Name Start Date End Date Description Files
3299_F -- 17.12.2019 Date Extension of TN_357 3299_F(size-409kb)
3299_E -- 17.12.2019 Date Extension of TN_338 3299_E(size-397kb)
3313_A -- 18.12.2019 Corrigendum of NIB-285/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP 3313_A(size-514kb)
3257_k -- -- Tender No. TN -SC-303/19-20/MM dropped  Tender No. TN -SC-303/19-20/MM dropped 
3313 -- -- NIB No. 2034/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “ Supply of BFP NRV and Main steam line to APRDS NRV & SBV Head Assembly for Boiler Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01469)”, NIB No. 2036/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Videoscope along with accessories for Boiler Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01485)”, NIB No. 2037/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Commercial Evaporating Air Cooler/Industrial Exhaust Fan for Coal Handling Plant, Phase-I&II, Stage-I, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01477)”, NIB No. 2038/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Pressure and Temperature Gauge for CA Circle Unit#1 to 4, Phase-I&II, Stage-I of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01482)”, NIB No. 2039/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Stationary Items for the year 2019-20 of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01480)”, NIB No. 2040/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Refrigerated compressed air drier complete assembly for instrument air compressor installed at dry fly ash handling system at intermediate silo & RCC main silo of Unit#1&2, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01489)”,              NIB No. 3027/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Suspended Magnet for Conveyor BCN-1 in CHP, Stage-I, Phase-I to CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01467)”,                             NIB No. 4263/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Engineering, Design, Procurement, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of microprocessor based high speed bus transfer system for Unit#1&2, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01484)”,                                                            NIB No. 4264/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Design, Supply, installation, commissioning & testing of air pressurization unit in IPBDS of Unit#1 to 4 of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01486)”, NIB No. 22/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “Repair & maintenance of road and drain at silo of Unit#2, CTPP Plant (RVU1920WSOB01399)”,                           NIB No. 24/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “Annual contract for day to day repair maintenance for steel joinery, sanitary & water supply, submersible/monoblock motor pumpset, sewer line & cleaning of non-residential buildings at CTPP Colony (RVU1920WSOB01455)”, NIB No. 25/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “P&F suspended false ceiling at community centre, dining halls at Field Hostel at CTPP Colony (RVU1920WSOB01456)”,                                NIB No. 285/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract for Routine, Breakdown, Capital maintenance and operation work of Air Compressor Atlas Copco make, Air Drying Plant (Refrigerant) Trident/Delair make, EOT of Compressor House Capacity 5T, Electromech/Reva make, SG fill pump, Hot well makeup pump, DMCW pump and Misc. pumps including piping, valves and associated equipment of Unit#1 to 4 of Stage-I, Phase-I&II, 4X250MW, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01458)”, NIB No. 286/2019-20/SE(Opr.)/CTPP for “Annual contract for cleaning of control room building, service building, turbine area, Overhead CST area, Dearator area, HP/LP heater area, CEP/BFP area, plants main roads, security barracks and security office  of main gate of unit#1 to 4 Stage-I, Phase-I&II, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01459)”, NIB No. 288/2019-20/JDP/CTPP for “Annual contract for running Plant Canteen at CTPP (O&M), RVUN, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01460)”,                        NIB No. 289/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract of operation & maintenance of 7x500MT RCC main silo system of unit#1 to 4 each and weigh bridge at CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01490)”, NIB No. 290/2019-20/SE(C&I)/CTPP for “Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for HP/Compaq, Dell and other make Servers, workstations, Monitors and Printers installed at Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920SLOB01488)” &                NIB No. 291/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract for the work of assistance in operation and maintenance of Hydrogen Plant of capacity 2x10 Nm3/Hr at 4x250MW CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01491)” 



3257_J -- -- Cancellation of TN-333 All bidders are disqualified in TN-SC-333/2019-20(MM)
3299_D --

9.12.2019 for TN-353,355,357,338

10.12.2019 for TN-350,356

DATE EXTENSION of 353,  dateextension of 355, dateextension of 350,dateextension of 356,DATEEXTENSION of 338,  DATEEXTENSION of 357







