M&P TN-51 – Monthly Meter Reading and Load survey through CMRI and analysis of meter data and load survey along with logging of tamper events, wiring verification of all consumers having S.L.≥18.65 KW including Solar & Net metering in 11 O&M circles of JODHPUR DISCOM under package no. JU/SE (M&P-ZPC)/TN-51. (for two years)

Notice Inviting Tender File Name- TN51NIT.pdf File Size - 101 KB File Language - English
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Date Extension 14/01/2020 File Name- TN51DE14Jan.pdf File Size- 94 KB File Language - English
Date Extension 22/01/2020 File Name- TN51DE22Jan.pdf File Size- 423 KB File Language - English

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