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Circular No. Dispatch No. Subject Circular Date Doc
93 Notification No. F17(41)Energy/2014 In excercise of the powers conferred by section 164 of the Electricity Act 2003 (Central Act No-36 of 2003 ) the State Government for the purpose of placing of electric lines or electric plants 21-02-2017 Download
92 Standing Order No - 17/12 Chairman (Discoms) / F. TA/ D-92 Setting up effective and user friendly Communication Strategies for Image building of Rajasthan Discoms and extending government departments' supports for sustainable developement of distribution utilities. 17-02-2017 Download
91 Standing Order 16/01C अध्यक्ष (डिस्काँम)/प्रा.स./पत्रा./प्रे- 54 फीडर सुधार व विधुत छिजत को कम करने के लिए 02-02-2017 Download
90 Standing Order-16/11-A Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-364 विधुत चोरी के प्रकरणो के सम्बन्ध मे दिशा निर्देश  25-Oct-2016  Download
89 Standing Order-16/11 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-334 विधुत चोरी के प्रकरणो के सम्बन्ध मे दिशा निर्देश  14-Oct-2016  Download
88  Standing Order -16/01-B Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-247 Measure for Loss Reduction  19-Sep-2016  Download
87 Standing Order-16/10 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-216 Guidelines to deal with the Material Failed under Guarantee Period 01-Sep-2016  Download
86 Standing Order-16/09 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-215 Guidelines in respect of functioning of Stores Organisation 01-Sep-2016 Download
85 Standing Order-16/08 Chairman (Discoms)/ F. TA/ D-208 Revenue Management 27-Aug-2016  Download
84 Standing Order No-16/07 Chairman (Discoms) / F.TA/D-160 In order to ensure timely procurement and delivery of material to field officers and maximize the utilization of availble material in the most techno-economic manner as well as to ensure improved inventory control and financial discipline, 08-Aug-2016  Download
83 Standing Order-16/01-A Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-153 Measures of Loss Reduction 05-Aug-2016  Download
82 Standing Order-16/06 Chairman (Discoms)/F.TA/D-136 Consititution of technical specification committee 01-08-2016  Download
81 Standing Order -16/05 Chairman Discom/F.TA/D-126 Field Inspection Squads for Rural Areas(Standing Order-16/05) 28-Jul-2016  Download
80 Standing Order -16/04A Chairman (Discoms)/ F. TA/D-102 For Administrative Restructuring of Discoms 20-Jul-2016   Download
79 Standing Order-16/04 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-91 For Administrative Restructuring of Discom 18-Jul-2016   Download
78 Standing Order-16/03 Chairman Discom/F.TA/D-90 Standing Order- 16/03 (Restructuring of Vigilance Activities) 04-Aug-2016    Download
77 Standing order No-16/02 Chairman Discoms/F. TA / D-80 Duties & responsibility of Executive Engineer (O&M) and (O&V) 12-Jul-2016   Download
76 Standing Order-16/01 Chairman(Discoms)/TA/F. /D-36 Measures for Loss Reduction 20-Jun-2016   Download
75  Order  अध्यक्ष डिस्कांम /प्रा.वे.स/ पत्रा./प्रे-104 सुरक्षित बिजली अभियान  21-जुलाई-16  Download
74 Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम /एम आई एस / पत्रा. /प्रे-26 ऊर्जा मित्र सम्मान 6-May-16   Download
73 Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँ/ एम आई एस/ पत्रा./ प्रे-27 सुरक्षित बिजली अभियान 6-May-16    Download
72 Order No./JPD/Chairman Discoms /MIS/ F. EA/D-12 All ZCEs are directed to send the following information invairably to SE(Plan) in respect to the 11 KV feeders selected for AT&C loss reduction under LBSM w.e.f. 01-02-2016 in compliance of Chairman Discom 21-Apr-16   Download
71 Order Chairman Discoms / MIS/F/D-14 MoU Between Government of Rajasthan and J-PAL , South Asia 25-Apr-16 Download
70 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/ मु. अ.(वाणिज्य)/ अ.अ.-II/2015-16/प्रे-39 VCR Monitoring and Reviewing Committee 7-Apr-16 Download
69 AVVNL Order JPD/ChairmanDiscom/MIS/FEA/D-476 Load Shedding Order 28-Jan-16 Download
