Energy Saved is Energy Produced

Energy Efficiency


Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award (RECA) Scheme 2017 

(Last date of submission of application extended up to 30th Nov, 2017) 

Formats for different Categories

Industries (Annx A) Industries (Word)

Cement & Textile Sectors

Cement & Textile Sectors (word)

Govt Deptt (Annx A) Govt Deptt (word) Building (Annex A)

Municipality (Annx A) Municipality (Word)

Special Recognition (Annx A) Supplemental Details (Annex B For All categories) Supplemental Details (word)

Annex C (Common for all categories)

Annex C (Common for all categories- Word)

Evaluation Criteria (Annx D)

Energy Conservation Building Directives dated 28.03.2011                                         

Rajasthan State Energy Conservation Fund Rules dated 27.01.2010                                                        
Notification dated 01.07.2010 for Public Street Lighting Systems Energy Conservation Act 2001
Notification dated 14.07.2010 for Energy Conservation & its efficient use Electricity Act 2003
Amendment in notification dated 14.07.2010 Star Rating Guide
Amendment in RSECF Fund Rules dated 27.01.2010 CFL Calculator                                                                             
Domestic Calculator                    Energy Basics 
Energy Saving Tips for Domestic Sector Energy Saving Tips for Vehicles
Notification for Commercial Malls, Plazas, Cine Plexes, High Rise buildings List of EMEA in Rajasthan