3301_B -- 26.11.2019 Date Extension of TN_282 3301_A
3299_C -- 26.11.2019 DATE EXTENSION of 353,  dateextension of 355,  TENDERDOCUMENTCORRIGENDUM.pdf,  DATEEXTENSION of 338,  DATEEXTENSION of 357






3299_B -- 26.11.2019 PR-3299 Corrigendum for Date extension and QR amendment of TN-SC-349, TN-SC-350 & TN-SC-356/2019-20 (MM 3299_B(size-2MB)
3301_A -- 18.11.2019 Corrigendum of NIB No. 278/2019-20/SE(Boiler)/CTPP 3301_A(size-398kb)
3235_E -- -- Cancellation of TN_4666 3235_E(size-)
3283_A -- 13.11.2019

Date Extension of NIB No. 273/2019-20/SE (Turbine)/CTPP

and NIB No. 274/2019-20/SE (Elect.)/CTPP


3299_A -- 14.11.2019 Date Extension of TN_353 3299_A(size-354kb)
3301 -- -- NIB No. 2031/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Rubber Items for all circles, Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01305)”,         NIB No. 2032/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of M.S. Items, Plate/Angle/Channels for the year 2019-20 to CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01309)”,                                         NIB No. 3021/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Spares for wagon tippler & apron feeder installed in phase-II Stage-I, CHP, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01285)”,             NIB No. 3022/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Spares of SWAS system for Unit#1 to 4 at CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01286)”, NIB No. 3024/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Gear Coupling in CHP, phase-I&II, Stage-I to CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01287)”, NIB No. 3026/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Filters for equipments of CHP,  CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01288)”,                                               NIB No. 19/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “Civil maintenance works in ESP and Bottom Ash Hopper area Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01294)”,                                  NIB No. 20/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “Supply Spreading of Ballast in Marshalling Yard including Misc. Civil works at CTPP, RVUN, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01295)”,                        NIB No. 21/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “Providing paving work and chainlink fencing at site store of AHP compressor house Unit#1&2 at CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01304)”, NIB No. 278/2019-20/SE(Boiler)/CTPP for “Annual contract for repair/reconditioning of BHEL & other make valves in Boiler & Turbine area of Unit#1 to 4 CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01188)”, NIB No. 280/2019-20/SE(Boiler)/CTPP for “Annual contract for supply and application of insulation, spray insulation and application of refractory in boiler and turbine area of unit#1 to 4 (4x250MW) CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01245)”,              NIB No. 281/2019-20/SE(Boiler)/CTPP for “Annual contract for capital, breakdown and routine maintenance of boiler and its auxiliaries of unit#1 to 4, (4x250MW) CTPP, RVUNL, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01254)”, NIB No. 282/2019-20/SE(Boiler)/CTPP for “Annual contract of Hydrojet cleaning of boiler furnace & APH baskets during annual overhauling of unit#1 to 4 CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01255)”,                                                           NIB No. 283/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract for routine/breakdown capital maintenance of Fire Hydrant, HVW & MVW spray system, Diesel/Electrical pumps, compressors etc., and routine checking, cleaning & minor maintenance works of 4x250 MW Chhabra Thermal Power Project, Chhabra, Phase-I&II, Stage-I (RVU1920WSOB01281)” &                           NIB No. 284/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract for Lifting and transportation of Dry Fly Ash from 500MT RCC main silos and Bottom Ash from IM silo of Unit#1 to 4 and transportation of the same to CTPP Ash Dyke or designated place & spreading of Bottom Ash in Ash Dyke at CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01339)”.Find attachment for more detail.




























