Administrative & Management

Description Order No./ Dispatch No. / Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Size Language
Regarding Supersession to all previous orders D1093 OO 573 13/10/2022 52 KB English
Regarding conduct of Departmental Promotion committee a year in certain meeting twice in circumstances. D1073 12/10/2022 170 KB English
New provisions for ensuring reservation to persons with benchmark disabilities in direct recruitment D883 OO 437 30/08/2022 191 KB English
Regarding extension in joining period of newly appointed personnel from direct recruitment D739 OO 353 28/07/2022 2.4 MB English
वार्षिक मूल्यांकन प्रतिवेदन (APAR) समय पर प्रस्तुत करने के सम्बन्ध में| D 160 21/04/2022 1 MB Hindi
Various activities shall be monitored by the following officers at the Corporate level to expedite the Discom's progress D 135 OO 71 20/04/2022 1 MB English
To continue the revenue recovery campaign the Chief Engineer (HQ), JdVVNL, Jodhpur shall monitor and make it sure for recovery from top 15 nos. Regular and 15 nos PDC consumers of each sub-division on monthly basis. D 134 OO 70 20/04/2022 531 KB English
Regarding reservation to person with disabitities in direct recruitment and promotion D 1534 OO 804 28/03/2022 1 MB English
Regarding successful completion of period of probation by probationer-trainees and grant of pay in the pay scale/running pay band/Pay Level of the post.  D 1175 OO 603 21/12/2021 326 KB English
In light of the guidelines issued vide orderNo. F. 33(2) Home/Gr.9/2019 dated 14.04.2021 by the Home Department, Govemment of Rajasthan for tackling COVID pandemic due to unprecedented increase in the number of Corona Positive cases D 53 15/04/2021 797 KB English
कटे हुए कृषि कनेक्शन को पुन: चालु करने के सम्बन्ध में | D352 26/03/2021 1 MB Hindi
लोक सूचना अधिकारियों/सहायक लोक सूचना अधिकारियों एवं प्रथम अपीलीय अधिकारियों की जानकारी  D 724 09/03/2021 792 KB Hindi
लोक सूचना अधिकारियों/सहायक लोक सूचना अधिकारियों एवं प्रथम अपीलीय अधिकारियों की जानकारी  D 557 13/01/2021 115 KB Hindi
विद्युत चोरी के प्रकरणों के निस्तारण के सन्दर्भ में   D 1050 29/09/2020 6 MB English
Regarding successful completion of period of probation by probationer-trainees and grant of pay in the pay scale/running pay band of the post  OO 254 D 637 11/09/2020 824 KB English
The following Junior Accountant are hereby promoted to the post of Assistant Accounts Officer Grade-II in exercise of powers conferred under Regulation 32 of the Ministerial Staff Service Regulations, 2017  OO 139 D 288 25/06/2020 195 KB English
जोधपुर विद्युत वितरण निगम लिमिटेड में कार्यरत ऐसे समस्त कर्मचारी (जिनको वर्दी भत्ता देय ) ड्रेस कोड लागू किया जाता है  OO 40 D 488 07/02/2020 85 KB Hindi
Technical Worker (ITI Holder) of District circle allowed to join the new cadre as per office order OO 77 D 175 27/01/2020 664 KB English
Technical Worker (ITI Holder) of Barmer circle allowed to join the new cadre as per office order OO 76 D 174 27/01/2020 164 KB English
विकल्प पत्र - जोधपुर विधुत वितरण निगम अनुसूचित क्षेत्र अभियांत्रिकी, मंत्रालयिक और चतुर्थ श्रेणी सेवा ( भर्ती और सेवा की अन्य शर्ते ) विनियम, 2017 OO- D 1272 17/01/2020 1.5 MB Hindi
Jodhpur Discom Scheduled service areas Engineers , ministerial and class -IV Service ( Recruitment and other Service Conditions) Regulations, 2017- Bifurcation of posts between TSP and Non-TSP area under Jodhpur Discom OO 585 D 1271 17/01/2020 714 KB English
Amendment in Schedule-I & III of Technical Workmen Service Regulation, 1975 OO 30 D 403 20/12/2019 179 KB English
