KTPS ,Kota

Name Start Date End Date Description Files
PR-3220_E -- 24.06.2019 Extension of TN-4660 for Repair and maintenance of roads and road berms at KSTPS, Kota 3220_E(size-394kb)
PR_3220_D -- 24.06.2019 Extension of TN-4650,TN-4655,TN-4664 3220_D(size-427kb)
PR_3220_C -- 21.06.2019 Extension of TN-4651 3220_C(size-404kb)
PR_3220_B --



Extension of TN-4658

Extension of TN-4659

PR_3220_A -- 21.06.2019 Extension of NIB/Bid for Supply & Installation of Orifice Plate with DP Transmitter for Steam Flow Measurement of EXT-7 in Satge-I  at KSTPS, Kota against TN-13115. 3220_A(size-153kb)
PR_3220 14.6.2019 21.6.2019 Find attachment for more detail
3220(size -295 KB)
PR_3213_D -- 31.05.2019 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-11082) 3213_D(size-240kb)
PR_3213_C -- 03.06.2019 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-13117 3213_C(size-240kb)
PR_3162_P -- -- Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4593) 3162_P(SIZE 102 KB)
PR_3213_B -- 23.05.2019 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-11082) 3213_B(size-242kb)
PR_3213_A -- 23.05.2019 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-13117) 3213_A(size-240kb)
PR_3136_L -- -- Cancellation of TN-4562 3136_L(size-316kb)
PR_3194_M -- -- Cancellation of TN-4639 3194_M(size-345kb)
PR_3166_D -- -- Cancellation of TN-4607 3166_D(size-469kb)
PR_3177_D -- -- Cancellation of TN-4615 PR_3177_D(size-477kb)












TN-18102,TN-13117 AND TN-11082



TN-21025(Find attachment for more detail)

3213(size 642kb)
PR_3194_L 22.4.2019 22.4.2019 IInd EXTENSION OF TN-4642 3194_L
PR_3194_K 22.4.2019 22.4.2019 IInd EXTENSION OF TN-4642 3194_K
PR_3194_J 15.4.2019 15.4.2019 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-14050) 3194_J
PR_3100_N -- --- E-Tender for the work of “Epoxy painting of water boxes and support plates of condenser of Unit #1 to 7” against TN-4545, is  cancelled.  PR_3100_N
PR_3194_I --- 9.04.2019 The due date of opening of e-tender (tender id: 2019_RRVUN_144775_1) for “Hiring of 10 Nos. Mahindra Bolero/Jeep along with driver for 24 Hrs. service for control room, security and fuel handling (to be used for coal sampling) for two year contract period” against TN-4642 (UBN:RVU1819SLOB02305) is extended. 3194_I
PR_3194_H 04.04.2019 04.04.2019 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-14050) 3194_H
10.4.2019 10.4.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-12086 3194_G
2.4.2019 2.4.2019 Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-13116  for Supply of Electrical Transducer at KSTPS, Kota. 3194_f
04.04.2019 04.04.2019 Ist EXTENSION OF TN-4641 3194_E
PR_3194_D 5.4.2019 5.4.2019 (Ist EXTENSION OF TN-4640) 3194_D
PR_3194_C 27.3.2019 27.3.2019 Ist EXTENSION OF TN-4644 3194_C
PR_3183_E 1.4.2019 1.4.2019 Extension in TN-25055 and TN-27017 3183_e
PR_3183_D 26.3.2019 26.3.2019 First Extension of TN-4628 3183_d
PR_3183_C 26.3.2019 26.3.2019 First Extension of TN-4629 3183_c
PR_3194_B   23.03.2019 Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-13116  for Supply of Electrical Transducer at KSTPS, Kota. 3194_B
PR_3194_A   23.03.2019 Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-14051  for Supply of Sodium Hexameta Phosphate at KSTPS, Kota. 3194_A

