TN-IT-21 To provide MPLS / IP -VPN Communication Service at DMS Control Centre / RTU and GPRS Connectivity Service at FRTU for SCADA/DMS in Jodhpur City

Notice Inviting Tender File Name- TN21NIT.pdf File Size - 87 KB File Language - English
Request for Proposal File Name- TN21RFP.pdf File Size - 1.7 MB File Language - English
Proposed Location for Connectivity under TN-21 File Name- TN21ProposdLoc.pdf File Size - 146 KB File Language - English
Revised Request for Proposal File Name- TN21RevRFP.pdf File Size - 1.2 MB File Language - English
Date Extension 01/01/2020 File Name- TN21DE01Jan.pdf File Size- 534 KB File Language - English
Date Extension 08/01/2020 File Name- TN21DE08Jan.pdf File Size- 42 KB File Language - English

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