TN 1821

MMC TN 1821-Short Term Tenders are hereby invited in e tender system for Purchase of 11 0.433 KV, Distribution Transformers of 63 KVA, STAR1, EEL1 rating, along with LV Bushing cover cum Meter and unit as per TN1821

Notice Inviting Tender File Name- TN1821NIT.pdf File Size-993 KB File Language - English
ITB File Name- TN1821ITB.pdf File Size-222 KB File Language - English
GCC File Name- TN1821GCC.pdf File Size-502 KB File Language - English
SPECIFICATIONS File Name- TN1821Spec.pdf File Size-3.6 MB File Language - English
Date Extension 23/08/2022 File Name- TN1821DE23Aug.pdf File Size-410 KB File Language - English

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