Comml AJ-801 to 900

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813 Comml_AJ-813 AVVNL/ACE(H.Q.)/SE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F./2020-21/ D. 1246 dated 28.09.2020 Regarding replacement of burnt Single Phase Distribution Transformers in rural abadi area/Dhani. 28.09.2020 370 KB English Download
812 Comml_AJ-812 AVVNL/ACE(H.Q.)/SE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F./2020-21/ D. 1245 dated 28.09.2020 Release of new connection/load extension/reduction of industrial/NDS/DS connection in prescribed time limit. 28.09.2020 464 KB English Download
811 Comml_AJ-811 AVVNL/ACE(H.Q.)/SE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F./2020-21/ D. 1244 dated 28.09.2020 Regarding verification of hazardous lines and shifting thereof. 28.09.2020 620 KB English Download
810 Comml_AJ-810 AVVNL/ACE(H.Q.)/SE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F./2020-21/ D. 1184 dated 23.09.2020 Peak hours for banked Solar/Wind energy as per Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2019 & Rajasthan Wind & Hybrid Energy Policy 2019 23.09.2020 760 KB English Download
809 Comml_AJ-809 AVVNL/ACE(H.Q.)/SE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F./2020-21/ D. 1037 dated 02.09.2020 Regarding change of category before completion of one year from the date of release of connection. 02.09.2020 275 KB English Download
807 Comml_AJ-807 AVVNL/ACE(H.Q.)/SE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F./2020-21/ D. 53 dated 14.05.2020 Amendment in detailed Guidelines & procedure for Net Metering and Grid connectivity of grid connected Rooftop & Small Solar photovoltaic Systems. 14.05.2020 313 KB English Download
806 Comml AJ-806 अविविनिलि/ मु. अ. (मुख्यालय)/ अ.अ.- II/ 2020-21/ प्रे-6067   16.04.2020 754 KB Hindi Download
805 Comml AJ-805 AVVNL/ACE (H.Q.)/XEN(C-II)/F./ /2020-21 D.6047 'Amnesty Scheme' for disconnected consumers of domestic and agriculture category (disconnected upto or prior to 31.03.2019) for realization of outstanding dues. 03.04.2020 731 KB English Download
804 Comml AJ-804 AVVNL/ACE (H.Q.)/SE (C)/XEN-I/F.57(F)/ /2019-20 D.5588 TARIFF FOR SUPPLY OF ELECTRICITY-2020 17.02.2020 406 KB English  Download
803 Comml AJ-803 AVVNL/ACE (H.Q.)/SE (Comml.)/XEN (C-II)/F. /2019-20 D.5366 'Amnesty Scheme' for disconnected consumers of all categories(disconnectedupto or prior to 31.03.2019) for realization of outstanding dues. 29-01-2019 297 KB English Download
802 Comml AJ-802 AVVNL/CE (H.Q.)/XEN (C-II)/F. /2019-20 D.5156 Re-connection of connections disconnected consequent upon vigilance checking. 14-01-2020 2.1 MB English Download
801 Comml AJ-801 अविविनिलि/ मु. अ. (मुख्यालय)/ अ.अ.- II/ 2019-20/ प्रे-1612 कृषि उपभोक्ताओं के बकाया बिलों के भुगतान हेतु सरलीकृत योजना 01-01-2020 540 KB Hindi Download