Sr. No  AVVNL Order  Dispetch Subject Date  Download
67 AVVNL Order-977 अविविनिलि/ सचिव (प्रशा.)/ कार्मिक/ प. / प्रे- 9263  राजस्थान नगर पालिका (नगरीय विकास अधिनियम-2007 ) 15-03-2017 Download
66 AVVNL Order -969 AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/Estt./F./OO/D-9195 In partial modification to this officer order NoAVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/F/OO-229/D-2954 dt- 29, June-2016 vide which the approval of the Landline Phone with the Broad Band connection under 599 plan unlimited 10-03-2017 Download
65 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/EO/F/D-8943 Regarding the amended list of Empanelled Preivate Hospital under Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Pensioners Medical Concession Fund Scheme-2000  06-03-2017 Download
64 AVVNL Order -890 AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/D-8409 In order to increase revenue realization in the remaining part of the financial year i.e. upto 31.03.2017 the following officer will visit and monitor the revenue activities i.e. debiting of vigilance and audit amount, physical disconnection of defaulters consumers, recovery of outstading, lifiting of distribution transformers of PDC consumers in the subdivision  13-02-2017 Download
63 AVVNL Order AVVNL/SE(MM)/E2A3/TN-138/D-9511 For Cancellation of Purchase Order for unsupplied 50,532 Nos. 11 kV 45 KN T&C TYPE Disc Insulator under TN-138 16-02-2017 Download
62 AVVNL Order AVVNL/Addl.CE(T&S-CSS)/Ajm/Estt/F./D-641 Charge Assumption Report 13-02-2017 Download
61 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/Karmik/F/D-8497 In the matterof grant of AGI to Techical worker to participated in strike 2015 15-02-2017 Download
60 AVVNL Order  AVVNL/ZCE/JJC/JJN/Estt./F.D-2362 Charge Assumption Report 28.01.2017 Download
59 AVVNL Order-821 AVVNL/Secy.(Admn.)/Karmik/F.ACP/D-8033 In pursuance to order No. AVVNL/CAO(REV.)/Sr. AO(Rules)/F.68/OO/D-1070 /1071 dt31.05.10 and on recommendation of the Nigam level committee, the approval of Managing Director, AVVNL Ajmer is here by conveyed for sanction of ACP benefit in the relevant pay band & grad pay 25-01-2017 Download
58 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/ सचिव(प्रशा.)/कार्मिक /प/ प्रे-8176  समस्त राजपत्रित अधिकारियों द्वारा प्रतिवर्ष 01 जनवरी की मे 2016 (01.01.2017) की अचल सम्पति विवरण प्रस्तुत करन बाबत  01-02-2017 Download
57 AVVNL Order-839  AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/Rectt./D-8182 Posting Order newly Appointed Assistant Engineer (E&M) as two year probation trainee Exam held on dt-22-11-2016 01-02-2017 Download
56 AVVNL Order AVVNL/SE(O&M)/BSW/Work/d-366 Consequent upon wreckage office Building of Assistant Engineer (City-I) AVVNL, Banswara on dated-11-01-2017 12/1/2017 Download
55 AVVNL Order-787  AVVNL /Secy (Admn)/ Estt. /F/OO/D- 7753 In continuation to this office order No-7606 dt 29-12-2016 the following wing / Office(s) shall remain unde administrative control of the suprintending Engineer (I&S) AVVNL, Ajmer  9/1/2017 Download
54 AVVNL Order  AVVNL/MD/CS/Sect./D-596 Code of Conduct for Board Members and Senior Management Personnel 2/1/2017 Download
53 AVVNL Order AVVNL/Secy.(Admn)/Estt. OO/D-7649 As per the approval the Managing Director, AVVNL, Ajmer , the Suprintending Engineer (O&M), Udaipur is hereby authorised to organise Nigam level sports tournament at Udiamer in the month of January-2017 preferably nearby on the auspicious occassion of Republic Day-2017 2/1/2017 Download
52 AVVNL Order-773 AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/Rectt./D-7636 Appointment order on the post of Assistant Engineer(Civil) as Probationer Trainee (Online Competitive Examination held on 22-11-2016) 30-Dec-16 Download
51 AVVNL Order RRVKT/Secy/CPF/EPF/D-2110 Ensuring compliance of Gazette Notification GSR 440(E) dated 25 Aprail , 2016 on benefit of 4% increase in pension for each year on deferring dreawl of pension after 58 year but not later than 60 year of age regarding 25-Oct-16 Download
50 AVVNL Order RRVKT/Secy/CPF/EPF/D-2572 Purduant to the Govt. of India Gazette notification dated 24th May , 2016 the Chairman , Board of Trustees, RRVK CPF Trust has been pleased to insert/amend Regulation 12 of RSEB Employees (CPF Deposit Linked insurance scheme) Regulation-1976  7-Dec-16 Download
49 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/DPC/D-7031 Class -IV  employee having 10th qualification and above 1-Dec-16 Download