68 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्कांम/पीपीएम/पत्रा./प्रे.-259 बिजली चोरी व अन्य गम्भीर अपराधो को रोकने के लिये 10-Nov-15 Download
67 Chairman Discom's Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम / एमआईएस /पत्रा ./प्रे -402 केन्द्रीयक्रत काल सेंटर के उपयोग हेतु दिशा निर्देश 28-Oct-15 Download
66 AVVNL Order अविविनिलि/ मु.अ.(वाणिज्य)/अ.अ.-II\2015-16\प्रे-5709 घरेलू श्रेणी के विच्छेदित कनेक्शनो को पुनः बिजली की सुविधा उपलब्ध कराने बाबत 23-Oct-15 Download
65 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम / एमआईएस /पत्रा ./प्रे -383 दिशा निर्देश- “ हर घर बिजली- डिस्काँम आपके द्वार 5-Oct-15 Download
64 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम / एमआईएस / पत्रा. /प्रे -379 कार्यालय आदेश 29-Sep-15 Download
63 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काँम/ एम आई एस / पत्रा /प्रे -376 दिशा निर्देश- “ हर घर बिजली- डिस्काँम आपके द्वार 22-Sep-15 Download
62 Chairman Discom Order Chairman Discom/MIS/ F/D-189 Regarding Feeder Improvement program and Sub- Station Improvement Programe 3-Sep-15 Download
61 Chairman Discom Order Chairman Discom /MIS/F/D-182 Regarding Direction to the Discoms officers submitted to monthly progress report of various work plan to the Chairman Discoms 31-Aug-15 Download
60 AVVNL Order जेपीडी / नि.(तक.) एमआईएस / पत्रा. /प्रे-183 वर्ष 2015-16 की कार्य योजना के अनतर्गत विधुत छीजत को कम करने एवं उपभोक्ताओ को बेहतर सेवाए प्रदान करने हेतु 31-Aug-15 Download
59 Chairman Discom Order Chairman Discom/MIS/ F/D-181 जन जाग्रति द्वारा बिजली चोरी रोकने के लिये 28-Aug-15 Download
58 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष डिस्काम /मु.अ.पीपीएम /पत्रा. /प्रे.- 191 हर घर बिजली डिस्काम आपके द्वार शिविरो मे कनेक्शन देने की कार्यवाही 18-Aug-15 Download
57 CMD Order Discoms/F./D-657 Regarding applying of "Voluntary increased Load scheme" for the unauthorized increased load in agriculture connections dated 10.10..2014. 12-Dec-14 Download
56 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-643 Directions for the O&M ,Vigilance and Vigilance Police officers to enter for the listed categories A/B/C/D for the year 2014-15 to prepare annual confidential report dated 07.10.2014 7-Oct-14 Download
55 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-642 Directions for recovery of outsatanding amount from the consumers dated 01.10..2014. 1-Oct-14 Download
54 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-641 Directions for final disposal of pending vigilance cases dated 01.10..2014 1-Oct-14 Download
53 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-636 Directions for early replacement of large amount of stopped / Defective meters dated 30.09.2014. 30-Sep-14 Download
52 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-633 Orders regarding to prevent Electrical Mishaps either fatal or Non Fatal in all the three Discoms dated 29.09.2014. 30-Sep-14 Download
51 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-161 Orders regarding reduction of Electrical losses in Industrial Areas dated 29.09.2014. 29-Sep-14 Download
50 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-160 Orders regarding calculation of Electrical Losses Feeder Wise to assess the Sub Station Improvement Programme" dated 29.09.2014. 29-Sep-14 Download
49 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-158 Orders regarding monitoring of the "Feeder Improvement Programme" and " Sub Station Improvement Programme" dated 29.09.2014. 29-Sep-14 Download
48 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-159 Orders regarding reduction of Electrical losses in Urban Areas aimed up to the 5 percent according to the Loss reduction manual dated 29.09.2014 29-Sep-14 Download
47 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/F./D-628 Records of Discussions/ Decisions taken during the Video Conferencing held on dated 18.09.2014 order dated 27.09.2014 27-Sep-14 Download
46 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/F./D-624 Orders regarding Reconditioning of Distribution Transformers dated 23.09.2014. 23-Sep-14 Download
