NIT PR 2828

Online tenders are invited against NIB No./66/2016-17/SE(CHP)/CTPP for “Annual contract for providing manpower for execution of the work for unloading coal from railways wagons through wagon tipplers #01 to 04, crushing & feeding of coal to conveyor- 7A/7B (JNT-3) for bunders feeding or to RBFD for stacking of coal at stacker-Reclaimer- 01 in phase-I and feeding of coal to conveyor 4E(2)/4F(2) [JNT-4(2)] for bunkers feeding or to RBFD (Phase-I) & BCN-13(2) for stacking of coal at stacker-reclaimer- 01 & 02 including cleaning work in respective area of phase-I&II and to providing assistance (Point man) for smooth functioning of equipments/Drives at various location in CHP, i.e. Work Execution area: Wagon Tipplers #01 & 02 to JNT-03 and Wagon Tipplers #03 & 04 to JNT-04(2), Phase-I&II (U#01 to 04), Stage-I, CTPP, Chhabra” and NIB No./67/2016-17/SE(CHP)/CTPP

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