48 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/Rectt./D-6451 "Nigams Representative" at te city indicated against each for the online written competitive Exam being conducted for appointment to the posts of Assistant Engineer on the 22 nd November 2016 exams will be conducted in two sessions 4-Nov-16 Download
47 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/ अधि. अभि.(योजना)/एम आई एस/अजमेर /2016-17/प्रे-6431 मुख्यमंत्री विधुत सुधार अभियान के सम्बन्ध मे दिशा निर्देश  8/11/2016 Download
46  AVVNL Order- 650 AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/D-6530 N L Salvi SE (Plan), AVVNL Ajmer is hereby assigned the additional charge of the Post add. CE (HQ) AVVNL, Ajmer 15-11-2016 Download
45 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/DPC/F/D-6381 Order for deleting the condition of probation in case of promotions w.e.f. 01.04.2015 7-Nov-16 Download
44 AVVNL Order-623  AVVNL/Secy.(Admn)/Estt./F./OO/D-6329 The Additional Chief Engineer (HQ) , AVVNL Ajmer is here by appointed as Nodal Officer to moniter the progress at Discom level  3-Nov-16 Download
43 Circular अ.वि.वि.नि.लि/सचिव(प्रशा.)/कार्मिक/प/प्रे-6361 कर्मचारी परिवेदना निराकरण आवेदन पत्र 4-Nov-16 Download
42 AVVNL Order अ.विवि.नि.लि/सचिव/प्रशा./संस्था/प./प्रे-6327 Regarding Consumer Awareness Week w.e.f. 31.10.16 to 05.11.16 3-Nov-16 Download
41 AVVNL Order-569 AVVNL/Secy(Admn)/Karmik/F./OO/D-5840 In continuation to this office order no. 465 D-4955 dt-07-09-2016 the liaison Officer for matters relating to the representation of the persons belongs to Scheduled castes Tribes other backward classes and persons with Disabilities in AVVNL Ajmer 14-Oct-16 Download
40 AVVNL Order-572 AVVNL/Secy.(Admn)/Estt./OO/D-5864 In pursuance to the order No. JPD/CPO/PO(ME)/F./D-1755 14-Oct-16 Download
39 AVVNL Order AVVNL/Secy.(Admn)/DDP/Estt/F../D-4276 Field Inspection Squad for Rural Area 10/8/2016  Download
38 AVVNL Order-406 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn)/Estt./D-4095 Constitution of Anti Theft Vigilance Squad 4/8/2016  Download
37 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn)/D-22 Working Arrangement Order No-AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn.)/D-418 Dt-20-04-2016 (Order-20) 22-Apr-16 Download
36 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Ajmer Discom/ M&P /D-3786 रात्रि व दिन लोड को लगभग एक समान करने के उद्देश्य से कृषि हेतु विधुत आपूर्ति चार ब्लाक्स ए. बी. सी एव डी मे दिये जाने व प्रति सप्ताह दिन व रात्रि के क्रम मे बदलने के निर्देश 21-Jul-15 Download
35 AVVNL Order-181 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1624 Appointment Order-181 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (DCOS, AVVNL, Ajmer) 2-Jun-15 Download
34 AVVNL Order-182 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1625 Appointment Order-182 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), Dungarpur) 2-Jun-15 Download
33 AVVNL Order-183 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1626 Appointment Order-183 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (ACC), AVVNL, Ajmer) 2-Jun-15 Download
32 AVVNL Order-184 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1627 Appointment Order-184 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (ADC), AVVNL, Ajmer) 2-Jun-15 Download
31 AVVNL Order-185 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1628 Appointment Order-185 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), AVVNL, Ajmer) 2-Jun-15 Download
30 AVVNL Order-186 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1629 Appointment Order-186 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M),Jhunjhunu) 2-Jun-15 Download
29 AVVNL Order-187 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1630 Appointment Order-187 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), AVVNL, Banswara) 2-Jun-15 Download
28 AVVNL Order-188 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1631 Appointment Order-188 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M) AVVNL, Bhilwara) 2-Jun-15 Download
27 AVVNL Order-189 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1632 Appointment Order-189 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M) AVVNL, Chittorgarh) 2-Jun-15 Download
26 AVVNL Order-190 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1633 Appointment Order-190 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), AVVNL,Pratapgarh) 2-Jun-15 Download
25 AVVNL Order-191 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1634 Appointment Order-191 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), AVVNL, Rajsamand) 2-Jun-15 Download
24 AVVNL Order-192 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1635 Appointment Order-192 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), AVVNL, Udaipur) 2-Jun-15 Download