PR_3183_B 16.3.2019 19.3.2019 Extension of TN-4631,4636,4626 3183_B
PR_3194 25.3.2019 29.3.2019 Find attachment for more detail 3194
PR_3177_C     IIND  EXTENSION OF TN-4615 3177_c
PR_3183_A     Corrigendum  3183_A
PR_3177_B 26.2.2019 28.2.2019 Extension of 4621,4622,4623 3177_b
PR_3183 6.3.2019 14.3.2019 Find attachment for more detail 3183
PR_3177_A 23.2.2019 23.2.2019 Ist EXTENSION OF TN-4615 3177_A
PR_3162_O     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4578) 3162_O
PR_3162_N 08.02.2019 18.02.2019 IInd EXTENSION OF TN-4600 AND IIIrd EXTENSION OF TN-4582 PR_3162_N
PR_3177 16.02.2019 27.02.2019 Find attachment for more detail PR_3177
PR_3166_C 08.02.2019 08.02.2019 IInd EXTENSION OF TN-4607 PR_3166_C
PR_3162_M 2.2.2019 5.2.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4595,TN-4578 PR_3162_M
PR_3162_L 01.02.2019 01.02.2019 SECOND EXTENSION OF TN-4586 PR_3162_L
PR_3162_K 31.01.2019 31.01.2019 SECOND EXTENSION OF TN-4582 PR_3162_K
PR_3162_J 31.01.2019 31.01.2019 SECOND EXTENSION OF TN-4568 PR_3162_J
PR_3166_B 29.01.2019 29.01.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4607 PR_3166_B
PR_3166_A 29.01.2019 30.01.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4606,4608,4613 PR_3166_A
PR_3166 16.01.2019 31.01.2019 Find attachment for more detail




PR_3162_I   31.01.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4577 PR_3162_I
PR_3162_H   31.01.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4600 PR_3162_H
PR_3162_G   29.1.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4598 PR_3162_G
PR_3162_F   22.1.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4585,4597,
PR_3162_E   22.1.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4568,4582,4567,4575,4586 PR_3162_E
PR_3162_D   15.01.19 CORRIGENDUM  FOR TN-4566,TN-4569,TN-4590,TN-4592,TN-4596,TN-4598  PR_3162_D
PR_3162_C   19.1.2019 Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-14046 for Supply of Stable Bleaching Powder for the year 2018-19 PR_3162_C
PR_3162_B   16.1.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4583 pr_3162_B
PR_3162_A   17.1.2019 EXTENSION OF TN-4571 PR_3162_A
PR_3136_J     TN-22025 DROPPED  PR_3136_J
PR_3162 29.12.2018 19.1.2019 Find attachment for more description