Date Extension for the joining for the post of Junior Engineer(PT) and Junior Accountanr(PT) OO 575 D 905 24/10/2018 105 KB Hindi
Cancellation of leaves of Officers/Officials D762 20/09/2018 46 KB Hindi
Regarding Amendments in JdVVNL TWSR 1975 D202 16/07/2018 272 KB English
Leaving Head quarter/Office during office hours without sanction from the controlling officer. D 366 25/06/2018 285 KB English
आमजनों / विधुत उपभोक्ताओ में विधुत तंत्र से होने वाली दुर्घटनाओं पर अंकुश लगाने के उदेश्य से सुरक्षा संबंधी सावधानियों का व्यापक स्तर पर प्रचार प्रसार करवाकर जागरूकता अभियान | D 17   23/04/2018 367 KB Hindi
In pursuance to JdVVNL Ministerial Staff Service Regulation 2017 vide Admn 222 the following posts shall stand re-designated OO 18 D 24 03/04/2018 236 KB English
Restructuring of Organizational Structure & Manpower Norms of Jodhpur Discom OO 828 D 1167 28/03/2018 952 KB English
Circular with option Form for Data Entry Operator D 1166 28/03/2018 409 KB English
भारतीय झंडा संहिता, 2002 तथा राष्ट्रीय गौरव अपमान निवारण अधिनियम 1971 में अंतर्विष्ट उपबंधो का कड़ाई से अनुपालना बाबत | D 1163 28/03/2018 15.2 MB Hindi
Revision of Tariff, Entitlement and Maintenance etc for Rest/Guest House D 1162 28/03/2018 2.9MB English
In furtherance to office order No. 625/D.856 dated 10.10.2014, all such officers/officials and workmen who were deployed/directed to work at the places than their original place of posting may be treatted as tranfered and posted at the place where they are presently working OO 826 D 1159 28/03/2018 208 KB English
विभागीय आदेश क्रमांक जोधविविनिलि\ सचिव(प्रशा)\का. आदेश 700 प्र 1156 दिनांक 28.11.17 द्वारा प्रसारित स्थानांतरण नीति के क्रम में स्थानांतरण प्रक्रिया के सम्बंध में | D 1149 16/03/2018 647 KB Hindi
Circular-The in-service JEN-II who already possessed B.E./B. Tech./AMIE qualification before enterig into the Nigam service, may be appointed/re-designated as JEN-I in Nigam. OO 818 D1143 14/03/2018 289 KB English
Officers/Officials of Jodhpur Discom would be retired from Nigam services on attaining the superannuation age of 60 years OO801 D1104 26/02/2018 507 KB English
Minutes of the Review meeting of Revenue Monitoring Officers D 1850 08/02/2018 281 KB English
दुर्घटनाओं की सूचना (सूचना की तामिल का प्ररूप और समय ) नियम, 2016 – परिपत्र निर्धारित प्ररूप सलंग्न D 1823 25/01/2018 4.3 MB Hindi
Regarding provisions of the Employees State Insurance Act 1948, employees drawing gross salary upto Rs21000/-. D 1807 19/01/2018 213 KB English
To appoint Shri R.N.Nayak (DIN 02658070) as Independent Director of the Company. D 212 08/12/2017 313 KB English
To appoint Dr. R. A. Gupta (DIN 07943849) as Independent Director of the Company D 211 08/12/2017 309 KB English
Implementation Of Key Performance Indicators for evaluating performance of employees working in various functions OO 573 D939 03/10/2017 3.5 MB English
FINAL VOTER LIST OF CPF HOLDERS - 06/09/2017 512 KB English
Ammendment in Jd.VVNL'S Emgineers Service Regulation,2016 OO 441 D758 01/09/2017 500  KB English
Empowering ZCE and SEC(ADMIN) for DOB cases. OO 44 D191 03/07/2017 79  KB English
Successful completeion of Probation period by probation trainees oo175&176:D293&294 29/05/2017 108 KB English
Circular for ESIC for every District D.462 04/10/2016 167 KB English
The Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited's engineer's service regulations 2016 OO 403 D748 01/09/2016 2.9 MB English
Corrigendum in office order 255 dated2 6.07.2016  D6407 06/08/2016 230 KB English
