Name Start Date End date Description Download
3436_C -- 04.12.2020 Date extension of TN-proc.-41(2020-21) 3436_C(size-248kb)
3436_B -- 04.12.2020 Date extension of TN-proc.-40(2020-21) 3436_B(size-288kb)
3448 -- --

NIT No.-39 for Gas Turbine (Frame 9E) # 1 & 2 for supply of cross flow pulse type air filter cartridge for the year 2020-21 at DCCPP, Dholpur.

NIT No.- 45 for upply of circulating cooling water chemicals at 3x110MW DCCPP, Dhaulpur and dosing of circulating cold water to maintain the performance of COC and condenser.

NIT No.- 49 for Annual contract for personnel for maintenance of goods in DCCPP store shed, operation of Hydra loading van computer, unloading / loading cleaning etc.

NIT No.- 50 for Supply of Ceramic Fiber Cloth and Ceramic Fiber Blanket for Non-Metal Expansion Joints of Gas Turbine at DCCPP Dhaulpur.

3436_A -- 25.11.2020 Date extension of TN-proc.-42(2020-21) 3436_A(size-889kb)
3436 -- -- NIT PR 3436.Find attachment for more detail. 3436(size-988kb)
3423 -- -- NIT PR 3423.Find attachment for more detail. 3423(size-688kb)
3403_C -- 14.09.2020 Date extension of TN-12/2020-21 3403_C(size-968kb)
3417_A -- 16.09.2020 Date extension of TN-30/2020-21 3417_A(size-998kb)
3403_B -- 01.09.2020 Date extension of TN-12/2020-21 3403_B(size-939kb)
3417 -- -- NIT PR 3417.Find attachment for more detail. 3417(size-988kb)
3403_A -- 17.08.2020 Date extension of TN-12/2020-21 3403_A(size-378kb)
3403 -- --

NIT No. 01 (Civil.)(UBN No. RVU2021SSOB00506)Day to day cleaning services of DCCPP New Township Near village Purani Chhawani and DCCPP Colony at 220 KV GSS, Dholpur.

NIT No. 02 (Civil) (UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00509) Maintenance of Lawns & Plants in DCCPP Township Dholpur.

NIT No. 03 (Civil) (UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00511) Day to day civil repair and maintenance of  Non-residential buildings at plant  site DCCPP, Dholpur.

NIT No. 04 (Civil) (UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00512) Day to Day civil repair and maintenance of residential and Non- residential buildings in DCCPP Colonies Near Plant & at 220 KV GSS, Dholpur.

NIT No. 11 (PE&E) (UBN No. RVUN2021WSOB00487)Annual work contract of Stack monitoring/ Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, metrological Data monitoring DG set stack, noise and Trade effluent analysis at DCCPP, RVUNL, Dholpur.


NIT No. 13 (Mech.) (UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00542) Rubber lining of MSRL vessels, tanks, valve, pipes & fitting etc. installed in DM plant 3x110MW DCCPP, Dholpur.

3396 -- --

NIT No. 06 (Elect.) (UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00423) Work of enamel painiting on transformers and other assosicatedequipments installed at  DCCPP, Dholpur.

NIT No. 07 (Mech.) (UBN No. RVU2021WSOB00329)Provinding manpower for mechanical jobwork involving operation &maintainance of the machine tools installed at work shop of  DCCPP, Dholpur.

NIT No. 08 (Mech.)(UBN No. RVU2021SSOB00393)Provinding manpower for entire work relating to cleaning and up keeping of various mechaniocalequipments including piping/ ducts installed in the main plant as well as intake pump house of  DCCPP, Dholpur.

NIT No. 09 (Elect.) (UBN No.RVU2021SSOB00424) hiring of one no. Mahindra and Mahindra make “Bolero” DI (diesel) vehicle with AC model 2018 and above including driver for two years for boiler, turbine and Electrical circle, DCCPP, Dholpur.

3383 26.05.2020 08.06.2020

NIT No. 02 (Proc.) (UBN No. RVU2021GLOB00188) Supply of VCMI (H2B) Communication& UCVE(H2A)control Cards for MARK-VI control system of GT#1&2  at DCCPP, RRVUNL, Dholpur.


3360_B -- 11.05.2020 Date extension of TN-70(2019-20)(Proc.). 3360_B(size-289kb)
3360_A -- 04.05.2020 Date extension of TN-70(2019-20)(Proc.). 3360_A(size-545kb)
3360 -- --

TN-69 (19-20) (FF.) for Annual Contract for providing assistance in operation and routine/ Breakdown maintenance of fire hydrants HVW & MVW spray system, diesel / Electrical pumps etc, in fire fighting system of 3x110 MW, DCCPP, Dholpur.  

