Administrative & Management

Description Order No./ Dispatch No. / Date Size Language
Regarding successful completion of period of probation by probationer-trainees and grant of pay in the pay scale/running pay band/Pay Level of the post.  D 1175 OO 603 21/12/2021 326 KB English
In light of the guidelines issued vide orderNo. F. 33(2) Home/Gr.9/2019 dated 14.04.2021 by the Home Department, Govemment of Rajasthan for tackling COVID pandemic due to unprecedented increase in the number of Corona Positive cases D 53 15/04/2021 797 KB English
कटे हुए कृषि कनेक्शन को पुन: चालु करने के सम्बन्ध में | D352 26/03/2021 1 MB Hindi
लोक सूचना अधिकारियों/सहायक लोक सूचना अधिकारियों एवं प्रथम अपीलीय अधिकारियों की जानकारी  D 724 09/03/2021 792 KB Hindi
लोक सूचना अधिकारियों/सहायक लोक सूचना अधिकारियों एवं प्रथम अपीलीय अधिकारियों की जानकारी  D 557 13/01/2021 115 KB Hindi
विद्युत चोरी के प्रकरणों के निस्तारण के सन्दर्भ में   D 1050 29/09/2020 6 MB English
Regarding successful completion of period of probation by probationer-trainees and grant of pay in the pay scale/running pay band of the post  OO 254 D 637 11/09/2020 824 KB English
The following Junior Accountant are hereby promoted to the post of Assistant Accounts Officer Grade-II in exercise of powers conferred under Regulation 32 of the Ministerial Staff Service Regulations, 2017  OO 139 D 288 25/06/2020 195 KB English
जोधपुर विद्युत वितरण निगम लिमिटेड में कार्यरत ऐसे समस्त कर्मचारी (जिनको वर्दी भत्ता देय ) ड्रेस कोड लागू किया जाता है  OO 40 D 488 07/02/2020 85 KB Hindi
Technical Worker (ITI Holder) of District circle allowed to join the new cadre as per office order OO 77 D 175 27/01/2020 664 KB English
Technical Worker (ITI Holder) of Barmer circle allowed to join the new cadre as per office order OO 76 D 174 27/01/2020 164 KB English
विकल्प पत्र - जोधपुर विधुत वितरण निगम अनुसूचित क्षेत्र अभियांत्रिकी, मंत्रालयिक और चतुर्थ श्रेणी सेवा ( भर्ती और सेवा की अन्य शर्ते ) विनियम, 2017 OO- D 1272 17/01/2020 1.5 MB Hindi
Jodhpur Discom Scheduled service areas Engineers , ministerial and class -IV Service ( Recruitment and other Service Conditions) Regulations, 2017- Bifurcation of posts between TSP and Non-TSP area under Jodhpur Discom OO 585 D 1271 17/01/2020 714 KB English
Amendment in Schedule-I & III of Technical Workmen Service Regulation, 1975 OO 30 D 403 20/12/2019 179 KB English
Date Extension for the joining for the post of Junior Engineer(PT) and Junior Accountanr(PT) OO 575 D 905 24/10/2018 105 KB Hindi
Cancellation of leaves of Officers/Officials D762 20/09/2018 46 KB Hindi
Regarding Amendments in JdVVNL TWSR 1975 D202 16/07/2018 272 KB English
Leaving Head quarter/Office during office hours without sanction from the controlling officer. D 366 25/06/2018 285 KB English
आमजनों / विधुत उपभोक्ताओ में विधुत तंत्र से होने वाली दुर्घटनाओं पर अंकुश लगाने के उदेश्य से सुरक्षा संबंधी सावधानियों का व्यापक स्तर पर प्रचार प्रसार करवाकर जागरूकता अभियान | D 17   23/04/2018 367 KB Hindi
In pursuance to JdVVNL Ministerial Staff Service Regulation 2017 vide Admn 222 the following posts shall stand re-designated OO 18 D 24 03/04/2018 236 KB English
Restructuring of Organizational Structure & Manpower Norms of Jodhpur Discom OO 828 D 1167 28/03/2018 952 KB English
Circular with option Form for Data Entry Operator D 1166 28/03/2018 409 KB English
भारतीय झंडा संहिता, 2002 तथा राष्ट्रीय गौरव अपमान निवारण अधिनियम 1971 में अंतर्विष्ट उपबंधो का कड़ाई से अनुपालना बाबत | D 1163 28/03/2018 15.2 MB Hindi
Revision of Tariff, Entitlement and Maintenance etc for Rest/Guest House D 1162 28/03/2018 2.9MB English
In furtherance to office order No. 625/D.856 dated 10.10.2014, all such officers/officials and workmen who were deployed/directed to work at the places than their original place of posting may be treatted as tranfered and posted at the place where they are presently working OO 826 D 1159 28/03/2018 208 KB English
विभागीय आदेश क्रमांक जोधविविनिलि\ सचिव(प्रशा)\का. आदेश 700 प्र 1156 दिनांक 28.11.17 द्वारा प्रसारित स्थानांतरण नीति के क्रम में स्थानांतरण प्रक्रिया के सम्बंध में | D 1149 16/03/2018 647 KB Hindi
Circular-The in-service JEN-II who already possessed B.E./B. Tech./AMIE qualification before enterig into the Nigam service, may be appointed/re-designated as JEN-I in Nigam. OO 818 D1143 14/03/2018 289 KB English
