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  Regarding CLRC JPD Rules-1205
dt 27.07.2018
  Hiring of Vehicles JPD Rules-1184
dt 09.05.2018
  Transportation of Un-Utilized Poles on CLRC provisions JPD Rules-1183
dt 09.05.2018

Empowerment of ACOS for hiring vechile having capacity more than 3T on CLRC rates

JPD Rules-1125
dt 25.10.2017


FIS check the works under FIP & CLRC

JPD Rules-1116
dt 25.09.2017


Order Regarding CLRC (Central Labour Rate Contract)

JPD Rules-1115
dt 18.09.2017


Limit of issuance / allotment of work for CLRC

JPD Rules-1088
dt 11.07.2017


Registration of ITI Holders as E-V Category contractor under CLRC

JPD Rules-964
dt 24.09.2014


Regarding engaging of ITI holders for different activities on CLRC basis, Directive are issued in continuation of the order no. JPD/CMD/Dir.(Fin.)/Rules/F.111/D.807 dated 25.06.2014(JPD Rules 953) for strict compliance

JPD Rules-955
dt 25.06.2014


Circular regarding carrying out various activities on CLRC rates by ITI holders

JPD Rules-953
dt 25.06.2014