TN-70(19-20) (Proc.) for Supply, installation & commissioning of Extractive type Nox Gas Analyzer with Remote calibration facility for Stack#2 at DCCPP, Dholpur. 

3345 -- --

TN-61    (19-20) (Security) for Annual contract for operation & maintenance of sewerange treatment plant (100 KLd) at DCCPP, Dholpur.

TN-62(19-20) (Security) for Annual contract for operation of potable wate network of townships & dewatering work in plant premises  at DCCPP, Dholpur.

TN-65(19-20) (Proc.) for Supply of VCMI (H2B) Communication control Cards for    MARK-VI control system of GT#2 at DCCPP, Dholpur.

TN-64 (19-20) (Elect.) for Annual Rate Contract for Rewinding of 415 V, 3 Phase and Single Phase induction Motors from 0.05 KW to 167 KW, control Transformer and misc. work of motors at DCCPP, Dholpur.

3332 -- 22.01.2020 Open tender NIT through open tendering No. 57(19-20) (Security) 3332(size-742kb)
3316 --







TN-52 (19-20) (Mech.) for Hiring of 2 Nos. complete computer systems along with two experienced and trained operator for a period of one year at DCCPP, Dholpur.


TN-56 (19-20) (Chem.) for Slit/Sludge clearance from cooling tower basin and forbay basin at DCCPP, Dholpur.

3312 26.11.2019 13.12.2019 NIT No. 54(EH.) (UBN No.RVU1920SSOB01471) Work of annualcontract for day to day running & maintenance of Erector’s Hostel at DCCPP Township Near Purani Chhawani,Dholpur.  3312(size-727kb)
3298_B -- 9.12.2019 EXETENSION –II IN NOTICE INVITING TENDER 3298_B(size-407kb)
3298_A -- 27.11.2019 Date extension of TN_44 3298_A(size-316kb)
3298 -- 15.11.2019 NIt No. 02(19-20)(Civil),03(19-20)(Civil), 44(19-20)(Proc.) & 47(19-20) 3298(size-443kb)
3260_F_TN_30 -- 23.09.2019 Date Extension of TN_30 3260_F(size-170kb)
3260_E_TN_30 -- 16.09.2019 Date Extension of TN_30 3260_E(size-391kb)
3249_C -- 17.09.2019 Date Extension of TN_27 3249_C(size_424kb)
3260_D -- 06.09.2019 Date Extension of TN_30 3260_D(size-390kb)
3260_C -- -- Corrigendum for cancellation of TN-29 3260_C(size-360kb)
3260_B -- -- Corrigendum in technical specification and A-2 Schedule of tender documents for NIT No. 30(19-20)  3260_B(size-420kb)
3260_A -- -- Corrigendum in technical specification of NIT No. 31(19-20) (Proc.) through e-tendering. 3260_A(size-434kb)
3249_B -- 31.08.2019 Extension of TN_27 3249_B(size-423kb)
3260 -- -- NIT No. 29 (Proc.) ¼UBN No. RVU1920GS0B00749)  Supply of Coulometric Karl-Fischer Titrator (Moisture-meter) with spares, accessories and installation and Karl-Fischer reagent. NIT No. 30(Proc.) (UBN No. RVU1920GS0B00838) Supply, installation, testing& commissioning of Aviation obstacle LED light. NIT No. 31 (Proc.) (UBN No. RVU1920GLOB00834) Supply and replacement of drift eliminator, PVC –Splash V- Bar, Grid Hanger plank, SS 304 wire mesh grid, PVC – D-lock /Cable tie to fix V Bar of CT fan cell of IDCT counter flow cooling tower. NIT No. 33 (Proc.) (UBN No. RVU1920GSOB00857) Supply of spares for various Air conditioning system installed at DCCPP, Dholpur. NIT No. 34(Proc.) (UBN No. RVU1920GS0B00858) Supply, installation, testing& commissioning of 16.0 mtr. Hight Mast lighting system. NIT No. 40 (Store) (UBN No. RVU1920SSOB00842) Annual contract for providing man power for assistance in the work of handling of store material, Hydra and Van, Computer, unloading/ loading of stores material and cleaning of store sheds etc. NIT No. 41 (Mech.) (UBN No. RVU1920WSOB00864) Annual contract for providing assistance in maintenance of various mechanical equipment installed in main plant HRSG  , Gas turbine (Frame -9 E ), steam turbine and their auxiliaries/piping, feed water system and its associated piping, air conditioning& ventilation system, compressed air system, operation of EOT crane and maintance of split AC, water cooler and refrigerator installed at Erector Hostel DCCPP, Township.  3260(size-998kb)
3249_A -- 16.08.2019 Corrigendum-I for TN_27 3249_A(size-420kb)

















Online/ Offline tenders are invited for NIT No. 17 (Elect.) (UBN No. RVU1920WS0B00589) Rewinding of HT Motors from 250KW to 1500 KW with new coils of insulation of class ‘F’ & other additional works of stator & Rotor .

