Mics. Orders

S No Dispatch No ORDER NO      
  D 1407 D 1407 RCS (Medical attendance Rules),2013 16.11.2018 Download 
  D.338 P&A 308 Amendments in RVUN Payment of Gratuity Rules, 1972 16.11.2018 Download
  D.1254 No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO(Control)/F.5/D.1254 Insertion of new hospitals in the list of private empanelled hospital of the Nigam 23.10.2018 download
D.1128 Renewal of Group Insurance Scheme : Payment of Premium for the year 2018-19 26.09.18 Download
  531 531 Holiday on account of Viswakerma Jayanti 12/9/18 Download
  RVUN/P&A/F.4(30)/D 302 Dated 12/09/2018   Transfer Order 12/09/2018 Download
  RVUN/P&A/F.4(30)/D 299 Dated 8/9/2018   Transfer Order 8.09.2018 Download
  No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO(Control)/lF./D.440 No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO(Control)/lF./D.440

Insertion of 3 hospitals in the list of private empanelled Hospital flnstitutions of the Nigam 04.06.18 Download
         No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.5(18)/D.297       No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.5(18)/D.297 Revision in Minimum Wages w.e.f. 1.1.2018 11.06.18 Download
  215   Prefential Appointment  21/5/2018 Download
  222   ACP Orders 23/5/2018 Download
  71   Corrigendum Posting Order 23/5/2018 Download
  218 303 One time special Transfer Scheme for Technical workman 22/5/2018 Download
  64   Corrigendum Posting order 18/5/2018 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F. 7th PC/D.59 NO.RVUN/P&A/F. 7th PC/D.59 permission for exercise of option/re-option under the rajasthan civil services rules, 2017 04.05.18 Download
  57 300 Amendment in RVUN Services (Absorption of Ex-Servicemen) Regulations, 2017 4/5/2018 Download
  58 301 Amendment in  various RVUN Services, 2017 4/5/2018 Download
  59 302 Permission for option re-option under the RCS(RP) Rules, 2017 4/5/2018 Download
  1022 F&R 2017/11 Amendment in TA Rules 29/9/17 Download
  No.RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.905 F&R-2016/09  Order of Dearness relief to pensioners 17.08.16  Download
  No.RVUN/P&A/AS(Pension)/F.Circular/D.359 No.RVUN/P&A/AS(Pension)/F.Circular/D.359 order related to retirement benefits 26.08.2016 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/CAO(CONTROL)/F&R/D.916 F&R-2016/10 Amendment in RVUN Travelling Allowance Rules,1971 19.08.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/D 1131 F&R-2016/11 GROUP INSUREANCE 22.09.16 Download
  No.RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(CONTROL)/F./D.1198 F&R No.-2016/12 Designation of First Appellate Authority under Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act and Rules 03.10.16 Download
  No.RVUN/P&A(Estt.)/SENIORITY/F.23(43)/D.693 No.RVUN/P&A(Estt.)/SENIORITY/F.23(43)/D.693 Order related to seniority of IV grade employee 06.10.2016 Download
  No./RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/F./D 1996 No./RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/F./D 1996 Order for revision in incentive scheme 27.10.16 Download
  No./RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.1601 F&R-2016/16 Order for Grant of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners of RVUN 30.11.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/DY.CE(Montg)/F./D.3207 NO.RVUN/ACE(PPMC&IT)/DY.CE(Montg)/F./D.3207 Order for Incentive 08.12.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.07 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.07 Order for RVUN's Compassionate Appointment of Dependents of Deceased Nigam's Servants Regulations, 2016 01.04.16 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.1026 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F./D.1026 RVUN's Compassionate Appointment of Dependents of Deceased Nigam's Servants Regulations,2016 03.01.17



  D.1645 D.1645 Press Notes regarding Promotions in RVUN and JE online exam 30.12.16