Constitution of field Inspection Squads for Rural Areas. OO 1335 D6397 06/08/2016 762 KB English
The Jdvvnl compassionate appointment of dependents of deceased nigam servants regulations,2016 OO 197 D347 15/06/2016    
Guidelines for obtaining services of retired Nigam Officers/employees on contract basis OO 180 D329 09/06/2016 848 KB English
Ex-Gratia grant to the family of employee who dies while on duty OO561 D.1655  19/10/2016    
Shifting to suitable post or absorption or adjustment of employees ADMN No. 191 Order no.508/1535  22/12/2015 137 KB English
Amendment in Jodhpur Discom Service of Engineers ADMN No. 190 Order no.506/1531  22/12/2015 548 KB English
Superintending Engineer (M&P & Civil) will be Administrative control of Chief Engineer (MM) OO484  16/12/2015    
Declaration of all the power companies and their services & works as "essential services"under RAJASTHAN ESSENTIAL SERVICES MAINTENANCE ACT ,1970 upto 31-05-2016 & Related Orders D 1125 , D 1126 & D 1127   05/12/2015    
Ratification of BOD regarding relaxation in prescribed Qualification in computer field for clearence of Probation Training period in the cadre og Ministrial Staff OO 452 D 1095 20/10/15 & 10/11/15    
Ammendments in Various Service Regulations OO4 46 D.1078  10/11/2015    
15Th Annual General meeting of the members of JdVVNL will be held on Monday, 23.11.2015 at 11:30 AM at Registered Office of The Company. D.197  16/11/2015    
Regarding Procedure of Engaging Manpower OO46D.614  18/11/2015    
Paid Holiday on 17.09.2015 OO34D.486  14/09/2015    
Committees are here by constituted for conducting enquiry of Fatal accidents and serious Non-Fatal accidents OO29 D.428  26/08/2015    
Whistle Blower Policy - Jodhpur Discom - 30/06/2015 134 KB English
Attending Grievances on sampark and Sugam Portals 88  23/04/2015 425 KB English
MBC Cell Formation 74  18/04/2015 183 KB English
Feeder metering and Consumer Indexing Cell 73 18/04/2015    
To Ensure Correct reporting by field offices. 1547 25/03/2015    
Ex post facto sanction for leave in favour of Sh.Krishna Murari Swami Jen-I 1510 13/03/2015 82 KB English
Order of Purchase case & Contracts of M&P 1470 10/03/2015 1.2 MB English
Resignation order of Beena Umrao,Jen-I 1468 09/03/2015 428 KB English
Ratification of OO no TA to MD/JDVVNL/JPR/F./D.279 dt 23.01.15 1465 04/03/2015 368 KB English
Disposal of pending public grievance 1447 27/02/2015 304 KB English
Order of Monitoring the progress 912/1446 27/02/2015 90 KB English
Modification of OO05/D616  dated 28.01.2015 D 633  09/02/2015 79 KB English
Retirement order of SO, OS-I, PA and OS-II 894/1372  06/02/2015 200 KB English
Retirement order of CE, Addl. CE, Dy. CE, SE, XEN, AEN, JEN-II from Nigam 893/1371  06/02/2015 211 KB English
883/1352 Dt. 03.02.15 Sr. no. 2 is hereby kept in abeyance. 887/1363  05/02/2015 108 KB English
Order of XEN and AEN deputed for revenue recovery 886/1362  05/02/2015 131 KB English
JENs deputed in the offices as mentioned against each for revenue recovery for a period of two months. 883/1352  03/02/2015 837 KB English
Consequent upon retirement of Sh. K. S. Rathore, Dy. CE(MM) 881/1349  02/02/2015 775 KB English
Privilege leave order of Smt. Kirti Kachhawah, Director (Finance) 867/1331  28/01/2015 748 KB English
Corrigendum of Sh. Anoop Kumar Goud, JEN-I 1326 28/01/2015 754 KB English
Officer order Sexual Harassment 866/1325  28/01/2015 936 KB English
Creation of RGGVY Cell at Corporate Level (Discom HQ) and at all District/Circle level fro implementation of RGGVY XII Plan. OO SA-1 D.3354  03/02/2015 976 KB English
