Sr.No. Date Order No.
  31.10.2017 F&R 1130 Grant of DA to pensioners
  31.10.2017 F&R 1129 Grant of DA to RVPN Employees
  31.10.2017 F&R 1128  Ammendment in RCS(Medical Attendent) Rules
  31.10.2017 F&R 1127  Ammendment in RCS(Medical Attendent) Rules
  31.10.2017 F&R 1126  Ammendment in RCS(Medical Attendent) Rules
  31.10.2017 F&R 1125 Ammendment in RCS(Medical Attendent) Rules
  25.10.2017 F&R No. 1124 Regarding relaxation in period of experience where prescribed is less than 6 years and 45% or more posts are vacant
  18.10.2017 F&R No. 1123, Order for Bonus
  13.10.2017 F&R No. 1122, Adoptio of GOR's Notification Number F7(1)DOP/A-II/95 Pt-III
  13.10.2017 F&R No. 1121, Grant of DA to pensioners of RVPN
  12.10.2017 F&R No.1120 Grant of DA to RVPN employees
  12.10.2017 F&R No.1119 Appointment of First Appellate Committee/Authority under RTPP Act 2012
  11.10.2017 F&R No.1118 Ratification of F&R No.1102.
  10.10.2017 F&R No. 1117 Inclusion of hospital in list of empanelled hospital
  10.10.2017 F&R NO. 1116 Delisting of hosptials
  26.09.2017 F&R NO. 1115 RVPN TA REGULATIONS 2017
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1114 Applicability of adoption of GOR's Orders
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1113 Enpanelment of Hospitals Under CGHS Scheme
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1112 Ammendment in RVPN TA Rules 1971
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1111 Ammendment in RVPN TA Rules 1971
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1110 Corrigendum
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1109 Ammendment in RSEB Technical Workmen Service Regulations 1975
  14.09.2017 F&R No. 1108 Revision in rates of remuneration to Guest faculties, faculties of Serving officers / officials of power sector companies for delivering Lectures/practical training
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1107 Ratification of order no RVPN /AAO/F&R/64 , Dt 31.07.2017
  20.09.2017 F&R No. 1106, Ammendment in Delegation of Power, RVPN
  08.09.2017 F&R No. 1105 Ammendment in Rajasthan Civil Services (medical Attendance ) Rules 2013
  08.09.2017 F&R No.1104 Amendment in RVPN inspection manual for offices and installations
  24.08.2017 F&R No 1103 Ammendemtnt in Delegation of Power of Nigam
  24.08.2017 F&R No 1102 Ammendemtnt in Delegation of Power of Nigam
  24.08.2017 F&R No 1101 F&R No 1099 Ratification of Order no RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.89/D.55 , 11.07.2017
  24.08.2017 F&R No 1100 Ammendment in RVPN Pension Regulation , 1988 Regarding grant of Ex-Gratia
  24.08.2017 F&R No 1099 Ratification of Order no RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.89/D.39 , 02.06.2017
  24.08.2017 F&R No. 1098 Grant of ACP under RCS (RP) Rules 2008
  22.08.2017 F&R No. 1097 Guidelines for Obtaining services of retired Nigam Officers/employees on contract basis Annexture-1
  22.08.2017 F&R No. 1096 Medical Test Investigation of working non-gazatted employees having age of 50 years or more
  16.08.2017 F&R No. 1095  Guideline for Issue of Tenders
  14.08.2017 F&R No. 1094 Amendment in RVPNL Engineers Service Regulation 2016
  04.08.2017 F&R NO 1093 Amendment in RVPN TA Rules
  31.07.2017 F&R 1092  regarding Postponement of increment of employees appointed through direct recruitment on or after 01.07.2013
  11.07.2017 F&R 1091 Recruitment Policy for Apprentices 2017
  10.07.2017 F&R 1090 Regarding Grant of Dearness relief to Pensioners
  04.07.2017 F&R No 1089 Rajasthan Civil Service  (Revised Pay) 2006 
  29.06.2017 F&R No. 1088 , Regarding HRA Pursuant to decision of High Court
  29.06.2017 F&R No. 1087 Grant of ACP under Rajasthan Civil Services(Revised), Rules 2008
  13.06.2017 F&R No. 1086 Order regarding Preparation of cost estimate, Overhead charges/ supervision charges, settlement of final accounts for deposit works
  02.06.2017 F&R No. 1085 Corrigendum of F&R NO.1072
  02.06.2017 F&R No. 1084 Corrigendum of F&R NO.1073
  02.06.2017 F&R No. 1083 Existing present WTD power delegation