PR_3149_C 14.12.2018 14.12.18 Corrigendum in TN_13076 about Supply of  Pressure  & Temperature Gauges PR_3149_C
PR_3149_B 14.12.2018 14.12.18 Extension of .TN_13076 about Supply of  Pressure  & Temperature Gauges PR_3149_B
PR_3149_A 4-12-2018 4-12-2018 Extension of TN_4573 about Annual Comprehensive maintenance of HCL make PC, HP Servers & Printers and CISCO network switches and network installed in Integrated Computerized Plant Management System at KSTPS, Ko
Color ta
PR_3149 28.11.18 28.11.18 NIT of TN-13076,26052,4573,4576,4579 3149
PR_3074_M 15.11.18 15.11.18 Extension of date of Supply of Miscellaneous Make Contactors for RPS PS / JSPS Rawatbhata / Jawahar Sagar. 3074_M
PR_3136_K     Cancellation of NIT 3136_k
PR_3136_J     TN-22025 dropped.  3136_J
PR_3136_F 26.10.18 26.10.18 Extension of TN-22023 PR_3136_F
PR_3136_G 26.10.18 26.10.18 Extension of TN-22026 PR_3136_G
PR_3136_H 26.10.18 26.10.18 Extension of TN-22025 PR_3136_H
PR_3136_I 26.10.18 26.10.18 Extension of TN-22024 PR_3136_I
PR_3100_M     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4547) PR_3100_M
16.10.18 26.10.18 TN-26052, 25052, TN-4565, SE(BM)
TN-4568 ETC.. , Supply & Distribution of Superior
quality of Desi Gur, Purchase of Gland Packing (Ring/
Ropes) ETC..
PR_3136_E 04.10.18
15.10.18 TN-22025, Supply of Toner Cartridges for Canon make Printers & Photocopier
04.10.18 15.10.18 TN-22026, Supply of Toner Cartridges for various Printers PR_3136_D
04.10.18 15.10.18 TN-4561, “Routine & Annual Maintenance of Bowl Mills XRP-763/803, Boiler Burner
Panel & CMR
PR_3136_B     TN-22024, supply of Toner Cartridges for RICOH Make Photocopier Machines PR_3136_B
PR_3136_A 15.10.18 15.10.18 TN-22023, Supply of Toner Cartridges for Various HP Make Printers PR_3136_A
22.9.18 22.9.18 TN-13087, Cancellation of tender for Supply, Erection , Testing, Installation,Commissioning & Connectivity of PTZ Camera PR_3116_F
27.09.18 05.10.18 TN-14043, Supply,Commissioning and demonstration of Automatic Digital Karl Fischer Titrator for determination of moisture in Oil ,along with Spares and Accessories PR_3128_C
PR_3136 24.09.18 04.10.18 TN-15086,TN-22023,TN-26047,SE (BM)TN-4561,SE (Civil)TN-4562,TN-12070,TN-22024,TN-22025,TN-22026,Supply of “Acoustic leak detect system (ASLD System) for boiler including design, engineering,erection & commissioning of complete system”, Supply of Toner Cartridges for
Various HP make Printers, Annual Rate Contract for supply of various type of printed proformas & Registers, Routine & Annual Maintenance of Bowl Mills XRP-763/803, Boiler Burner Panel & CMR, ETC..
PR_3077_F     TN- 14038 Dropped,procurement of SAND Filter Media for Stage-I & II KSTPS, PR_3077_F
PR_3128_B 28.09.18 28.09.18 I ST EXTENSION OF TN-4558, “Routine and breakdown maintenance of Cooling Tower and Circulating water
PR_3128_A 07.09.18
27.09.18 TN-14043, Supply,Commissioning and demonstration of Automatic Digital
Karl Fischer Titrator for determination of moisture in Oil ,
along with Spares and Accessories
PR_3116_E 22.9.18 22.9.18 Routine Break down maintance work of 110/195/210 MW generator and its Auxillary ,250/500/1010 kva DG sets and 11/15.75 bus ducts at KSTPS 3116_e
PR_3128 07.09.18 27.09.18 TN-15085,16027, 20054, 20055, 20057, 4539,4555,4556,4557, 4558, 4559,4560



PR_3116_D 10.09.18 10.09.18 TN-4553,“Routine & Breakdown Maintenance Work of 110/195/210 MW Generator and its
Auxiliaries, 250/500/1010 KVA DG Sets and 11/15.75 KV Bus Ducts
PR_3116_C 10.09.18 10.09.18 TN-4549, “Annual Repair & Maintenance including white washing & Painting of
Residential and Non Residential Buildings
PR_3116_B 5.9.18 5.9.18 Extension in NIB/Bid against TN-13082 pr_3116_b
PR_3116_A     Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-13087, Supply, Erection ,Testing, Installation, Commissioning & Connectivity of PTZ Camera PR_3116_A
PR_3100_L 16.8.18

27.08.18 (II nd EXTENSION OF TN-4541), TN-4545, “Cleaning of Condenser tubes of Unit #1 to 7 by Bullet Shot Method



