S.No. No. Date Description
  445 02.09.2022 Approval of the Incentive KPIs & Targets for the FY 2022-23
  327 11.07.2022 Constitution of Committee for suggestion on RoW Cases.
  314 30.06.2022 Order for Revision in frequency of meetings of Circle level Committee for Project closure (CLCPC)
  4 01.04.2022 Revision of Rates for Publication of e-Gazette Notification for FY 2022-23.
  941 04.03.2022 Updation of letter head mentioning correct particulars of RVPN--  Sample Format
  891 17.02.2022 Revised New Format of Insp. Of GSS
  889 17.02.2022 Order for Constitution of Circle level committee for Project closure (CLCPC)
  787 28.01.2022 Regarding selection of Line Route & Site visit for New Transmission lines
  785 27.01.2022 Regarding selection of Land & Site Visit for New Grid Sub-Stations
  515 10.11.2021 Office Order regarding Safety Pledge for the purpose of following safety instructions while working on GSS
  471 28.10.2021 "Safety Pledge" for the purpose of following safety instructions while working on GSS 
  310 27.08.2021 Approval of the incentive KPIs and Targets for the FY 2021-22
  65 22.04.2021 Revision of rate for publication of e-Gazette Notification for FY 2021-22
  701 16.03.2021 Guidelines for commissioning-Maintenance of EHV equipments
  651 25.02.2021 Guidelines for publication of e-Gazette Notification
  445 19.11.2020 Approval of the incentive KPIs and Targets for the FY 2020-21
  - 15.10.2020  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate to RVPN and Quality Manual of RVPN
  90 04.06.2020  SOP regarding outages & Rectification of transmission line towers & Equipments
  781 05.3.2020 Safety guidelines to be followed at EHV GSS during Shutdown
  - -

Checklist and appendix for Implementation of QMS ISO 9001:2015









  216 06.12.2019 Guidelines for submission of NH crossing and publication of e gazette notification cases  Procedure for NHAI Crossing
  215 06.12.2019 Procedure for NHAI Crossing
  214 06.12.2019 Final forest guidelines
  -- 10.12.2019 Best Performing 220 kV & 132 kV GSSs of Quarter-3 of 2019 evaluated as per KPI Scheme
  -- 18.11.2019 QUALITY MANUAL of RVPN on QMS ISO 9001:2015
  309 21.08.2019 Approval of the Incentive KPIs & Incentive Targets for FY 2019-20
  23 16.04.2019 Change in ISO document in "PTW along with Requisition" at Grid Sub-stations
  842 15.03.2019 Guidelines to maintain the DC voltage within prescribed limit at EHV GSS's
  812 07.03.2019 Measurement of Capacitance & Tan delta, earth resistance values of equipment & refilling / mock drill records as per ISO maintenance schedule
  808 05.03.2019 Rectification of  pending shortcomings related to Aircell inflation, Painting (Str./Equip.) &  lighting of GSS
  784 19.02.2019 Change in ISO document in “Maintenance format for Fire Extinguishers at Grid Sub-stations"
  601 13.12.2018 Maintenance format for Fire Extinguishers at Sub-stations
    30.11.2018 Implementation of QMS ISO 9001: 2015  checklist and sample letter head
  463 22.10.2018 Analysis of failure of 220 KV and above voltage level Equipments
  474 31.03.2017 Revised Schedules of Maintenance of T&C Wing (As per ISO)
  426 01.10.2018 Approval of the Incentive KPIs & Incentive Targets for FY 2018-19
    Sep-2018 RVPN has accorded new ISO 9001:2015 Certificate upto 765kV Voltage Level
  337 07.09.2018 Revised performance based marking scheme for 220kV & 132kV GSSs Revision Annex-A Annex-B
  105 21.06.2018 Guidelines for Online submission of NH crossing case
  74 16.05.2018 Abstract of Inspection Report, to be submitted by T&C wing officers
  9 05.04.2018 Norms and Guidelines for validation of Foundation classification for 132kV & 220kV Transmission Lines in RVPNL.
  613 27.02.2018 Circular regarding execution of all Capital Works under supervision of Competent Technical Staff
  590 15.02.2018 Circular regarding Surprise Checks for Verification of Presence of Engineers and Staff on duty at GSSs.
  460 15.11.2017 New guidelines for ensuring safety during maintenance works
  382 11.09.2017 Annual Performance Based Marking Scheme for SE(T&C) Circles for FY 2017-18
  156 30.06.2017 Performance Based Marking scheme (Annexure "A"Annexure "B")
  152 27.06.2017 Guidelines for Disposal Equipments
  111 26.05.2017 Inspection of vendor/suppliers premises/units for quality checks
  -- 26.05.2017 Common deficiencies observed in construction work of EHV Lines
  100 18.05.2017 Guidelines Regarding charging/ commisioning of new EHV GSS
  62 15.05.2017 Procedure for PTCC case to obtain route approval certificate for EHV lines
  5 06.04.2017 Procedure for Railway crossing cases & modification in EHV line(s) at crossing of Railway track