TN-SC-338/2019-20 (MM),UBN No: RVU1920GLOB01322, Supply of Fin Flats for boiler furnace  unit#5&6 (2x660 MW) at CSCTPP,Chhabra. TN-SC- 349/2019-20 (MM), UBN No: RVU1920GLOB01325 , Supply of Sulphuric Acid At CSCTPP, Chhabra. TN-SC-350/2019-20 (MM), UBN No. RVU1920GLOB01326, Supply of Non Ferric Alum at CSCTPP, Chhabra. TN-SC-351/2019-20 (MM), UBN No: RVU1920GLOB01315, Supply of vent filter bags and bag retainer with ventury assembly for intermediate silo and RCC Silo of Ash Handling System of unit #5 &6 at CSCTPP, Chhabra.      TN-SC- 355/2019-20 (MM),UBN No. RVU1920GLOB01323 , Supply of Basalt and ACI Fittings for Fly & Bottom Ash Disposal Lines of Ash Handling System of Unit #5 & 6 at CSCTPP, Chhabra. TN-SC-356/ 2019-20 (MM), UBN No. RVU1920GLOB01330 , Supply of Cooling water treatment chemicals along with services of CW chemical treatment at CSCTPP, Chhabra. TN-SC- 357/2019-20 (MM),UBN No. RVU1920GLOB01318, Requirement of Bottom Ash Sump Drain Pumps (Slurry Type) for bottom Ash Handling System of unit 5 & 6 at CSCTPP, Chhabra. TN-SC- 359/2019-20 (C&I),UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01312, Annual work contract for Routine, Breakdown and Capital Maintenance of C&I Systems, Instruments and Equipments of Unit 5 &6 at CSCTPP, Chhabra.

Offline Tender:- TN-SC-352/2019-20 (MM), UBN No: RVU1920GSOB01316, Requirement of Pneumatically operated automatic drain valve for Ash Handling system and CA system of unit #5 & 6 at CSCTPP, Chhabra.TN-SC-353/2019-20 (MM)UBN No: RVU1920GSOB01320, Supply of Feeder Belt for 36” Gravimetric Feeder 7’CD of Roller Coal Mills for unit #5 & 6 CSCTPP, Chhabra.

3289 -- -- Cancellation of PR_3284 3289(size-357kb)
3284_A -- -- Correction in  PR No. 3284  3284_A(size-300kb)
3284 --- 21.10.2019 Chhabra Thermal Power Plant (RVUNL) invites applications from fly ash user agencies for supply/utilisation of 20 % fly ash (free of cost) being generated from its plant in pursuance to the notification dated 03.11.2009 of MoE & F, GoT, New Delhi.



3283 -- --  NIB No. 2029/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Sulphuric Acid (min. 98%) (1350MT) for the year 2019-20, Phase-I&II, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01108)”, NIB No. 2030/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Pure Grade Non-Ferric Alum (700 MT) for the year 2019-20, Phase-I&II, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01107)”, NIB No. 3020/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Complete scoop coupling with Air Cooler along with Force Lubrication for Ring Granulator in Phase-I, Stage-I, CHP, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01106)”, NIB No. 4257/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of spares of M/s GR Power switchgear make 420 Kv 2000A HCB Isolators of CTPP Switchyard of Unit#3&4 of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01118)”, NIB No. 4258/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of 2.0 Ton/1.5 Ton 3 star Inverter split type and 1.5 Ton 5 star window type air-conditioners for stage-I, Phase-I&II and Township of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB01119)”, NIB No. 269/2019-20/SE(Boiler)/CTPP for “Annual Contract for Routine, Breakdown & Capital maintenance of Ball Tube Mills, Seal Air System and Air ducts-Furnace Burner Panel, P.F. Piping & Feeder of Unit#1 to 4 of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01084)”, NIB No. 271/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract for routine and breakdown maintenance of Raw Water system, potable water system and service water system of Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01092)”, NIB No. 272/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract for the work of assistance in operation and maintenance of Hydrogen Plant of capacity 2x10 Nm3/Hr at 4x250MW CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01093)”, NIB No. 273/2019-20/SE(Tur.)/CTPP for “Annual contract for preventive & daily routine, breakdown and annual shutdown maintenance of Turbine, Generator & their auxiliaries of 4x250MW Units of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01096)”, NIB No. 274/2019-20/SE(Elect.)/CTPP for “Annual maintenance contract for lighting work of residential township and station lighting, Stage-I, Phase-I&II, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01124)” NIB No. 275/2019-20/SE(Elect.)/CTPP for “The contract for Hiring the Services of oil filtration machine for oil filtration of Power Transformers and Reactors of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01121)”, NIB No. 276/2019-20/SE(Elect.)/CTPP for “Annual contract for routine operation of air-conditioning, ventilation system, general area & equipment cleaning, general servicing, minor and major maintenance of central air conditioning system, package units, evaporative cooling units of Phase-I&II of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01125)” & NIB No. 277/2019-20/SE(Elect.)/CTPP for “Annual contract of routine/breakdown & capital maintenance work of 6.6KV HT motors of unit#1 to 4 (4x250MW) Phase-I&II of Stage-I, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB01126)” etc. Find attachment for more detail about dates of downloading and submission of document. 3283(size-1386kb)
3272_B -- 15.10.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-343/2019-20(MM) 3272_B(size-559kb)
3272_A -- 15.10.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-342/2019-20(MM) 3272_A(size-553kb)
3257_I -- 3.10.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-320/2019-20(MM) 3257_I(size-247kb
3257_H -- 3.10.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-317/2019-20(MM) 3257_H(size-323kb)
3257_G -- 3.10.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-302/2019-20(MM) 3257_G(Size_359kb)
3257_F -- 3.10.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-316/2019-20(MM) 3257_F(size_324kb)
PR_3272 30.08.2019 19.09.2019

