Sr.No. Date Order No. File Size Language
  30.06.2020 F&R No 1343Regarding empanelment of Hospital for employees and pensioners, 234 KB EN
  15.06.2020 F&R NO 1342 Release of BidSecurityin respectof disqualified biddersand unsuccessfulbidders 78 KB EN

F&R nno 1341 regarding empanelment of hospitals for employees and pensioners

List of Empaneled Hospitals 

62 KB EN
  02.06.2020 F&R No 1340 Regarding quarantine leave 96 KB EN
  22.05.2020 F&R No 1339 Regarding Revised Model ROASTER for Direct Recruitment and promotions and guidelines for reservation to persons with benchmark disabilities. 8 MB EN
  20.05.2020 F&R No 1338 Grant of 50 Lakh to the dependent/Family of employees who die on duty due to COVID 19 infection 841 KB EN
  20.05.2020 F&R No 1337 Subscription to the Raj. Rajya Vidhyut Pensioners Medical COncession Fund, 2000 258 KB EN
  15.05.2020 F&R No 1336 Regarding Empanalment  of Hospitals for Employees & Pensioners 854 KB EN
  14.05.2020 F&R 1335 Regarding Medicines During Lockdown 335 KB Hindi
  29.04.2020 F&R NO 1334 Enpanelment of APEX Hospital Jaipur for Employees & Pensioners 84 KB EN
  22.04.2020 F&R NO 1333 , Ratification of Order No. RVPN/CAO(P&F)/AAO/F&R/F.26(PT-II)/ D.207 Dt 3.2.2020 (RVPN F&R No 1316) 1 MB EN
  20.04.2020 F&R No 1332 Grant of DA to RVPN Pensioners drawing pay in the pre revision  pay scales 235 KB EN
  20.04.2020 F&R No 1331 Grant of DA to RVPN Employees drawing pay in the pre revision  pay scales 234 KB EN
  13.04.2020 F&R No 1330, Regarding successfuk completion of period of probation by probationer-trainee and grant of pay in the pay scale/ running pay band of the post 582 KB EN
  07.04.2020 F&R No 1329 Deferment of Partial Pension of March 20 paid in April 20  looking to economic slow down due to COVID 19 234 KB EN
  01.04.2020 F&R No 1328 Deferment of Partial Pension of March 20 paid in April 20  looking to economic slow down due to COVID 19 234 KB EN
  30.03.2020 F&R NO 1327 List of Empanalled Hospitals Recognized for treatment 2 MB EN
  30.03.2020 F&R NO 1326 Grant of DA to RVPN Pensioners 1 MB EN
  30.03.2020 F&R NO 1325 Grant of DA to RVPNEmployees 1 MB EN
  27.02.2020 F&R NO 1323 Clarification under Rule 4(4) of house Rent Allowance 1 MB EN
  18.02.2020 F&R NO 1322 Inclusion of Hospitals who given there consent for providing treament on CGHS Rates 258 KB EN
  13.02.2020 F&R NO 1321 Correction in Names of Enplaned Hospitals 45 KB EN
  13.02.2020 F&R NO 1320 Correction in Names of Enplaned Hospitals 55 KB EN
  04.02.2020 F&R No.1319 Extending provisions of reservation in promotions on posts having promotion quota of less than 25%   87KB EN
  04.02.2020 F&R No.1318 Amendment in the RVPN Scheduled Areas Engineers, Ministerial and Class -IV Service (Recruitment & other Service Conditions) Regulations 2017   90KB EN
  04.02.2020 F&R No.1317 Amendment in the RVPN Ministerial Staff Service Regulations 2017   76KB EN
  04.02.2020 F&R No.1316 Amendment in the Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. ESR 2016   75KB EN
  27.01.2020 F&R No 1314 Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attandance) Rules 2013 in Appendix-I LIst of approved Hospita 56 KB EN
  21.01.2020 F&R No 1313 Recovery of wrongfull Excess payment made to Nigam Empoyees/pensioners. 63 KB EN
  21.01.2020 F&R No. 1312 Ammendment in RVPN Minsiterial Staff Service Regulation 2017 56 KB EN
  09.01.2020 F&R No 1311 Ammendment in service regulations for ensuring reservation to more Backward class(MBC), Economically weaker section(EWS) and also about maximum age limit for persons with disabilities. 1 MB EN
  18.12.2019 F&R 1310 Concordance table for Grade pay of Rs. 3500/- (revised Grade Pay Rs.3950/-) for revision of Pension of Pre-01.01.2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc. 143 KB EN
  18.12.2019 F&R 1309 Ratification of Order no RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.30 (Pt.III)/ D.138  date 24.10.2019 F&R 1302 234 KB EN
  12.12.2019 F&R 1308 Ratification of order no RVPN/COA(P&F)/AAO/F&R/F.10/Pt-II/D.135 Dated 18.10.2019 F&R No 1301 1 MB EN
  12.12.2019 F&R 1307 Ratification of order no RVPN/COA(P&F)/AAO/F&R/F.1/Pt-V/D.134 Dated 18.10.2019 F&R No 1300    
  04.12.2019 F&R 1306 regarding Ex-gratia / Bonus for Probationary Trainees 854 KB EN
  04.12.2019 F&R 1305 Delisting of Enpanaled hospitals of RVPN from the list of private /approved Hospitals 258 KB EN
  14.11.2019 F&R 1304 Regarding Successfull completion of period of probatation 1 MB EN
  04.11.2019 F&R 1303 Regarding State Expenditure 1 MB EN
  24.10.2019 F&R NO 1302, Payment of Bonus to Nigam Employees 258 KB EN
  18.10.2019 F&R No.1301 Amendment in RVPN compassionate appointment of dependents of deceased Nigam Servants Regulations,2016 42 KB EN
  18.10.2019 F&R No. 1300 Approval of completion of probation period 63 KB EN
  15.10.2019 F&R No. 1299 Amendment/insertion in RVPN TWSR, 1975 regarding enhancement in bond amount 57 KB EN
  15.10.2019 F&R No. 1298 Ratification of F&R No. 1291 38 KB EN
  15.10.2019 F&R No. 1297 Order regarding release of payment of incentive for FY 2018-19 44 KB EN
  23.09.2019 F&R No 1296 Regarding procedure for Carrying out deposit work (Partial modification of F&R 1277) 159 KB EN
  11.09.2019 F&R No. 1295 Delegation Of Powers of RVPN (Rev-4) 1 MB EN