PR_3100_K 21.08.18 21.08.18 TN-14039, Annual Rate Contract for refillingof CO2 cylinders and cartridges for Fire Fighting wing PR_3100_K
PR_3116 09.08.18 24.08.18 TN-11066,TN-13082,SE(Civil)TN-4548,SE(Civil)TN-4549,SE(Trg.)TN-4550,SE(CAM)TN-4551,SE(CAM)TN-4552,SE(EM)TN-4553



PR_3100_J 16.08.18 16.8.18 IInd Extension of TN-4545 for "Epoxy painting of water boxes and support plates of condenser of Unit#1 to 7" PR_3100_J
PR_3100_I 10.08.18 10.08.18 Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-14039 for Annual Rate Contract for refilling of CO2 cylinders and cartridges for Fire Fighting wing PR_3100_I
PR_3100_H 14.08.18 14.08.18 1st EXTENSION OF TN-4547,“Appointment of consultant for Engineering, Surveying and further preparation of DPR PR_3100_H
PR_3100_G 09.08.18 09.08.18 I st EXTENSION OF TN-4544,“ARC for 6.6 KV HT Motor rewinding PR_3100_G
PR_3100_F 07.08.18 07.08.18 I st EXTENSION OF TN-4542,“Hiring of 10 Nos. Mahindra Bolero/Jeep (Diesel with taxi permit) along-with driver PR_3100_F
PR_3100_E 14.08.18 14.08.18 I st EXTENSION OF TN-4541, “Cleaning of Condenser tubes PR_3100_E
PR_3100_D 14.08.18 14.08.18 TN-13075, Supply of RTDs PR_3100_D
PR_3100_C 08.08.18 08.08.18 EXTENSION OF TN-13075, Supply of RTDs PR_3100_C
PR_3100_B 01.08.18 03.08.18 TN-4545, Epoxy painting of water boxes and support plates of condenser PR_3100_B
PR_3011_C     Cancellation of TN-4488 3011_C
PR_3100_A 1-8-18 1-8-18 Extension in TN-14039 3100_a
PR_3048_F 31-07-18 31-07-2018 Appointment of consultant for Detailed Design, Engineering, Surveying and further preparation of DPR for Supply, Erection, Testing,  and Commissioning of  Cooling Tower (capacity 34,000 M3/Hr each) for unit 3 &4 at KSTPS, Kota”  PR_3048_F
PR_3100 07.07.18 06.08.18 Design, Manufacturing, assembly, shop testing, Shop painting andsupply of removable course screen, Requirement of Steel items (SS /MS etc.), Supply of soft touch radial seals soft touch axial seals and by pass sealsof different sized air pre heaters etc..



PR_3077_E 16.07.18 16.07.18 II nd EXTENSION OF TN-4534, Supply and Application of Insulation in Boiler and Turbine Area Stage I to V at KSTPS, Kota PR_3077_E
PR_3048_E 13/7/18 13/7/18 Extension in TN-4519 PR_3048_E
PR_3057_F     Cancellation of tender TN-4525, “Epoxy painting of water boxes and support plates of condenser   PR_3057_F
PR_3077_D 5/7/18 5/7/18 Extension in 4531 PR_3077_D
PR_3042_B     Cancellation of tender TN-4507, “Appointment of consultant for Engineering, Surveying and further preparation of DPR for supply, Erection, testing andcommissioning of well designed ETP  PR_3042_B
PR_3048_D 30/6/18 30/6/18 Extension in TN-4519 3048_C
PR_3077_C 26/6/18 26/6/18 Extension in TN-14038 3077_C
PR_3077_B 26/6/18 26/6/18 Extension in TN-4529 3077_B
PR_3077_A 26.06.18 26.06.18 Extension of NIB/Bid against TN-14038 for Supply of Sand Filter Media for stage I & II at KSTPS, Kota 3077_A
PR_3057_E     Dropping case 2018_RRVUN_103098_1 3057_E