NIT No. 18(Elect.) (UBN No. RVU1920WS0B00590) Annual Rate Contract for Capital, Routine & breakdown maintenance of HT Motors .

NIT No. 25 (Mech.) (UBN No. RVU1920WS0B00573) Annual contract for Cleaning and housekeeping of various buildings / roads etc. DCCPP, Dholpur.

NIT No. 27 (Proc.) (UBN No. RVU1920GSOB00602) Supply of Admiralty brass (C44300) Low fin U Tubes in Temper annealed condition, qty. 495 No. for oil cooler of gas turbine (Frame-9E) 1&2.

PR_3231_A -- 5.07.2019 Extension of TN-01/2019-20(civil) 3231_A(size 606kb)
PR_3231 24.6.2019 2.7.2019 Online tenders are invited for works/supply at 3x110 MW Dholpur Combined Cycle Power Project, RVUNL, Dholpur
3231(size 169 KB)
PR_3167_G 19.3.2019 19.3.2019 Extension in due date of notice of inviting tender 3167_G
PR_3205 27.3.2019 27.3.2019 Tender Notice of TN-63/18-19 3205
PR_3167_F 19.3.2019 19.3.2019 Extension in NIT no 09/2018-19 3167_F
PR_3167_E 11.3.2019 11.3.2019 Extension in NIT no 11/2018-19 3167_E
PR_3187 9.3.2019 27.3.2019 Online tenders are invited for works/supply at 3x110 MW Dholpur Combined Cycle Power Project, RVUNL, Dholpur 3187
PR_3154_D 7.3.2019 7.3.2019 Extension in due date of TN-07,08, 3154_D
PR_3167_D 7.3.2019 7.3.2019 Extension in due date of  TN-09,10  3167_D
PR_3167_C   25.02.2019 Extension in due date of  TN-11 PR_3167_C
PR_3167_B 18.2.2019 18.2.2019 Extension in due date of  TN-09,10  3167_B
PR_3154_C 18.2.2019 18.2.2019 Extension in due date of TN-07,08, 3154_c
PR_3167_A   12.02.2019 Extension of NIT-50(18-19) PR_3167_A

  04.02.2019 Extension for TN No. 07/2018-19(CIVIL) AND TN No. 08/2018-19(CIVIL) PR_3154_B
PR_3167 17.1.2019 11.2.2019 NIT OF TN 09(18-19(Civil),11(18-19)(Civil),12(18-19)(Civil),40(18-19)(Mech.),43(18-19)(Mech.),53(18-19)(F.F.) PR_3167
PR_3154_A     Corrigendum in name of work of NIT No. 41(18-19) (Chem.)  PR_3154_A
PR_3154 24.12.18 19.2.2019 NIT of TN-07,08,31,35,39,41,42,,49 PR_3154
PR_3145 20.12.18 20.12.18 NIT of TN-30(18-19) 3145
PR_3130_A 04.10.18 26.10.18 NIT NO. 25, Supply of 220 kv current transformer   PR_3130_A
PR_3130 1/10/18 8/10/18 Online Tender 20,21,23,24,25,27 PR_3130
PR_3117 07.08.18 16.08.18 NIT No. 09 (18-19),NIT No. 12 (18-19),



PR_3093_C 25.06.18 03.08.18 Extension in due date of NIT No. 11(18-19), Supply of spares for various air conditioning system installed at DCCPP,Dholpur PR_3093_C
PR_3093_B 7/8/18 7/8/18 Extension in TN-11 pr_3093_b
PR_3072_D 4.8.18 4.8.18 Extension in TN-02/18-19 3072_D
PR_3072_C 21.05.18 20.07.18 Extension of due date of TN No. 02/2018-19 PR_3072_C
PR_3093_A 25.06.18 23.07.18 Extension in due date of NIT No. 11(18-19), Supply of spares for various air conditioning system installed at DCCPP,Dholpur  PR_3093_A
PR_3072_B 9/8/18 9/8/18 TN-02 3072_b
PR_3101 9/8/18 9/8/18 TN-09 AND TN-12 3101
PR_3093 25.06.18 09.07.18 NIT No.  11 (18-19), Supply of Spares for various air conditioning system installed at DCCPP, Dholpur. PR_3093
PR_3072_A 21.05.18 20.06.18 TN No. 01/2018-19 (Civil)  for the work “Hiring of oneNo. Mahindra & Mahindra Make “Bolero” (Diesel) Vehicle Model, TN No. 02/2018-19 (Civil) for the work “Development work at various locations  PR_3072_A
PR_3083 08.06.18 28.06.18 TN-03, Work of annual contract for providing assistance in maintenanceof various mechanical equipments installed in main plant HRSG, Gas Turbine (Frame-9E), Steam Turbine & their auxiliaries/ pipings, Feed water system & its associated piping, Air Conditioning & etc.. PR_3083
PR_3055_B 7/6/18 7/6/18 TN-66 3055_B
PR_3072 22/06/18 22/06/18 TN-01 and TN-02 3072
PR_3055_A 10.04.18 22.05.18  Extension in due date of NIT No. 66 (17-18) (Proc.)  PR_3055_A.pdf
PR_3058_A 10.04.18 08.05.18 Extension in due date of NIT No. 66 (17-18) (Proc.) PR_3058_A-2-2.pdf
PR_3058     NIT No. 01(18-19) (Mech), 02 (18-19) (Mech.), 06 (18-19) (Mech.) and 07(18-19) (Mech.) 3058 N.pdf
PR_3055 10.04.18 25.04.18 

