Order Reference
The APARs of the Audit and Accounts wing will now be reported / reviewed as the case may by the Chief Accounts Officer (Control), JPD, Jaipur in place of CAO(ATR), JPD, Jaipur order dated 01.04.2015
No PAR shall be drawn up unless the employee reported upon has worked out under a reporting officer a period of atleast three months during the year under report order dated 23.02.2015
Adoption of circular issued by Department of Personnel , Government of Rajasthan regarding intimating gradation and remarks/advices, if any , in Annual Performance Appraisal Reports(APARs) to the concerned employee from the financial year 2013-14 & onwards order dated 29.12.2014
Regarding APARs of Chief Engineers/ Addl. Chief Engineers /Dy. Chief Engineers/ Zonal Chief Engineers order dated 22.04.2014
Guidelines regarding filling of APARs order dated 21.12.2011
Regarding timely submission of APARs forms order dated 16.03.2010
Channel for submission of APARs order dated 04.11.2009
Revision of APARs channel order dated 29.01.2009
Revision of APARs channel for the Officers of Personnel Wing order dated 24.12.2008
Non Submission / initiation of APARs / ACRs in time by the officers/ officials dated 23.04.2008
Instructions to all related officials to ensure filling of APARs forms part first up to 15 April for each financial year order dated 06.11.2007
Partial Modification of APARs channel for the Officers of Vigilance personnel order dated 30.08.2007
Partial modification in the RSEB Employees (CC&A) regulations 1962 in Schedule-II order dated 07.10.2005
Partial Modification of system of performance apprasial and delegation of powers for disciplinary action vouge in three distribution companies order dated 25.07.2005
Addendum in prescribing the cahnnels of ACRs in respect of various officers order dated 18.01.2005
Instruction/guidelines for filling up of ACRs order dated 21.02.2004
Two level system viz. reporting and reviewing of ACRs in case of Ministerial Staff order dated 31.03.2001
Information of Channel of submission of ACRs in respect of HODs and officers of administration / personnel/ accounts / vigilance / commercial order dated 31.03.2001
The time schedule and instructions regarding filling of ACRs of the Offices/ employees order dated 12.03.2001