Partial modification in orders issued earlier nominating PIOs at corporate office. D.616  28/01/2015 472 KB English
Regarding administrative work distribution. D.279  23/01/2015 585 KB English
Regarding Sampati Vivran. D.1304  14/01/2015 676 KB English
Constitution of corporate Level monitoring Committee to monitor the progress of 24X7 power supply. D.1318            21/01/2015 1.1 MB English
Nodal Officer for 24X7 power Supply D.1297       12/01/2015 562 KB English
Abolition of system of submitting Affidavits. D.1267  06/01/2015    
Satisfactory  probation clearance order of Sita Ram  AEN D.1238  30/12/2014    
Regarding Republic Day D.1208  23/12/2014 1.7 MB English
Selection for the post of Member Punjab state Electricity Regulatory Commission.. D.1206  23/12/2014 4.6 MB English
Regarding Deputation in Narmada Control Authority D.1207  23/12/2014 7.9 MB English
Regarding committee Ekta Saptah D.1204  23/12/2014 796 KB English
Honor provided by District Magistrate on Republic Day 2015 D.1258  02/01/2015 307 KB English
Abolition of system of submitting affidavits and introduction of self attestation/declaration system D.1142  12/12/2014 625 KB English
List of officer/officials, Who would be retired from Nigam Services on attaining Superannuation age of 60 years with effect from date mentioned against each D.1136 09/12/2014 84 KB English
For Providing Information in respect to Pnachayat Raj Election -2014 D.1128 08/12/2014 110 KB English
Approval for creation of RGGVY cell at corporate Level Order No.730 10/11/2014 85 KB English
Approval for considering Computer Subject in Graduation/Post graduation etc at par with qualification of computer Proficiency D.649 20/10/2014 102 KB English
Corrigendum D.912 22/10/2014 66 KB English
Corrigendum D.860 10/10/2014 72 KB English
Statutory Compliance report under the new companies Act,2013 D.152  22/09/2014 117 KB English
Order Regarding to Nigam' SIM  D.151  22/09/2014 27 KB English
List of Appellate Authority. Public Information Officers and Assistant Publicinformation Officers of Jodhpur Discern on the Nigam Web Site. D294 09/09/2014 980 KB English
Labour Day holiday for nigam employess whose grade pay is less thanor equal to Rs. 4200.  D.62  09/04/2014 175 KB English
Medicalim of employees whose joining is after 01.012004 and for probationary trainees.  D.56  24/04/2014 1.5 MB English
Co-ordination with state Insurance & PF Department,jaipur for early issuance of Mediclaim card and Settlement of mediclaim of employees.  D.817  24/02/2014 92 KB English
About Medicalim of employees whose joining is after 01.012004.  D.816  24/02/2014 186 KB English
Revision in Labor Component and Transportation activity in CLRC-2012 D.649 31/05/2013 474 KB English
Revision of rate of compensation payable in case of death/permanent disablement of a publicman caused due to Electrical Accident. O.O.16 D.26  05/04/2013 52 KB English
Installation of BSNL Broad Band Internet Connection in favour of O&M Officers on their existing Landline telephone connection D191 22/06/2012 107 KB English
Empanelment of Private Hospitals/Institutions (in addition to the Govt. Hospitals) for reimbursement of treatment taken by the employees OO.27/D67 17/04/2012 1 MB English
Additions in the list of empanelled Hospitals-outside Rajasthan OO.15/D33 12/04/2012 609 KB English
Adoption of GoR's Notification dated 7/12/2011 regarding 'Child Adoption Leave' OO.14/D32 12/04/2012 679 KB English

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