  NO.RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/CAO/CONTROL/F.Prob./D.2174 NO.RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/CAO/CONTROL/F.Prob./D.2174 AAO-II Probation clearance order 16.02.17 Download
  NO.RRVK/DY.COA(P&F)/Secry(CPF)/F.D.4392 NO.RRVK/DY.COA(P&F)/Secry(CPF)/F.D.4392 employees enrollment campaign-2017 06.03.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./P.2(3)/F.1520 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./P.2(3)/F.1520   22.03.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.Property/D.15 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.Property/D.15 Order Regarding annual grade Increment 07.04.17 Download
  NO.F.2(2)acc./ASPAFC/2017 NO.01/2017 Order regarding UBN 31.03.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:65 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:65 PT period clearance order of JEN (Elect. & Mech.) 20.04.17 Download
  No./RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.1601 No./RVUN/CCOA/Control/F&R/D.1601 DA order for pensioners 27.04.17  Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:152 NO.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D:152 PT period clearance order of JEN (Elect.) 10.05.2017 Download
  No./RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/Control/F./D.639 No./RVUN/CCOA(HQ)/Control/F./D.639 Order regarding HRA 18.07.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:145  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:145  Recruitment Policy for Apprentices, 2017 13.06.17 Download




No.RVUN/P&A/Estt./F2(5)/D 469 PT period clearance order  20.07.17 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2(5)/D 468


No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F2(5)/D 468


PT period clearance order 20.07.17 Download
  No. RVUN/Dy.COA/W&M/Digital Pay./D.748 No. RVUN/Dy.COA/W&M/Digital Pay./D.748 Promotion of payment through Digital means 09.08.17 Download
  No. RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO/Control/F. TA-Rules/D.791 F&R NO. 2017/09 Amendment in RVUN T.A. Rules 18.08.17 Download
  D.1010 F&R No. 2017/10 order regarding group insurance 27.09.17 Download
  No.RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO/Control/F. TA-Rules/D.1022 F&R No. 2017/11 Amendment in RVUNL T.A. Rules 29.09.17 Download
  No RVUN/CCOA (HQ)/CAO/Control/F. TA-Rules/D.1127 Dated 16/10/17 F&R No. 2017/12 Grant of DA allowance to the Employees 16/10/17 Download
  No.RVUNL/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(Control)/F.5/D.1176 F&R No. 2017/14 List of Private empanelled hospital of nigam for CGHS Rates 30/10/17 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/CONTROL/F&R/D.1331 F&R No. 2017/18

Grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioners of RVUN 29.11.17 Download
  NO.RVUN/CCOA/CONTROL/F&R/D.1328 F&R No. 2017/17
Grant of Dearness Retief to the pensioners of RVUN 29.11.17 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1441 No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1441

ACP OF Sh. Sunil Madan 11.01.2018 Download
  No RVPN/Secy(JMC)/F.Cricket/OQ/134 dated 31/01/2017 No RVPN/Secy(JMC)/F.Cricket/OQ/134 dated 31/01/2017 Newly selected Vidyut Bhawan Cricket Team 31/01/2018 Download
  RVUNL/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(Control)/F Prob/D 608 Dated 14/07/17 RVUNL/CCOA(HQ)/CAO(Control)/F Prob/D 608 Dated 14/07/17 Probation Clerarance Order   14/07/17 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1507

No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1507
Regarding ACP of AEn 31.01.18 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/F.7th PC/D.378 No RVUN/P&A/F.7th PC/D.378

Admissibility of various allowances 21.02.18 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1647


No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.3/D.1647


Regarding ACP of AEn 26.02.18 Download
  No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2/D.1676 No RVUN/P&A/Estt./F.2/D.1676

regarding probation period 05.03.18 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:57  NO.RVUN/P&A/F.BoD/D:57  amendment in RVUN services regulations 2017 04.05.18 Download
  NO.RVUN/P&A/F. service reguls./D.58 NO.RVUN/P&A/F. service reguls./D.58 amendment in services regulations 04.05.18 Download
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