23 AVVNL Order-193 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-1636 Appointment Order-193 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (SE (O&M), AVVNL, Sikar) 2-Jun-15 Download
22 AVVNL Order-194 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Rectt./D-16237 Appointment Order-194 of Technical Helper as Probationer Trainee (CE (IT/ M&P), AVVNL, Ajmer) 2-Jun-15 Download
21 AVVNL Order-490 AVVNL/MD/Secy(Admn)/RTI/F/D.6597 Nodal officers for online RTI Portal which includes online RTI Applications and first Appeal submission 23-Dec-14 Download
20 Order-0132 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/E-2024/OO/D-0132 श्री ए.के. जगेटिया, अधीक्षण अभियंता (एम.टी) अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. भीलवाडा 16-Jan-14 Download
19 Order-018 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/E-2017/OO/D-0127 श्री एम.के. सिंघल, अधिशाषी अभियंता (पवस ) अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. खेतडी 13-Jan-14 Download
18 Order-020 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/E-2020/OO/D-0130 श्री रामप्रताप सिंह ढाका, सहायक अभियंता (पवस ) अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. चिडावा 13-Jan-14 Download
17 Order-012 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/E-2016/OO/D-0113 श्री एच.एल. बघेल, अधिशाषी अभियंता (डी.डी.-II) अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. भीलवाडा 13-Jan-14 Download
16 Order-007 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/E-2022/OO/D-0096 श्री सुभाष शर्मा , सहायक लेखाधिकारी (पवस) अ.वि.वि.नि.लि. भीलवाडा 10-Jan-14 Download
15 AVVNL Order-554 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ ENQ/e-1982/OO/D-3052 Sh. Babu Lal Baswal , XEN is here by "Warned to remain more careful in future towards his duties" 9-Jan-14 Download
14 AVVNL Order-0264 AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/F/OO/D.1769 Suspension Order of Sh. Bhinva Ram S/o Sh. Ram Karan Jat , Technical Helper AEN(O&M) , AVVNL, Nawa 11-Jul-13 Download
13 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/F/OO/D.731 Suspension Order of Sh. Ummed Singh S/o Sh. Sukhdev Chaudhary , JEN, Agn. AEN(O&M) , AVVNL, Nawa 11-Jul-13 Download
12 आदेश-176 अविविनिलि/प्र.नि./सचिव(प्रशा.)/अनु.भर्ती/का.आ./प्रे-1736 अजमेर विधुत वितरण निगम लिमिटेड के मृत कर्मचारियो के अनुकम्पात्मक आधार पर उनके नाम के सम्मुख अंकित पद पर 2 वर्ष की परिवीक्षाकाल पर (प्रोबेशन ट्रेनी ) के रुप मे 19-Jun-13 Download
11 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/प्र.नि./सचिव(प्रशा.)/अनु.भर्ती/का.आ./प्रे-1737 अजमेर विधुत वितरण निगम लिमिटेड के मृत कर्मचारियो के अनुकम्पात्मक आधार पर उनके नाम के सम्मुख अंकित पद पर 2 वर्ष की परिवीक्षाकाल पर (प्रोबेशन ट्रेनी ) के रुप मे (बैठक मण्डल-210, दिनाक- 22-04-2013) 19-Jun-13 Download
10 AVVNL Order-178 अविविनिलि/प्र.नि./सचिव(प्रशा.)/अनु.भर्ती/का.आ./प्रे-1738 अजमेर विधुत वितरण निगम लिमिटेड के मृत कर्मचारियो के अनुकम्पात्मक आधार पर उनके नाम के सम्मुख अंकित पद पर 2 वर्ष की परिवीक्षाकाल पर (प्रोबेशन ट्रेनी ) के रुप मे (दिनाक- 22-04-2013) 19-Jun-13 Download
9 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/D.687 Sh. Shanker Lal Saini, AEN (O&M)AVVNL Udaipurwati is hereby placed APO H.Q. at SE (O&M),AVVNL Sikar 7-Jun-13 Download
8 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/D.685 Sh .C.B. Yadav , JEN Posted aganist the post of AEN (R) , AVVNL Neem ka Thana is hereby placed APO with H.Q. at SE(O&M), AVVNL , Sikar 6-Jun-13 Download
7 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/FE/OO/D.682 Sh. Jadish Godara , Jen is hereby reinstated and posted against the post of AEN(O&M), Degana 5-Jun-13 Download
6 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/D.708 Sh. Rajesh Bhargava , UDC vide which he was placed APO with H.Q. at SE (ACC) , AVVNL, Ajmer 4-Jun-13 Download
5 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/D.680 Sh. Sanjay Choudhary , JEN vide which he was Placed APO with H.Q. at SE(O&M), AVVNL, Banswara 4-Jun-13 Download
4 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/D.684 Sh.D.P. Dubey , XEN is hereby reinstated and posted against the post of XEN(vig.), Dungarpur 4-Jun-13 Download
3 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/ENQ/FE/OO/D.684 Sh. Ganpat Ram Saran JEN, is hereby reinstated and posted against the post of AEN (O&M) Khinvsar 4-Jun-13 Download
2 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Estt./F. /D-8550 Expeditious disposal of pension cases -Instructions thereof 12-Mar-13 Download
1 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/Secy.(Admn.)/Estt./F. /D-608 163 rd meeting held on 15.02.2013 1-Mar-13 Download