forTNC- 09/2019-20 (SC-Civil),UBN No: RVU1920WSOB00991, Work of  RCC Slab  and   grouting   in  the  path  of  Non-Dm  Clarifier at CSCTPP,Chhabra.TNC-10/2019-20 (SC-Civil),UBN No: RVU1920WSOB00992, Construction of boundary wall for isolation of fly ash evacuation system (Fly Ash Silo’s and access road for bulkers) from plant premises at CSCTPP, Chhabra.TN-SC-334/2019-20(FF),UBN No.RVU1920WSOB00999,Annual contract for Routine/ Breakdown Capital Maintenance of Fire Hydrant, HVW & MVW spray system, Diesel/ Electrical pumps, compressors etc., and routine checking, cleaning & minor maintenance works of Fire Protection System of Unit#5&6 (660 MW) Chhabra Super Critical Thermal Power Project, Chhabra.TN-SC-336/2019-20(CA),UBN No: RVU1920GLOB00990,Annual contract for Sale of Cenospheres (Floating Ash) from Ash Pond/Dyke of CSCTPP, RVUN, Chhabra(Qty:120MT).TN-SC-342/2019-20(MM),UBN NoRVU1920GLOB00994,Supply of dewatering submersible pumps at CSCTPP RVUNL,Chhabra.

Offline Tender:-TN-SC-339/2019-20 (MM)UBN No: RVU1920GSOB01001Supply of Cots at CSCTPP,Chhabra.TN-SC-340/2019-20 (MM)UBN No: RVU1920GSOB00997Supply of Desert Coolers at CSCTPP,Chhabra.TN-SC-343/2019-20(MM)UBN No: RVU1920GSOB00996Supply of fixed type ultrasonic flow meter at CSCTPP,RVUNL,Chhabra.TN-SC-01/2019-20 (PE&E),UBN No. RVU1920WSOB01000Annual work contract for operation of Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Van at CSCTPP,Chhabra for 12 months.

3257_E -- 17.09.2019 PR-3257. Date extension Corrigendum-II of TN-320 & TN-321 / 2019-20 (MM 3257_E(size-380kb)
3257_D -- 16.09.2019 Date extension of TN_316 3257_D(size-286kb)
3255_B -- 6.09.2019 date extension of TN_256 and TN_260 3255_B(size-404kb)
3267 -- -- Find attachment for more detail about date of downloading and submission of tender etc. 3267(size-1420kb)
3257_C -- 16.09.2019 Date Extension of TN-SC-302 3257_C(size-316kb)
3257_B -- 16.09.2019 Date Extension of TN_SC_317 3257_B(size-229kb)
3255_A -- 30.08.2019 Date Extension of NIB No-259 3255_A(size-410kb)
3257_A -- 03.09.2019 PR-3257. date extension of TN-314, 316, 317, 320, 321, 322, 332, 333 3257_A(size-3.7mb)
3239_A -- 6.08.2019 Date Extension of NIB NO.-255 3239_A(size-2.58Mb)
PR_3257 2.08.2019 26.08.2019 Find attachment for more detail about tender and date of downloading and submission of tender. 3257(size-792kb)
PR_3255 2.08.2019 7.09.2019 Find attachment for more detail. 3255(size-1341kb)
PR_3227_B -- 17.07.2019 Corrigendum-II(Date Extension) for TN-SC-308/2019-20(MM) 3227_B(size-375kb)
PR_3239     NIB No. 2012/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Twin Oil cooler & their spare for support Bearing & Main reducer lube oil system of ball tube mills BBD4772 of Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB00516)”, NIB No. 2014/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of Cast liners of conveyor body for ball tube mills BBD4772 of Unit#1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabr(RVU1920GLOB00517)”, NIB No. 3009/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of 2 nos. mobile coal sampling machine (Auger machine) at CHP, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB00532)”, NIB No. 4248/2019-20/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply and replacement of PVC V-Bars, drift eliminator blades, nozzles, GRP grids and associated items of paharpur make induced draft, cross flow cooling tower, model 1513-12(20’ AT) of Unit#3 & 4, Stage-I, Phase-II, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920GLOB00522)”, NIB No. 13/2019-20/SE(Civil)/CTPP for “Annual contract for R&M of Bituminous Road at Plant site (RVU1920WSOB00519)” & NIB No. 255/2019-20/SE(CA)/CTPP for “Annual contract of providing assistance for the operation of fire protection system and to carry out the routine work of fire fighting system & other associated works of unit#1 to 4, Stage-I, Phase-I&II, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1920WSOB00526)”,NIB NO. 3008,NIB NO. 3010 AND NIB NO. 4247 



