I&S Circular


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  Accounting Standard-2 valuation of inventories  Link
  Testing Charges for the tests carried out at Central Testing Lab (CTL) Link
  Order regarding to deposit CTL testing fees in the office of XEN (CTL) in place of AO (MM), JVVNL, Jaipur.  Link
  CTL Testing Charges for the FY 2020 Link
  Accounting Standard 2 Valuation of Inventories, Order No. 119 dt. 13.05.20
  Accounting Standard 2 Valuation of Inventories, Order No. 284, dt. 02.05.19 Link


Constitution of technical specification committee, Order no. 278, dt. 26.07.18 Link


Revised order of MD for issuance of DTs, Order no. 442, dt. 05.07.18 Link


Procedure for Allotment of distribution transformer, Order no. 422, dt. 27.06.18 Link


Committee to check heathiness of DT's after storm in Bharatpur, Order no. 150, dt. 15.06.18 Link


Clean Discom, Order no. 603, dt. 18.05.18 Link


Hiring of Vehicles-2018, Order no. 563, dt. 09.05.18 Link


Utilization of PCC Poles-2018, Order no. 562, dt. 09.05.18 Link


Nodal Officer for GP Failed DTs-2018, Order no. 471, dt. 07.05.18 Link


Status of DTs Issued for replacement-2018, Order no. 445, dt. 04.05.18 Link


Buffer Stock DT, Order no. 267, dt. 20.04.18 Link


GP of DDUGJY,IPDS-2018, Order no. 166, dt. 13.04.18 Link


Performance Report-9.4.18, Order no. 108, dt. 09.04.18 Link


Guidelines for Slow & Non-Moving Items dtd 5.4.18., Order no. 46, dt. 05.04.18 Link


Order for Transformer Megger value-2017, Order no. 1359, dt. 27.12.17 Link


Issue of DTs for AG-2017, Order no. 543, dt. 30.11.17 Link


Issue of DT to sub-div-2017, Order no. 1646, dt. 21.11.17 Link


Issue of GP Repaired DTs-CEMM-2017, Order no. 524, dt. 21.11.17 Link


Issue of GP Repaired DTs-2017, Order no. 1500, dt. 08.11.17 Link


Incentive Scheme for Scrap-2017, Order no. 2042, dt. 25.07.17 Link


Lifting of GP Failed DTs-2017, Order no. 484, dt. 16.06.17 Link


Guidelines for smooth working of store-2016, Order no. 1418, dt. 30.12.16 Link


Standing Order 16-9 (CMD), Order no. 215, dt. 01.09.16 Link


Standing Order 16-10 (CMD), Order no. 216, dt. 01.09.16 Link


Disposal of BGP DTs (SE-I&S), Order no. 625, dt. 29.07.16 Link


Deposition of unserviceable material (Dir-T), Order no. 176, dt. 25.07.16 Link


Transformer Reconditioning-2015, Order no. 151, dt. 19.06.15 Link


Deposition of DTs failed in GP (SE-I&S), Order no. 452, dt. 17.06.15 Link


Duties of ACOS-SS (SE-I&S), Order no. 454, dt. 17.06.15 Link


Handeling of GP Defective Meters-2015, Order no. 323, dt. 04.06.15 Link


Notice for GP Defective Meters-2015, Order no. 324, dt. 04.06.15 Link


Calender information 2015, Order no. 316, dt. 03.06.15 Link


Preventive Measures for Fire Incidents-2015, Order no. 288, dt. 02.06.15 Link


Deposition of unserviceable material (CE-MM), Order no. 211, dt. 19.05.15 Link


Kick off Meeting Decision(CE-MM), Order no. 195, dt. 14.05.15 Link


Lot List of Scrap Items-2010, Order no. 1501, dt. 18.03.15 Link


Deposition of DTs failed in GP (CE-MM), Order no. 663, dt. 06.01.15 Link


Material handling-stacking(SE-I&S), Order no. 705, dt. 12.09.14 Link


Monthly Verification by ACOS-2014, Order no. 706, dt. 12.09.14 Link


Stacking of Items at stores-2014, Order no. 705, dt. 12.09.14 Link


Committee for unaccounted material , Order no. 662, dt. 05.09.14 Link


Maintaining Stock Register(MD)-2014, Order no. 515, dt. 05.06.14 Link


Physical Verifiation(MD)-2014, Order no. 516, dt. 05.06.14 Link


Guidelines for MM wing-2014, Order no. 58, dt. 05.02.14 Link


Order for CTL Witnessing-2013, Order no. 1078, dt. 30.10.13 Link


Inspection Pannel-2013, Order no. 1520, dt. 18.10.13 Link


Distribution of Work-2013, Order no. 238, dt. 26.08.13 Link


Inter Company Transaction-2013, Order no. 296, dt. 06.02.13 Link


Preparation of Estimates-2011, Order no. 1455, dt. 11.07.11 Link


Disposal of Off Road Vehicle-2011, Order no. 793, dt. 11.04.11 Link


Committee for FRP retrieved-2010, Order no. 418, dt. 30.11.10 Link


Committee for Guiding Price and Disposal, Order no. 750, dt. 12.04.10 Link


Disposal of Burnt Power & DT-2008, Order no. 733, dt. 08.04.08 Link


Committee for MM wing, Order no. 620, dt. 26.06.07 Link


Rules & Regulation for auction Link


Duties of ACOS-2009, Order no. 156, dt.  Link


E-Procurement GSR 91 Link