RMC Mahi PH-I and PH-II

This scheme comprises of two power houses with installed capacity of two unit of 400KW at PH-I and One Unit of165KW at PH-II.The power house II was commissioned in March1991 and PH-I in Nov.1993.


    Power House-1 Power House-2
1. Installed Capacity 2 x 0.4 MW 1 x 0.650 MW
2. Location of Power House Near R.D 29261 of Right Main Canal of Mahi Project Near R.D 55881 of Right Main Canal of Mahi Project
3. Nearest Village Ghatol,Distt. Banswara Ganora Distt..Banswara
4. Nearest Rly. Station Ratlam Junction Ratlam Junction
5. Suppliers of main generating equipments M/s Flovel Ltd. M/s Flovel Ltd.
6. Civil Contractors of PH Building M/s Bharti Construction Co. M/s Bharti Construction Co.
7. Designed Discharge 6.02 Cumecs 3.54 Cumecs
8. Designed head 17.8 M 5.81 M
9. Cement Consumption 1510 MT (for both PHs)  
10. Steel Consumption 750 MT (for both PHs)


11. Commissioning month Nov..93(Expect.) March’91
12. Planned annual generation 40.0 lacs Uint 7.84 lacs Uint
13. Cost and Expenditure on Scheme (Rs.)   650.70 lacs
  Original approved cost (Sept.,87) 13.0 lacs 34.04 lacs
  Revised Cost(1986 258.15 lacs 96.53 lacs
  Latest Cost(Rs.) 286.25 lacs 106.73 lacs
  Expenditure till 31.3.93(Rs.) 311.89 lacs(including PH-I&II)