PR_3227_A -- 2.07.2019 CORRIGENDUM-I (.Date extension) TN-SC-308/2019-20 (MM) 3227_A(size-646kb)
PR_3225_B -- 4.07.2019 E-Tender Corrigendum for NIB No. 253/2019-20/SE (CA)/CTPP 3225_B(size-706kb)
PR_3225_A -- 20.06.2019 E-Tender Corrigendum for NIB No. 251/2019-20/SE (CA)/CTPP 3225_A
PR_3225 3.7.2019 3.7.2019 Find attachment for more detail
PR_3227 21.6.2019 21.6.2019 E-Tender Notice 3227
PR_3221 14.6.2019 14.6.2019 Advertisement for allotment of shop 3221
PR_3191_C 25.4.2019 25.4.2019 E-Tender Corrigendum 3191_C
PR_3207_C 24.4.2019 24.4.2019 TN-SC-2e8t2018-1 e (MM) 3207_b
PR_3191_B 16.4.2019 16.4.2019 Corrigendum NIB No. 242/2018-19/SE (CA)/CTPP 3191_b
PR_3189_B 11.4.2019 11.4.2019 Corrigendum -I of TN 275
PR_3207_B 5.4.2019 5.4.2019 Corrigendum -I of TN 297 3207_B
PR_3191_A --- 04.04.2019 E-Tender Corrigendum for NIB No. 242/2018-19/SE (CA)/CTPP  (RVU1819WSOB02261) 3191_A
PR_3189_A --- 29.03.2019 date extension for TN-SC-269 / 2018-19 (CHP) FOR Annual contract for the Work of complete operation, maintenance and housekeeping of coal handling plant at CSCTPP, Chhabra, including wagon unloading, operation & maintenance of heavy machineries and other equipments, Electrical & C&I works, of CHP area and other related works as specified in the scope of work for 2x660 MW Units, Unit-5&6 of CSCTPP,CHHABRA. 3189_A
PR_3207_A 10.04.2019 10.04.2019 Date Extension in TN-SC-296/2018-19(CHP) 3207_A
PR_3181_A 25.3.2019 26.3.2019 E-Tender Corrigendum 3181_A
PR_3207 5.4.2019 5.4.2019 Notice Inviting Tender  294,297,296 3207
PR_3203 23.4.2019 23.4.2019 Find attachment for more detail 3203
PR_3191 8.4.2019 8.4.2019 Find attachment for more detail 3191
PR_3189 28.3.2019 28.3.2019 Find attachment for more detail 3189
PR_3163_L 28.2.2019 28.2.2019 Corrigendum -II for TN-SC-258/2019-20 3163_L
PR_3181 06.3.2019 12.3.2019 Find attachment for more detail 3181
PR_3163_K 20.2.2019 20.2.2019 Corrigendum -II for TN-SC-248/2019-20 3163_K
PR_3163_J 20.2.2019 20.2.2019 Corrigendum -II for TN-SC-245/2019-20 3163_J
PR_3163_I 20.2.2019 20.2.2019 Corrigendum -II for TN-SC-255/2019-20 3163_I
PR_3163_G 11.2.2019 11.2.2019 Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-237/2018-19(TG) 3163_g
PR_3163_H 13.2.2019 13.2.2019 Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-236/2018-19 3163_H
PR_3163_F 11.2.2019 11.2.2019 Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-235/2018-19 3163_F
PR_3157_E 8.2.2019 8.2.2019 Date Corrigendum in TN-220/2018-19 3157_e
PR_3163_E 14.2.2019 14.2.2019 Date Extension in TN-SC-258/2018-19(MM) 3163_E
PR_3163_D     Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-238/2018-19 3163_D
PR_3163_A     Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-245/2019-20 3163_a
PR_3163_B     Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-255/2019-20
PR_3163_C     Corrigendum -I for TN-SC-248/2019-20
PR_3157_D 02.02.2019 02.02.2019 Corrigendum for  NIB No.220/2018-19/SE (P&A)/CTPP PR_3157_D
PR_3157_C 14.02.2019 14.02.2019 Corrigendum for NIB No.219/2018-19/SE (Comml.) PR_3157_C
PR_3169 06.02.2019 06.02.2019 TN-SC- 260/2018-19(TG) UBN No. RVU1819WSOB01897 Remote controlled Mechanized high Pressure Hydro jetting for cleaning of Condenser tubes up to 1000 bar in 660MW unit#5 of CSCTPP, Chhabra; TN-SC-262/2018-19(CA), UBN No: RVU1819WSRC01898 Annual contract for routine, breakdown, capital maintenance and assistance in operation work of CW and ACW system of CSCTPP, RRVUNL, Chhabra. PR_3169
PR_3168 31.01.2019 22.02.2019 Find attachment for more detail.