NIT 66 (17-18) (Proc.) (Two Part Bid) 

67 (17-18) (Store) (Two Part Bid)

PR_3052 24.03.18 16.04.18 TN -69 (2017-18)  ,TN - 68 / (2017-18) ,TN - 70 / (2017-18)  3052.pdf
PR_3043 05.03.18 20.03.18 NIT No. 61 (17-18) (Proc.) PR_3043.pdf
PR_3013_E 19.02.18 13.03.18 Extension-III of NIT No. 49 and 50 (17-18) (Proc.) as per previous PR 3013 PR_3013_E-2-3.pdf
PR_3030 20.02.18 15.03.18 TN -60 / (2017-18) PR_3030-2-7.pdf
PR_3013_D 07.02.18 19.02.18 NIT No. 49 (17-18) (Proc.) and NIT No. 50 (17-18) (Proc.) PR_3013_D-2-3.pdf
PR_3025 08.02.18 07.03.18

NIT No. 41 (17-18) (Opr.), 54 (17-18) (Mech.),

56 (17-18) (Mech.) and 59 (17-18) (Mech.)

PR_3013_C     extension–II of NIT No. 33 (17-18), extension–II of NIT No. 46 (17-18) page1.pdf
PR_3000_B 30.01.18  03.02.18 tender TN No. 13/2017-18 (Civil) tender ID No. 2017_RRVUN_86737_1 & NIB No. RVU1718A1486 for the work ‘Repair & Maintenance work of R-1, R-2 & R-3 Type Quarters   
PR_3013_B 22-01-18 07-02-18 TN 49, 50 3013_B.pdf
PR_3000_A 16.12.17 19.01.18 TN No. 11/2017-18 (Civil) tender ID No. 2017_RRVUN_86589_1 & NIB No. RVU1717A1464 for the work ‘Annual contract for Clearing wild vegetation (grass, bushes, minor jungles, trees etc.) PR_3000_A.pdf
PR_3013_A 18.01.18 07.02.18 NIT No. 33 (17-18) PR_3013_A-2-5.pdf
PR_2991_E 20.11. 17 28.01 .18  CORRIGENDUM-III TN  29 (17- 18)  2991_e.pdf
PR_3014 01.02.18 28.02.18 TN-52 PR_3014-2-8.pdf
PR_3004 18.12.17 09.01.18 TN - 42/ (2017-18)  PR_3004.pdf
PR_2991_D 02-01-18 15-01-18 TN 24, 36 2991_D.pdf
PR_3013 22.01.18 17.01.18 NIT No. 40 (17-18) (Mech.), 44 (17-18) (Mech.) through e-tendering and 14 (17-18) (Civil), 15 (17-18) (Civil), 33 (17-18) (Mech.), 46 (17-18) (Mech.), 48 (17-18) (Proc.) 49 (17-18) (Proc.) & 50 (17-18) (Proc.) PR_3013-2-10.pdf
PR_2991_C 20.12.17 03.01.18 Extension of NIT No. 27 (17-18) as per previous PR 2991 PR_2991_C.pdf
PR_2991_B 20-12-17 02-01-18 TN 24, 36 2991_b.pdf
PR_2991_A 04.12.17 20.12.17 TN 24, 36 PR_2991_A-2-3.pdf
2991 14/12/17 23/12/17 Online Tenders 2991
2984 14/12/17 14/12/17 Online Tenders 2984
2977_A 27/11/17 27/11/17 Extension of TN-30 2977_A
2977 13/11/17 13/11/17 TN-26 2977
2959_c 26/10/17 26/10/17 TN-21 2959_c
2959_b 16/10/17 16/10/17 TN-20 2959_b
2959_a 10/10/17 10/10/17 TN-21 2959_a
2959 05/10/17
06/10/171 TN-08,TN-20,TN-21 2959