  02.06.2017 F&R No. 1082 Enhancement in Electricity allowance
  01.06.2017 F&R No. 1081 Corrigendum of F&R NO.1078
  29.05.2017 F&R No.1080 Pensioners Medical Concession Fund 2000
  23.05.2017 F&R No.1079 Grant of DA in 5th CPC
  23.05.2017 F&R No.1078 list of empanelled hospitals
  22.05.2017 F&R No.1077 Amendment in limit of accumulation of sick leave
  27.04.2017 F&R No. (Gen)135 Payment of Salary
  24.04.2017 F&R No. 1076 Grant of Dearness allowance to RVPN Employees
  19.04.2017 F&R No. 1075 Grant of Dearness relief to pensioners of RVPN
  19.04.2017 F&R No. 1074 Grant of Dearness Allowance to RVPN employees
  10.04.2017 F&R No. 1073 Amendment in the commitee/nomination
  10.04.2017 F&R No. 1072 Nomination of Member for SE Level Comitee
  31.03.2017 F&R (Gen) No. 134 Grant of convenyance allowance to deaf and dumb Govt. servant
  17.03.2017 F&R No. 1071 Regarding RVPN Engineers Service Rules, 2006
  03.03.2017 F&R No. 1070 Amendment in Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules
  01.03.2017 F&R No. 1069  Amendment in limit of accumulation of Sick leave admissible to the technical employees 
  23.02.2017 F&R No. 1068 Grant of DA to RVPN Employees drawing pay in pre revised scales
  22.02.2017 F&R No. 1067 Grant of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners of RVPN who are in receipt ofprovisional pensionn
  21.02.2017 F&R No. 1066 Procedure for using Nigam's vehicle from residence to office and back.
  20.02.2017 F&R No. 1065 Ratification: of Order No. RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.30 (Pt.II) ID.117 dated 26.10.2016. 
  08.02.2017 F&R No. 1064 for implementation of promotion ratio amongst Degree and Diploma holder JENs
  08.02.2017 F&R No. 1063 Order for entitlement of House Rent Allowance where husband and wife are government servants, posted at same headquarter and are residing in same premises. 
  01.02.2017 F&R No. 1062 Amendment in the RVPN Technical Workmen Service Regulations, 1975
  01.02.2017 F&R No. 1061 Partial modification in order No. RVPN/AAO/F&R/F. 26(Pt.-II)/d. 141 dated 6.3.2013 (F&R No. 833) for implementation of promotion ratio amongst Degree and Diploma holder JENs prospectively instead of retrospectively.
  01.02.2017 F&R No. 1060 Ratification of Order No. RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.56 (Pt.II) / D.84 dated 23.08.2016.
  25.01.2017 F&R No. 1059 Amendment in Delegation of Powers.
  11.01.2017 F&R No. 1058 Rajasthan Clvll. Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013, Appendix- I
  11.01.2017 F&R No. 1057 Rajasthan Clvll. Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013,
  11.01.2017 F&R No. 1056 Amendment in Delegation of Powers
  29.12.2016 F&R No. 1055 Amendment in Schedule of Officers Service (Recruitment, Promotion and Seniority) Regulations, 1974.
  21.12.2016 F&R No. 1054 Subscription to the Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Pensioners Medical Concession Fund, 2000
  19.12.2016 F&R No. 1053 Ratification of Order' No. RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.26 (Pt.II) / D.88 dated 01.09.2016. 
  19.12.2016 F&R No. 1052 Re-imbursement of mediccl claim to the employees who meets with an accident.
  28.11.2016 F&R NO. 1050 Amendment in Rule No. 43 of RTPP Act 2012 and Rules 2013.
  28.11.2016 F&R No. 1049 Grant of DearnessRelief to the Pensionersof RVPN
  24.11.2016 F&R No. 1048 Grant of DearnessRelief to the Employees of RVPN
  09.11.2016 F&R No. 1047 Designation of Second. Appellate Authority under the RajasthanTransparency on Publ.ic Procurement Act 2012 
  03.11.2016 F&R No. 1046 Adoption of GoR's Notification for' amendment in Rajasthan Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1996.
  26.10.2016 F&R No. 1045 Ratification of Order No. RVPN/CAO (P&F-Control)/F&R/F.26 (Pt.II) I D.250 dated 28.03.2016.
  26.10.2016 F&R No. 1044 Payment of Bonus/Ex-gratia to the employees of the Nigam for the financial year 2015-16.
  21.10.2016 F&R NO 1043 Ratification of Order No. RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.3 (Pt.III) ID.79 dated 11.08.2016.