PR_3157_B   18.1.2019

E-Tender Corrigendum FOR NIB No.219/2018-19/SE (Comml.)/CTPP


PR_3163 2.1.2019 4.2.2019 Find attachment for more detail PR_3163
PR_3157_A 27.12.18 18.01.2019 Extension of   NIB No.215 and   NIB No.212 PR_3157_A
PR_3157 20.12.18 25.2.19 NIB No. 2052/2018-19/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of SS pipes for all circles of Unit#1 to 4 of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1819GLOB01242)”, NIB No. 2053/2018-19/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of HT Fasteners for the year 2018-19 of CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1819GLOB01247)”, NIB No. 2054/2018-19/SE(MM)/CTPP for “Supply of MS ERW Pipes for ESP, dry fly ash handling system, bottom ash handling system and proposed zero discharge scheme Unit# 1 to 4, CTPP, Chhabra (RVU1819GLOB01585)” etc. Please find attachment for more detail.



PR_3150_A 20.12.12 20.12.12 Extension of TN_SC_192 for supply of gases in CSCTPP PR_3150_A
22.11.18 13.12.18 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of remote
controlled mechanized high pressure hydro jetting for
cleaning of condenser tubes up to 1000 bar of 660
MW unit#5, Online Helium Leak Detection Test of Condenser of
1x660) unit #5, ETC..




PR_3143_F 12.10.18 19.11.2018 Corrigendum against TN-209 PR_3143_F
PR_3143_E 17.10.2018 19.11.2018 Corrigendum against TN-211 PR_3143_E
PR_3143_D 12.10.2018(for TN-209),17.10.2018(for TN-2150 12.11.2018(for TN-209),19.12.2018(for TN-215) Corrigendum against TN-209 and TN-215 PR_3143_D
PR_3143_C   16.11.2018(for TN-207),19.11.2018(for TN-214) Corrigendum against TN-207 and TN-214 PR_3143_C
PR_3143_B 17.10.2018 14.11.2018(for TN-2013)and 19.11.2018(for TN-214) Corrigendum against TN-213 and 214  PR_3143_B
PR_3143_A 15.11.18 15.11.18 Corrigendum in TN-SC-206/2018-19(MM)   PR_3143_A
PR_3127_D 16.11.18 16.11.18 Corrigendum in TN-206 PR_3127_d
PR_3143 22.10.18 12.11.18 NIB No. 2052, 2O53, 3146, 3147,3148,3149,4186,4192,4195,4196,4197,4198, 206,207,209,211,215,208,210,212,214,213, “Supply
of SS pipes for all circles,“Supply of HT Fasteners,“Supply of spares for equipments, “Supply of DP transmitter for delta panel for mill dust level, pressure transmitter for APRDS,
flow transmitter for BOFA and furnace DP transmitter ETC...



