara LIMITED_NIT_TN-09(size-174kb)
PR_3243_A -- 26.07.2019 Date Extension of TN-04,05,06 3243_A(size-218kb)
PR3243 5.07.2019 25.07.2019 1.04/2019-20 – Purchase of Dial type Thermo Signal Device (TSDs) for Mahi PH-II, RVUNL, Bagidora.(One part) UBN No. RVU1920GSOB00578 2.05/2019-20 - Supply of 2 Nos. Hydro Oil Pump (BSP Screwed) for MHPS  RMC-I Ghatol, RVUNL, Banswara. (One Part). UBN No. RVU1920GSOB00579 3. 06/2019-20 - Purchase of various size Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Neoprene Cork sheet, Steam Jointing Sheet and Metallic asbestos sheet for Mahi PH-I, Banswara & Mahi PH-II, Bagidora.(One Part). UBN No. RVU1920GSOB00580 4. 07/2019-20 - Supply , Installation, Testing & Commissioning with modification of Carbon-dioxide Fire Extinguishing System (Total Flooding System) for 2 X45 MW Generators of Mahi PH-II, Bagidora. (Two Part). UBN No. RVU1920WSOB00584, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_152749_1 5.08/2019-20 - Bi-annual contract for hiring of 1 Nos. AC Bolero diesel vehicle (6+1 seater or above) or equivalent with driver (for 12 hrs services) for inspection of Executive Engineer (O&M/PH-II), Bagidora and other emergency work of Mahi PH-II, RVUNL, Bagidora (Two Part). UBN No. RVU1920SSOB00585, Tender ID 2019_RRVUN_152717_1 3243(size-1023kb)
PR_3229 13.6.2019 13.6.2019 Online bid for TN-01 to 05 PR_3229(size -536 kb)
PR_3193 13.3.2019 18.3.2019 Tender Notice for 28-31 PR_3193
PR_3165_A 25.01.2019 25.01.2019 Find attachment for more detail. PR_3165_A
PR_3165 18.01.2019 23.1.2019 Find attachment for more detail. PR_3165
PR_3120 05.09.18 05.09.18

NITs (12/2018-19 to 14/2018-19) PR_3120
PR_3109 07.08.18 17.08.18 NIT’s (06/18-19,07/18-19, 08/18-19 , 09/18-19,10/18-19,), Providing & Fixing Welded Mesh / Expanded Metal Mesh, Railing, Grill etc. PR_3109
PR_3106 03.08.18 03.08.18 NITs (08/2018-19 to 11/2018-19), R & M of Electrical Works of Residential & Non-Residentia lBuilding,Work of major repairing & Balancing of runner and fabrication of SS Sleeve of stub shaft for Mini Hydro Power Station RMC-II Ganora(1X165 KW).  PR_3106
PR_3070_B 6/7/18 6/7/18 Extension inTN--03/2018-19 3070_b
PR_3070_A 28/6/2018 28/6/2018 TN--03/2018-19 3070_A
PR_3070 26.05.18 26.05.18 NITs (01/2018-19 to 04/2018-19) PR_3070-2-7.pdf
PR_3024 05.02.18 20.02.18 TN 33/ 2017- 18 , 34/2017- 18 ,35/2017- 18  3024.pdf
PR_3017 05.02.18 05.02.18 NITs (26/2017-18 to 32/2017-18) PR_3017-2-9.pdf
2994     Tender Notice 2994
2983 18/11/17 18/11/17 Tender Notice
2982     Re Tender 2982
2970 25/10/17 1/11/17 Tender 2970
2918 23/06/17 29/06/17 Tender Notice
2883_A 15/06/17 15/06/17 Tender Notice 2883_A
2883 26/06/17 26/06/17 Tender Notice 2883
2866 15/03/17 2/03/17 Tender Notice 2866
2854 16/02/17 21/02/17 Tender Notice 2854
2825 05/12/17 02/12/17 Tender Notice 2825
2816 29/10/17 16/11/17
Tender Notice 2816
2754_B 08/11/16 08/11/16 Tender Notice 2754_B