About Us

About Us

The objective of Electrical Inspectorate (Govt. of Rajasthan) is to ensure electrical safety and Accident free electrical installations in the State of Rajasthan. The Electrical Inspectorate is a statutory creation under the Indian Electricity Act, 1910 & came into existence in the State of Rajasthan consequent  to  the  formation  of  IE  Rules,  1956.  It  was  a  part  of  the erstwhile Electricity  Department  of  the  Government  of  Rajasthan.  After the  formation  of  State Electricity  Board,  the  Electrical  Inspectorate  was made  as  an  independent  department functioning  under  the administrative  control  of  Energy  Department,  Government  of Rajasthan. The Senior Electrical Inspector to Govt. is Head of the Department. The Senior Electrical Inspector is also the Chairman of Technical Committee.

The Rajasthan Electrical Inspectorate exercises the powers and performs functions specified in the following Acts  Rules/Regulations framed thereunder.

1.   The  Rajasthan  Chief  Electrical  Inspector  and  Electrical  Inspectors  (Power  and Function) Rules, 2016.

2.  The Electricity act, 2003. (formerly The Indian Electricity Act 1910)

3.   Central Electricity Authority Regulations 2010 and 2011(formerly Indian Electricity Rules 1956) 

3a.   The  Central  Electricity  Authority(Technical  standards  for construction  of  Electrical Plants and Electric Lines)Regulation 2010.

3b.   The Central Electricity Authority ( Measures Relating to Safety and Electric supply) Regulation 2010

3c.   The Central Electricity Authority (Safety Requirements for Construction, operation and Maintenance of Electrical Plants and Electric Lines) Regulations,2011.

4.  The  Rajasthan  Cinemas  (Regulation)  Act.  1952  and  The  Rajasthan  Cinemas (Regulation) Rules 1959.  

5.  The Energy Conservation Act, 2001.

6.  The Intimation of Accidents ( Form and Time of Service of Notice) Rules 2016.

7.  Conditions  and  Rules  for  the  Grant  of  certificates  of  Competency  to  Electrical Supervisors  and  Wiremen  and  Licences  to  Electrical  Contrcators  in  the  State  of Rajasthan 1956 (As Amended time of time).