12.10.18 12.10.18 NIB-202, hiring of maruti swift Dzire PR_3124_C
PR_3127_C 23.10.18 23.10.18 TN-SC-206 PR_3127_C
PR_3124_B 06.10.18 06.10.18 NIB NO -202,hiring of maruti swift Dzire



PR_3124_A 17.09.18 08.10.18 NIB NO. 200,Annual Contract for Routine, Breakdown & Capital maintenance of Ball Tube Mills, Seal Air System and Air ducts-Furnace Burner Panel, P.F. Piping & Feeder   PR_3124_A
PR_3127_B 03.10.18 11.10.18 TN-179, supply of Rubber Endless Feeder Belt for 36” Gravimetric Feeder of Roller Coal Mills PR_3127_B
PR_3127_A 03.10.18 11.10.18 TN-179, supply of Rubber Endless Feeder Belt for 36” Gravimetric Feeder of Roller Coal Mills PR_3127_A
PR_3129 04.10.18 04.10.18 NIB-2047 to 2050,3144,3145,4178,4188,4189,4190, NIB-15 to 18, NIB-205



PR_3127 04.09.18 03.10.18 TN-200,204,205,201,207,206,197,208,Annual Contract for Routine and Capital
Maintenance of Rectifier Transformers and ESP
Controllers,Annual work contract for routine, breakdown,
capital maintenance and assistance in operation of
Water Pre treatment plant, Raw water system, RW
chlorination system and Chemical house, ETC..
PR_3124 12.09.18 17.09.18 NIB No. 2040,NIB No. 2041,2042,2043,2045,3140,3141,3142,3143,4177,4179,4182,4183,4184,4185,200,201,202,203,204, “Supply of various type of rollers/idlers and its frames for belt conveyor of bottom ash handling system ETC..



PR_3105_A 03.09.18 03.09.18

N I B No.195'2018-19, Annual contract for Supply and application of Insulation,Spray Insulation and application of Refractory in Boiler and Turbine area



PR_3095_A 17.8.18 17.8.18 Extension of NIT TN-SC-185/2018-19 for two year contract for hiring of 1 nos ac Scorpio PR_3095_a
PR_3115 16.08.18 04.09.18 NIB No.2005,2024,2028,2034,2035,2036,2037,2038,3139,4157,4175 & 4176,NIBNo.14, NIBNo 197, 198, “Supply of Linear Heat Detection cable,“Supply of LDO pumps for conversion,“Design, Manufacturing, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of ventilation system for tunnel area, “Fabrication and supply of shaft, sleeve & bush for ash handling plant, CA circle ETC..



PR_3097_B 13.08.18 13.08.18 NIB No. 191/2018-19/SEHiring of service for vibration monitoring & analysis of rotating equipments



PR_3084_A 4.8.18 4.8.18 E-tender corrigendum  3084_A
PR_3105 24.07.18 07.08.18 Supply of MVW, HVW spray nozzles/sprinklers installed at CTPP, Chhabra, Supply, erection,testing and commissioning of HBL make Ni-cd battery for fire alarm and detection system of Unit#1 &2, Supply of Expansion joint of Ball TubeMills BBD4772 etc..