PR_3048_C     Extension in 4519 3048_c
PR_3042_A     Cancellation of TN-4513 PR_3042_a
PR_3048_B 19.05.18 19.05.18 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (II nd EXTENSION OF TN-4519) PR_3048_B
PR_2999_H     Cancellation of tender as per previous PR-2999 PR_2999_H
PR_3057_D 15.05.2018 15.05.2018 EXTENSION OF TN-26036 PR_3057_D
PR_3057_C 16.05.2018 16.05.2018 EXTENSION OF TN-25048  PR_3057_C
PR_3057_B 15.05.2018  15.05.2018  NOTICE INVITING TENDER (Ist EXTENSION OF TN-4526)  PR_3057_B
PR_3026_J     OFFICE ORDER TN-4499  PR_3026_J
PR_3057_A 14.05.2018 15.05.2018  EXTENSION OF TN-26036 PR_3057_A
PR_2999_G      NIT no. D-651 dtd. 05.12.17 PR_2999_G
PR_2981_D     Cancellation of TN-4458 as per previous PR 2981 PR_2981_D
PR_3026_I     Cancellation of TN-4491 as per previous PR 3026 PR_3026_I
PR_3026_H     Cancellation of TN-4499 as per previous PR No. 3026 PR_3026_H
PR_3057 14.04.18 30.04.18 TN-26037, TN-14037, TN-20049, TN-4520, TN-4521, TN-4522, TN-4523, TN-4524, TN-4525, TN-4526, TN- 26036, TN-26039, TN-18061, TN-25048 PR_3057
PR_3048_A 04.05.18 04.05.18 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (I st EXTENSION OF TN-4519) PR_3048_A
PR_3026_G 06.04.18 17.04.18 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (III rd EXTENSION OF TN-4493) PR_3026_G
PR_3026_F 19.04.2018  19.04.2018  NOTICE INVITING TENDER (IInd EXTENSION OF TN-4501) PR_3026_F
PR_3026_E 21.03.18 06.04.18 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-4493) PR_3026_E
PR_3048 21.03.18  05.04.18 TN-12057 , TN- 20047 ,TN- 20048 ,TN- 13070,TN- 11058 ,TN- 4519 SE (CAM)  PR_3048
PR_3026_C 23.03.2018  23.03.2018  NOTICE INVITING TENDER (I st EXTENSION OF TN-4505) PR_3026_C
PR_3026_B 22.03.18 22.03.18 Extension of NIT (1st extension of TN-4491) PR_3026_B
PR_3042 10.03.18 26.03.18 NIT PR 3042 PR_3042-2-32.pdf
PR_3026_A 27.02.18 21.03.18 SE (TM) TN-4493, SE (TM) TN-4495



