AVVNL Rule-901 to 1000

Sr No Rule/Order No. Dispatch No. Subject Rule/Order Date Size   Language  Document Link
3 AVVNL Rule 903 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/F. 4/OO/D.5457 Grant of Dearness Relief to AVVNL Pensioners. 31.03.2020 925 KB English Download
2 AVVNL Rule 902 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AO(ECR)/AAO(Rules)/F. 3/OO/D.5456 Grant of Dearness Allowance to AVVNL employees. 31.03.2020 948 KB English Download
1 AVVNL Rule 901 AVVNL/CAO(ERB)/AAO(ECR)/F. 49/OO/D.5381 Clarification Under Rule 4(4) of House Rent Allowance Rules, 1989 regarding admissibility of House Rent Allowance in matters of successful completion of probation trainee period or drawal of pay in regular pay scale in case of Probationer Trainees. 18.03.2020 1.3 MB English Download