  07.10.2016 F&R NO 1042 Insertion of private empanelled hospitals/institutions 
  28.09.2016 F&R No. 1041 Rajasthan Civil Serv. (Medical Attendent Rules)
  28.09.2016 F&R No. 1040 Ammendment in Rajasthan Civil Serv. (Medical Attendent Rules)
  02.09.2016 F&R No. 1039 The Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited Engineers' Service Regulations, 2016
  02.09.2016 F&R No. 1038 General Guidelines for prescription and ceiling reimbursable rates for artificlal limbs & Callipers under Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013
  23.08.2016 F&R No. 1037 Amendments in Technical Workmen Service Regulations, 1975
  17.08.2016 F&R No. 1036 Applicability of Assured Career Progression under Rajasthan Civil Services (Revised Pay Rules), 2008.
  16.08.2016 F&R No. 1035 Adoption of GOR's clarification No.F.l(7)FD/Rules/200S dated 23.2.2015,regarding fixation of pay on promotion to higher post after selection by DPC.
  11.08.2016 F&R No. 1034 Revision of various Committes constituted for finalization of Purchase/Contract and Settlement cases.
  04.08.2016 F&R NO. 1033 Copy of Karmik (Ka-2) Department, GoR Circular no. F.3(1) Karmik/Ka-2/2013 dated 26.08.2015
  01.08.2016 F&R No. 1032 Re-constitution of First Appeallate Authority under the Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 2012 for procurements made by WTDs of RVPN.
  21.07.2016 F&R No. 1031 Grant of Dearness Allowance to RVPN employees.
  19.07.2016 F&R No. 1030 Grant of Dearness Relief to Pensioners of RVPN.
  15.07.2016 F&R NO 1029 Amendments in the Technical Workmen Service Regulations, 1975.
  12.07.2016 F&R No. 1028 Amendments in the Technical Workmen Service Regulations, 1975.
  01.07.2016 F&R No. 1027 Amendments (Insertions / Substitutions and Deletions) in Schedule-I, Schedule-II & Schedule-III' of the Technical Workmen Service Regulations, 1975
  01.07.2016 F&R No. 1026 Amendment in Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules,2013 in Appendix- I: List of 'Approved Hospitals'
  30.06.2016 F&R No. 1025 Designation of first Appeallate Authority under the Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 2012 for various Purchase Committees Authorities.
  23.06.2016 F&R No. 1024 Amendment in RSEB T.A. Rules, 1971.
  31.05.2016 F&R NO 1023 Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013, Appendix ..I:List of 'Approved Hospitals'

F&R NO 1022 Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013, AppendixIII: List of Referral Hospitals

  25.05.2016 F&R No. 1021 Amendments in RSEBService of Engineers (Recruitment, Promotion &Seniority)Regulations, 1969 as adopted by RVPN. 
  24.05.2016 F&R No. 1020 Amendment in item No. 72 of Delegation of Power (General) of RVPN.
  24.05.2016 F&R No. 1019 Subscription to the Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Pensioners Medical Concession Fund,2000.
  19.05.2016 F&R No. 1018 Ratification of Order No.RVPN/AAO/F&R/F.30(Pt.-II)/D.152 dated 6.11.2015.
  04.05.2016 F&R No. 1014 to 1017 Amendments in the procedure for Direct Recruitment to the post of Junior Engineer-I prescribed vide order No. RVPN/CS/AAO/F&R/ F.S7/D. 109 dated08.07.2011 and its relevant amendments. 
  29.04.2016 F&R No. 1013 Amendment in RVPN Service of Engineers (Recruitment, Promotion & Seniority) Regulations, 1969 - Eligibility criteria for the post of Chief Engineer(E&M). 
  28.04.2016 F&R No. 1012 followingrules regulating the recruitment of the dependents of deceased Nigam servants on compassionate grounds 
  26.04.2016 F&R No. 1011 Guidelines for obtaining services of retired Nigam officers/employees on contract basis.
  21.04.2016 F&R No. 1010 Grant of DA
  21.04.2016 F&R No. 1007 to 1009 RCS Rules 2013 Anex-1
  21.03.2016- 30.03.2016 F&R No. 1006-1000
  18.03.2016 F&R No. 999 Ammendment in RSEB Service Engineers Rules
  10.02.2016 F&R No. 996 Ammendment in RVPN Inspection Manual