Department of Energy

Commercial Circular

Circular No. Description Dated
COMML.JDP/ 853 Regarding providing of single phase connections to NDS and SIP category in scattered area upto 10 KW sanctioned/connected Load. 21.02.2018
COMML.JDP/ 852 "Amnesty Scheme" for Regular/disconnected consumers of Domestic, Agriculture category and Governement Connections for realization of outstanding dues. 09.02.2018
COMML.JDP/ 851 "Amnesty Scheme" for disconnected consumers of all categories 07.02.2018
COMML.JDP/ 850 Extension ot the Period for disposal of pending VCR's. 01.02.2018
COMML.JDP/ 849 Directions regarding Industrial and Commercial(NDS) connections in the colonies developed by Housing Societies. 17.01.2018
COMML.JDP/ 848 Amendments in "Terms and Conditions for Supply of Electricity-2004" 17.01.2018
COMML.JDP/ 847 Electricity connection to consumers through meters 03.01.2018
COMML.JDP/ 846 कृषि कनेक्शन के अनाधिकृत बढे हुए भार की “स्वैच्छिक भार वृद्धि घोषणा योजना” की अवधि बढाने बाबत  | 01.01.2018
COMML.JDP/ 845 Extension of "Amnesty Scheme" for disconnected consumers in domestic/non domestic & agriculture category 01.01.2018
COMML.JDP/ 844 Disposal of pending VCR's upto to 30.06.2016 01.01.2018
COMML.JDP/ 843 Regarding ensuring proper earthing of 33/11 KV S/s and DT(s) along with associated equipments. 29.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 842 Regarding tariff payable to the consumers for excess energy supplied to Discom under NET Metering Regulation, 2015 29.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 841 Recovery of Fuel Surcharge amount for Third Quarter of FY 2017-18 27.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 840 Guidelines for installation of new/repaired Distribution Transformer and welding of M&P box. 13.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 839 Applicabilty of Tariff for Welding sets used for fabrication purposes 13.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 838 ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों में अघरेलू कनेक्शन जारी करने के सम्बन्ध में | 13.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 837 Guidelines for maintaining uninterrupted power supply and taking shut-down of 33KV/ 11KV/ LT lines 13.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 836 Amendments in "Terms & Conditions for supply of Electricity-2004". 12.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 835 Corrigendum of COMML.JDP/834 06.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 834 Tariff for Supply of Electricity 2017 04.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 833 Recovery of Fuel Surcharge Amount for second quarter of FY 2017-18 04.12.2017
COMML.JDP/ 832 Disposal of pending VCR's upto to 30.06.2016 30.11.2017
COMML.JDP/ 831 ग्रामीण क्षेत्र में पेयजल योजनओं के अनाधिकृत विधुत कनेक्शनों को नियमित करने हेतु | 17.11.2017
COMML.JDP/ 830 फीडरवार वरीयता संधारित करने के संबंध में | 17.11.2017
COMML.JDP/ 829 Regarding effective vigilance checking and better revenue collection 14.11.2017
COMML.JDP/ 828 Recovery of Fuel Surcharge Amount of Fourth quarter of FY-2016-17 02.11.2017
COMML.JDP/ 827 Recovery of Fuel Surcharge Amount of Fourth quarter of FY-2016-17 24.10.2017
COMML.JDP/ 826 Extension of "Amnesty Scheme" for disconnected consumers in domestic/non domestic & agriculture category 18.10.2017
COMML.JDP/ 825 Guidelines regarding quarterly information of frequency and total duration of outage in view of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB). 13.10.2017
COMML.JDP/ 824 कृषि मीटर्ड श्रैणी के मीटर बंद /खराब होने की स्थिति में उर्जा खपत के आकलन के सम्बन्ध में | 12.10.2017
COMML.JDP/ 823 Guideline regarding procedure for obtaining New Industrial Electricity Connection in view of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) 06-10-2017
COMML.JDP/ 822 Regarding procedure for Settlement of Solar Energy from Captive Solar Plant in Rajasthan under Open Access. 04.10.2017
COMML.JDP/ 821 वी.सी.आर. प्रकरणों की सुनवाई के सम्बन्ध में | 04.10.2017
COMML.JDP/ 820 Allowing Connections/Load extension for contract recorded demand for more than 50 KVA from Nigam's Transformer
COMML.JDP/ 819 Prompt Replacement of Burnt Energy Meter 27.09.2017
COMML.JDP/ 818 Wide Publicity of various schemes launched by Jodhpur Discom to recover Outsatnding Dues and to provide domestic connection 11.09.2017
COMML.JDP/ 817 Recovery of enhanced securiy in installments 11.09.2017
COMML.JDP/ 816 Applicabilty of Tarrif fro bulk milk Chillers 11.09.2017
COMML.JDP/ 815 कर्षि  मिटर श्रेणी मिटर बांध खराब होने के स्थिति में ऊर्जा खपत  के  अंकलन के संबंध में। 11.09.2017
COMML.JDP/ 814 Extension of"Amnesty Scheme" for disconnected consumers in Domestic and non domestic category 30.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 813 कृषि कनेक्शन के अनाधिकृत बढे हुए भार  की "स्वैच्छिक भार वृद्धि घोषणा" योजना लागू करने के संबंध में 30.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 812 Guidelined regarding metering and routine testing/checking of temporary connection 24.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 811 Electrification of Colonies(Plotted Development) 24.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 810 क्रषी उपभोक्ताओ द्वारा जले हुए  ट्रान्स्फ़ोर्मर बदलने के संबंध में सयोग राशि  बाबत 21.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 809 Disposal of pending VCR's up to 30.6.2017 04.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 808 Disposal of Redundant Lines. 03.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 807 Loss Reduction Programme में किये गए कार्य की समीक्षा उपरांत कार्यवाही के संबंध में. 03.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 806 Replacement of Defective/Stooped Meters. 03.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 805 Correct reading of Auxiliary  Consumption at RRVPN's GSS. 03.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 804 Declaring Distribution Transformer as burnt -Procedure. 03.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 803 Mandatory inspection of one 11 KV feeder by each officer of Discom cross checking of activites assinged by feeder incharge 03.08.2017
COMML.JDP/ 802 Disposal of pending VCR's Upto 30.6.2016 31.07.2017
COMML.JDP/ 801 "Amnesty Scheme" for disconnected consumers in domestic and non domestic category 12.07.2017