Officers/Officials of Jodhpur Discom would be retired from Nigam services on attaining the superannuation age of 60 years OO801 D1104 26/02/2018 507 KB English
Minutes of the Review meeting of Revenue Monitoring Officers D 1850 08/02/2018 281 KB English
दुर्घटनाओं की सूचना (सूचना की तामिल का प्ररूप और समय ) नियम, 2016 – परिपत्र निर्धारित प्ररूप सलंग्न D 1823 25/01/2018 4.3 MB Hindi
Regarding provisions of the Employees State Insurance Act 1948, employees drawing gross salary upto Rs21000/-. D 1807 19/01/2018 213 KB English
To appoint Shri R.N.Nayak (DIN 02658070) as Independent Director of the Company. D 212 08/12/2017 313 KB English
To appoint Dr. R. A. Gupta (DIN 07943849) as Independent Director of the Company D 211 08/12/2017 309 KB English
Implementation Of Key Performance Indicators for evaluating performance of employees working in various functions OO 573 D939 03/10/2017 3.5 MB English
FINAL VOTER LIST OF CPF HOLDERS - 06/09/2017 512 KB English
Ammendment in Jd.VVNL'S Emgineers Service Regulation,2016 OO 441 D758 01/09/2017 500  KB English
Empowering ZCE and SEC(ADMIN) for DOB cases. OO 44 D191 03/07/2017 79  KB English
Successful completeion of Probation period by probation trainees oo175&176:D293&294 29/05/2017 108 KB English
Circular for ESIC for every District D.462 04/10/2016 167 KB English
The Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited's engineer's service regulations 2016 OO 403 D748 01/09/2016 2.9 MB English
Corrigendum in office order 255 dated2 6.07.2016  D6407 06/08/2016 230 KB English
Constitution of field Inspection Squads for Rural Areas. OO 1335 D6397 06/08/2016 762 KB English
The Jdvvnl compassionate appointment of dependents of deceased nigam servants regulations,2016 OO 197 D347 15/06/2016    
Guidelines for obtaining services of retired Nigam Officers/employees on contract basis OO 180 D329 09/06/2016 848 KB English
Ex-Gratia grant to the family of employee who dies while on duty OO561 D.1655  19/10/2016    
Shifting to suitable post or absorption or adjustment of employees ADMN No. 191 Order no.508/1535  22/12/2015 137 KB English
Amendment in Jodhpur Discom Service of Engineers ADMN No. 190 Order no.506/1531  22/12/2015 548 KB English
Superintending Engineer (M&P & Civil) will be Administrative control of Chief Engineer (MM) OO484  16/12/2015    
Declaration of all the power companies and their services & works as "essential services"under RAJASTHAN ESSENTIAL SERVICES MAINTENANCE ACT ,1970 upto 31-05-2016 & Related Orders D 1125 , D 1126 & D 1127   05/12/2015    
Ratification of BOD regarding relaxation in prescribed Qualification in computer field for clearence of Probation Training period in the cadre og Ministrial Staff OO 452 D 1095 20/10/15 & 10/11/15    
Ammendments in Various Service Regulations OO4 46 D.1078  10/11/2015    
15Th Annual General meeting of the members of JdVVNL will be held on Monday, 23.11.2015 at 11:30 AM at Registered Office of The Company. D.197  16/11/2015    
Regarding Procedure of Engaging Manpower OO46D.614  18/11/2015    
Paid Holiday on 17.09.2015 OO34D.486  14/09/2015    
Committees are here by constituted for conducting enquiry of Fatal accidents and serious Non-Fatal accidents OO29 D.428  26/08/2015    
Whistle Blower Policy - Jodhpur Discom - 30/06/2015 134 KB English
Attending Grievances on sampark and Sugam Portals 88  23/04/2015 425 KB English
MBC Cell Formation 74  18/04/2015 183 KB English
Feeder metering and Consumer Indexing Cell 73 18/04/2015    
To Ensure Correct reporting by field offices. 1547 25/03/2015    
Ex post facto sanction for leave in favour of Sh.Krishna Murari Swami Jen-I 1510 13/03/2015 82 KB English
Order of Purchase case & Contracts of M&P 1470 10/03/2015 1.2 MB English
Resignation order of Beena Umrao,Jen-I 1468 09/03/2015 428 KB English
Ratification of OO no TA to MD/JDVVNL/JPR/F./D.279 dt 23.01.15 1465 04/03/2015 368 KB English
Disposal of pending public grievance 1447 27/02/2015 304 KB English
Order of Monitoring the progress 912/1446 27/02/2015 90 KB English
Modification of OO05/D616  dated 28.01.2015 D 633  09/02/2015 79 KB English
Retirement order of SO, OS-I, PA and OS-II 894/1372  06/02/2015 200 KB English
Retirement order of CE, Addl. CE, Dy. CE, SE, XEN, AEN, JEN-II from Nigam 893/1371  06/02/2015 211 KB English