PR_3078_C     TN-172, Three Year Contract of Hiring of 01 No. 52 Seater Diesel Bus with Driver and Khallasi/Attendant.  PR_3078_C
PR_3078_B 04.06.18 19.07.18 TN-SC-165, Supply, Installation &Commissioning of Diesel Engine for ‘’BEML’’ Make DOZER, BD-155 forCSCTPP, Chhabra  PR_3078_B
PR_3097_A 27.07.18 27.07.18 NIB No.191, Hiring of service for vibration monitoring & analysis of rotating equipments and Corrigendum in 4147 PR_3097_A
PR_3016_B 04.06.18 19.07.18 TN-SC-165/2018-19, Supply, Installation &Commissioning of Diesel Engine for ‘’BEML’’ Make DOZER, BD-155 forCSCTPP, Chhabra PR_3016_B
PR_3078_A 4/7/2018 4/7/2018 Consequent upon approvalfrom CE, CSCTPP the NIT for annual rate contact for maintenance works of 33 kV construction power lineof CSCTPP, Chhabra“against TN-SC-170/2018-19 (Elect.) is extended upto 04.07.2018 3078_A
PR_3097 13.07.18 26.07.18 Supply of ERW MS Fittings for fire fighting system of CTPP, Chhabra PR_3097
PR_3095 2.8.18 2.8.18 TN-SC-182,183,184,181,167,168,169,185 PR_3095
PR_3031_C 26/6/2018 26/6/18 TN-SC-170/2017-18 (Elect.)  3031_C
PR_3061_E 25.06.18 25.06.18 NIB NO. 178, Anuual contract of online safety valve setting & online leak sealing services for unit # | to 4, CTPP, RVUNL, PR_3061_E
PR_3084       PR_3084
PR_3061_D 11/6/18 11/6/18 181 3061_D
PR_3081 14.06.18 04.07.18 NIB NO. 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 3123, 4133, 4137, 07, 183, 184, 185 PR_3081
3078 14/6/18 14/6/18 Consequent upon approvalfrom CE, CSCTPP the NIT for annual rate contact for maintenance works of 33 kV construction power lineof CSCTPP, Chhabra“against TN-SC-170/2018-19 (Elect.) is extended upto 04.07.2018


3078 1

3061_C     181 3061_C
3061_B     182 3061_B
3061_A     178 3061_A
3066 25/5/18 30/5/18 TN-3118,3119,3120,4126



3061 25/5/18 25/5/18 TN-2001,2002,2003,03,04,177,178,179,180,181 3061
3060 25/5/18 25/5/18 TN-166,163 3060
3046_A 10/5/18 10/5/18 Extension in 175 3046_A
3047_A 28/4/18 28/4/18 TN -140 3047_a
3031_A 3/4/18 3/4/18 TN-172 3031_A
3031_B 17/4/18 17/4/18 TN-172 3031_B
3020_C 5/4/18 5/4/18 TN-134 3020_C
3047 17/4/18 17/4/18 TN-141,142,143,144,145,146,147,148,149,150 3047
3046 25/4/18 20/4/18 TN-3114,4107,4121,48,174,175,176 3046
3020_D 5/4/2018 5/4/2018 TN-134 3020_D
3020_C 22/3/2018   TN-134 3020_C
3033_A     TN-14 3033_A
3033_B 20/3/2018   TN-14 3033_B
3031_B 17/4/18 17/4/2018 TN-172 3031_B
3033     TN-14 3033
3016_A 8/3/2018   TN-164 3016_A
3035 9/3/2018 9/3/2018 Notice 3035
3031_A 3/4/18 3/4/18 TN-172 3031_A
3031 21/3/2018 21/3/2018 NIB No./170,NIB No./2121, NIB No./2123, NIB No./3111, NIB No./3112, NIB No./4100, NIB No.2122/2017-18/SE(MM)/CTPP, NIB No.43/2017-18/SE, NIB No.44/2017-18/SE, NIB No.45, NIB No.46, NIB No.47, NIB No.48, NIB No.168, NIB No.169, NIB No.171, NIB No.172, NIB No.173  3031
3027     TN-13 3027
3020_B 8/3/2018 8/3/2018 TN-134 3020_B
3020_A     TN-134 3020_A
3020     TN-133,134 3020
3016_A 8/3/2018 8/3/2018 TN-164 3016_A
3016 15/2/2018 15/2/2018 TN-2120,4093,40,41 3016
3009 16/2/2018 16/2/2018 TN-2115,2116,2117,161,162,163 3009
3001       3001
2997     TN-3104 to 3108 ,TN-4087 to 4089 , TN-160 2997
2996_A 29/12/17 29/12/17 TN-130 2996
2996 29/12/17 29/12/17 TN-128,130  
2993_A 15/12/17   TN-12 2993_A
2993 7/12/17 7/12/17 tn-12 2993