PR_2999_F     The Tender enquiry No. 14030 which was floated vide NIT no. D-651 dtd. 05.12.17 2999_F.pdf
PR_2999_E     RVUN NIT PR 2999 - Cancellation of Tender TN4465 PR_2999_E.pdf
PR_2958_F     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4426) 2958_F.pdf
PR_3026 14.02.2018  03.03.2018  TN- 11055,TN- 12050,SE(CAM) TN-4491  ,SE(CAM) TN-4492 ,SE(Trg.) TN-4494 ,Dy. CE (MM) TN-4496 ,Dy. CE (MM) TN-4497 ,SE(BM) TN-4498 ,Dy. CE (MM) TN-4499 ,SE(EM) TN-4500 ,SE(TM) TN-4501 ,SE(EM) TN-4502 ,SE(BM) TN-4503,SE(CHPOpr.) TN-4504 ,SE(CHPMtc/Rly.) TN-4505  3026.pdf
PR_2840_B     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4351) page1.pdf
PR_2958_E     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4427)  2958_E.pdf
PR_2981_C     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4462) 2981_C.pdf
PR_3011_B 22.01.18 07.02.18 TN-49,TN-50 3013_B.pdf
PR_3011_A 05.02.2018 05.02.2018 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-13063) 3011_A.pdf
PR_2840_A     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4351)  PR_2840_A.pdf
PR_2958_D     Cancellation of Tender TN 4429 as per previous PR 2958 PR_2958_D.pdf
PR_2999_D 05.02.2018 05.02.2018 Extension of NIB against TN-14030 for Supply of Sand at stage I & II for clarifier Plant at KSTPS, Kota 2999_e.pdf
PR_2999_C       2999_c.pdf
PR_3011 03.01.18 18.01.18 TN-18016, 19014, 25033, 25031, 20040, 20045, 13063, 4480, 4481, 4482, 4483, 4485, 4486, 4487, 4488, 4489, 4490 PR_3011-2-23.pdf
PR_2999_B 17.01.2018 17.01.2018 Corrigendum of dates TN 4474 as per previous PR-2999 PR_2999_B.pdf
PR_2999_A 05.01.2018 05.01.2018 Extension of NIB against TN-14030 for Supply of Sand at stage I & II for clarifier Plant at KSTPS, Kota PR_2999_A.pdf
PR_2969_C     Dropping of tender for supply of Industrial Gases  against TN-14027 PR_2969_C.pdf
PR_2981_B     Dropping NIT as per previous PR 2981 PR_2981_B.pdf
PR_2958_C     Cancellation of E-Tender (TN-4432) PR_2958_C.pdf
PR_2981_A 06.12.2017 06.12.2017 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (EXTENSION OF TN-13060)  PR_2981_A.pdf
PR_2972_A 27.11.17 27.11.17 NOTICE INVITING TENDER (I st EXTENSION OF TN-4447) PR_2972_A.pdf
PR_2981 08/11/17 06/12/17 Online Tender
PR_2969_A 10/11/17 10/11/17 Extension of NIT 25026 PR_2969_A
PR_2972 27/10/17 7/11/17 Tenders invited from O/o KTPS PR_2972
PR_2904_F     CANCELLATION OF TN4380 PR_2904_F
PR_2958_B 31/10/17 31/10/17 Extension in TN-4424 2958_b
PR_2936 08/08/17 08/08/17 Sealed tenders are invited by Executive Engineer (Civil), Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam, Room No. 410, RERC Building, Sahakar Marg, Jaipur-302005  Download
PR_2926_B 04/08/17 04/08/17 Notice Inviting Tender Download
PR_2926_A 29/07/17 29/07/17 NIB Extension Notice Download
PR_2904_ 15/07/17 15/07/17 Extension Notice of TN-4380 Download
PR_2926 17/07/17 22/07/17 Tender Notice  Download 
PR_2904 31/05/17 31/05/17 Notice Inviting Tender Download
PR_2879_A 12/05/17 12/05/17 Tender Extension Notice of TN4374 Download
PR_2879 25/04/17 04/05/17 Online Tender Download
PR_2850_A 10/03/17 10/03/17 Extension Notice of TN-12020 Download
PR_2850 22/02/17 04/03/17 E-Tender Notice Download
PR_2812_E 13/01/17 13/01/17 Extension of 4324
PR_2840 21/01/17 06/02/17 E Tender Invitation
PR_2824_B 04/01/17 04/01/17 Extension of TN-13022 Download
04/01/17 04/01/17 Extension of TN-25015 Download
PR_2837 20/12/17 20/12/17 E tender   Download
PR_2824_A 16/12/16 16/12/16 Extension of TN-14020 Download
PR_2812_C     Cancellation 27005
PR_2812_B 16/12/16 16/12/16 Extension of TN-25015 Download
PR_2812_A 20/12/16 20/12/16 Extension of TN 4324 Download
01/12/16 19/12/16 E tender
PR_2812 26/11/16 05/12/16
E Tender Download
PR_2735 28/06/16 29/06/16 E Tender Download
PR_2786 25/08/16 23/09/16 E tender Download
PR_2764_A 24/08/16 31/08/16 E Tender Download