Kalisindh Thermal Power Project is located in Jhalawar. The proposed capacity of coal based Thermal Power Project is 1200 MW. The project site is about 12 km from Jhalawar (Distt. Head quarter ) and NH-12. Site is comprising of 5 villages viz. Nimoda, Undal, Motipura, Singharia and Devri. It is 2km from state highway No.19 and 8 km from RamganjMandi - Bhopal broad gauge rail line



The site was found techno-economical feasible for setting up of a Power Project. The Govt. of Raj. included this project in 11th five year plan. The estimated revised cost of the project is Rs.9479.51Crores. M/s. TCE Bangalore was appointed Technical Consultant for the project. The state irrigation department has alloted 1200 mcft water for the project from proposed Kalisindh dam. The origin of the Kalisindh river is from northern slop of Vindhya Mountains. The river enters from MP to Rajasthan near village Binda. After flowing 145 km in Rajasthan, the Kalisindh river merges in Chambal river near Nanera village of Distt.Kota. Its catchment area is about 7944 sq.km in Jhalawar & Kota Distt. The existing Dam is located at Bhawarasa village, primarily for P.H.E.D. purpose is being uplifted for providing a storage of 1200mcft water for this power project.

The GOR has allotted 842 bigha Government land and acquired 1388 bigha private khatedari land for the thermal project .Phase-1 will be constructed on 1400 bigha land only.EPC contract has been awarded to M/s. BGR Energy System, Chennai on dt.09.07.2008. Total project cost is Rs.Rs.9479.51 CroresCrores (Revised).

Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India has allotted ‘Parsa East and Kente Basan’ Coal Blocks to RVUN in Chhatisgarh state. The RVUN has formed a new company under joint venture with M/s. Adani Enterprises for mining of coal blocks and new company started the work. Annual coal requirement for the project is 56 Lacs TPA. Coal supply to Kalisindh Plant has been started from ‘Parsa East and Kente Basan’ Coal Blocks.

Salient Features


Kalisindh Super Thermal Power Project, Jhalawar


1200 MW(2x600 MW)

Project Site

Village-Undel, Motipura, Nimoda, Singharia & Deveri of Tehsil Jhalarapatan, Distt. Jhalawar

Project Location

The project site is about 12 km from NH-12, 2km from state highway and 8 km from RamganjMandi - Bhopal broad gauge rail line.

Land Area

2230 Bigha/564 Hq. (1400 bigha/350 Hq. in I stage)

Water source and quantity

Dam on Kalisindh river. 3400 CuM/ Hrs.

Fuel Source

Main Fuel- Coal from captive coal blocks (Paras east and kanta Basin in Chhatisgarh state)

Secondary Fuel- FO/HSD.

Quantity of Fuel (at 80% PLF)

Coal-56 Lacs TPA

FO/HSD-13000-14000 KL/A

Electro Static Precipitator

99.98 % Capacity

Stack Height

275 Mtr.

Revised Cost

Rs.9479.51 Crores

Date of COD 

Unit-I   07/05/14

Unit-II  25/07/15