883/1352 Dt. 03.02.15 Sr. no. 2 is hereby kept in abeyance. 887/1363  05/02/2015 108 KB English
Order of XEN and AEN deputed for revenue recovery 886/1362  05/02/2015 131 KB English
JENs deputed in the offices as mentioned against each for revenue recovery for a period of two months. 883/1352  03/02/2015 837 KB English
Consequent upon retirement of Sh. K. S. Rathore, Dy. CE(MM) 881/1349  02/02/2015 775 KB English
Privilege leave order of Smt. Kirti Kachhawah, Director (Finance) 867/1331  28/01/2015 748 KB English
Corrigendum of Sh. Anoop Kumar Goud, JEN-I 1326 28/01/2015 754 KB English
Officer order Sexual Harassment 866/1325  28/01/2015 936 KB English
Creation of RGGVY Cell at Corporate Level (Discom HQ) and at all District/Circle level fro implementation of RGGVY XII Plan. OO SA-1 D.3354  03/02/2015 976 KB English
Partial modification in orders issued earlier nominating PIOs at corporate office. D.616  28/01/2015 472 KB English
Regarding administrative work distribution. D.279  23/01/2015 585 KB English
Regarding Sampati Vivran. D.1304  14/01/2015 676 KB English
Constitution of corporate Level monitoring Committee to monitor the progress of 24X7 power supply. D.1318            21/01/2015 1.1 MB English
Nodal Officer for 24X7 power Supply D.1297       12/01/2015 562 KB English
Abolition of system of submitting Affidavits. D.1267  06/01/2015    
Satisfactory  probation clearance order of Sita Ram  AEN D.1238  30/12/2014    
Regarding Republic Day D.1208  23/12/2014 1.7 MB English
Selection for the post of Member Punjab state Electricity Regulatory Commission.. D.1206  23/12/2014 4.6 MB English
Regarding Deputation in Narmada Control Authority D.1207  23/12/2014 7.9 MB English
Regarding committee Ekta Saptah D.1204  23/12/2014 796 KB English
Honor provided by District Magistrate on Republic Day 2015 D.1258  02/01/2015 307 KB English
Abolition of system of submitting affidavits and introduction of self attestation/declaration system D.1142  12/12/2014 625 KB English
List of officer/officials, Who would be retired from Nigam Services on attaining Superannuation age of 60 years with effect from date mentioned against each D.1136 09/12/2014 84 KB English
For Providing Information in respect to Pnachayat Raj Election -2014 D.1128 08/12/2014 110 KB English
Approval for creation of RGGVY cell at corporate Level Order No.730 10/11/2014 85 KB English
Approval for considering Computer Subject in Graduation/Post graduation etc at par with qualification of computer Proficiency D.649 20/10/2014 102 KB English
Corrigendum D.912 22/10/2014 66 KB English
Corrigendum D.860 10/10/2014 72 KB English
Statutory Compliance report under the new companies Act,2013 D.152  22/09/2014 117 KB English
Order Regarding to Nigam' SIM  D.151  22/09/2014 27 KB English
List of Appellate Authority. Public Information Officers and Assistant Publicinformation Officers of Jodhpur Discern on the Nigam Web Site. D294 09/09/2014 980 KB English
Labour Day holiday for nigam employess whose grade pay is less thanor equal to Rs. 4200.  D.62  09/04/2014 175 KB English
Medicalim of employees whose joining is after 01.012004 and for probationary trainees.  D.56  24/04/2014 1.5 MB English
Co-ordination with state Insurance & PF Department,jaipur for early issuance of Mediclaim card and Settlement of mediclaim of employees.  D.817  24/02/2014 92 KB English
About Medicalim of employees whose joining is after 01.012004.  D.816  24/02/2014 186 KB English
Revision in Labor Component and Transportation activity in CLRC-2012 D.649 31/05/2013 474 KB English
Revision of rate of compensation payable in case of death/permanent disablement of a publicman caused due to Electrical Accident. O.O.16 D.26  05/04/2013 52 KB English
Installation of BSNL Broad Band Internet Connection in favour of O&M Officers on their existing Landline telephone connection D191 22/06/2012 107 KB English
Empanelment of Private Hospitals/Institutions (in addition to the Govt. Hospitals) for reimbursement of treatment taken by the employees OO.27/D67 17/04/2012 1 MB English
Additions in the list of empanelled Hospitals-outside Rajasthan OO.15/D33 12/04/2012 609 KB English
Adoption of GoR's Notification dated 7/12/2011 regarding 'Child Adoption Leave' OO.14/D32 12/04/2012 679 KB English

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