Sr.No Date Desciption
  OCT-2021 Implementation of process for display of GSTR 2A and it's reconciliation
  Sep-2021 Rate Contract for Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) for E-Tendering
  FEB-2020 First level (L-1) of resolution of issues of SAP ERP
  FEB-2020 Updated AEN ERP List
  JUL-2019 Letter to AEN (ERP) regarding detailed duties and functions for smooth implementation of SAP-ERP
  Jul-2019 Directions of CMD, RVPN regarding proper utilization of SAP-ERP
  May-2019 Proper Utilization of SAP ERP System
  Aug-2018 Creation of PO/WO for which work have been completed but only security /BG/RMD etc. pending
  Aug-2018 Development of Material Receipt Recovery format “Annexure-I” in SAP-ERP system
  July-2018 Implementation of SAP ERP in RVPN - PO/WO generation through SAP-ERP
  June-2018 Consumption of material in SAP ERP system
  June-2018 Vendor Bill Tracking Portal Golive Order
  Apr-2018 Verification/Approval of PO/WO in SAP System
  Apr-2018 SAP ERP Support helpline Order
Help line numbers for Data card related issues
WPB login process
  Oct-2017 Start of Online transactions in SAP system after implementation of GST
  Sep-2017 Roll out of WPB Tool for training of SAP-ERP user's
  Sep-2017 Order regarding implementation of GST in SAP ERP system of RVPN
  Sep- 2017 DO Letter of CMD RVPN Regarding Process to be performed through SAP system Only
  Oct-2016 DO letter regarding SAP ERP Golive in RVPN
  Apr-2017 CMD, RVPN letter no. 69 dated 19.04.2017 regarding Updation of defective/non-defective equipment/material in SAP-ERP alongwith format of certificate

CMD, RVPN letter no. 68 dated 19.04.2017​ regarding Activities to be completed in MM/PS module

Mail Access process in SAP system

Link to Capture Internet User Details