45 CMD Order JPD/Chairman Discoms/F./D-613 Directions issued for strict compliance to initiate action for reduction of faults on 11 KV and 33 KV Rural Feeders dated 15.09.2014. 15-Sep-14 Download
44 AVVNL Order JPD/chairman-Discoms/SE(Vig.)/F.1(1)/D.87 In Supersession to all previous orders issued regarding norms of Vigilance Checking for Vigilance and O&M officers 9-Jul-13 Download
43 AVVNL Order अध्यक्ष/डिस्कॉम/अधी.अभि./सतर्कता/प्रे-44 सतर्कता जाचो के सम्बन्ध मे 17-Apr-13 Download
42 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/TA/F./D-8303 Directions issued during Sr. Officer's Meeting held on 14.02.2013 14-Feb-13 Download
41 AVVNL Order AVVNL/MD/TA/F./D.7003 Directions issued during video-conference held on 18th Dec-2012 18-Dec-12 Download
40 AVVNL Order JPD/CMD/MIS/D-478 वर्तमान समय मे उपभोक्ताओ के साथ सीधा संवाद व उपभोक्ताओ के हितो से सम्बन्धित जानकारी सार्वजनिक करने के लिये 17-Jul-12 Download
39 AVVNL Order AVVNL /MD/TA/F./D. 3289 In Supersession to all previous orders issued regarding norms of vigilance checking , the following monthly targets(minimum) which are existing for O&M officers jaipur and ajmer discoms 27-Jun-12 Download
38 AVVNL Order No.Chairman-Discoms/Vig./F.1(I)/D.744 Monthly Target(MInimum) prescribed for the officers of Vigilance wing 25-May-12 Download
37 Order NO.JPD/CMD/TA/F./D.332 Conversion of Flat Rate Category Agriculture connection into Metered Category in urban area 21-May-12 Download
36 Circular-37 AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN(C-II)/F.2015-16/D-48 Waiver of LPS/DPS amount against outstanding dues of government Departments /undertakings 7-Apr-16 Download
35 AVVNL Circular AVVNL/CE(Comml)/XEN-II/F/2015-16/D-4241 Waiver of LPS / DPS amount against outstanding dues of Government Department/ Undertakings 28-Jan-16 Download
34 CMD Order Chairman Discoms/MIS/F./D-199 Regarding updation of Bijliaajtak website dated 15.12..2014. 15-Dec-14 Download
33 Office Order Chairman Discom/SE/MIS/F. SOM/D-133 Submission of information in SOM 1 to 31 formats 21-Aug-14 Download
32 Office Order Chairman Discoms/Dir.(Tech.)/F. SE(P)/D-632 Prescribing norms for framing the proposal for the construction of new 33/11 KV S/Ss in Rural Area dated 15.07.2014 15-Jul-14 Download
31 Office Order-14/19 Chairman Discoms/F. MIS/D-435 Directions for the officers selected for the visit of Maharashtra State to study the vigilance activities being carried out to curb the theft of electricity dated 08.07.2014 8-Jul-14 Download
30 MOM Chairman Discoms/TA/F./D-427 Confirmation of the instructions given in Bikaner visit during 27th to 30th June,2014 7-Jul-14 Download
29 CMD Order जेपीडी /मुकाअ / उनिका (मुख्या.) / प्रे – 1193 Special Maintenance Program is to be initiated and implemented between 16.06.2014 and 14.08.2014 to strengthen the Electrical distribution System 10-Jun-14 Download
28 Order ChairmanDiscom/TA/F/D-172 Important Directions issued during sr. Officer's meeting held on 14th March 2014 19-Mar-14 Download
27 Office Order-14/15 JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-162 Order regarding approval/sanction of new 33/11 KV substation dated 11/03/14 11-Mar-14 Download
26 Office Order-14/14 JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-161 Order in continuation to previous order regarding Governance to conduct Board Meeting , 2014 dated 11/03/14 11-Mar-14 Download
25 Office Order JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-135 Directions issued to finalize the Accounts for the Financial Year 2013-14 dated 06/03/14 6-Mar-14 Download
24 Office Order JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-136 Governance to conduct Board Meeting 6-Mar-14 Download
23 Office Order JPD / Chairman-Discoms /D-137 Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held on 7th May , 2014 dated 06/03/14 6-Mar-14 Download
22 Office Order-14/12 Chairman-Discom/TA/F./D-128 Feeder Maintenance Programme 4-Mar-14 Download
21 Order 14/11 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.118 Orders regarding release of domestic connection in rural areas and to prevent the burning of already placed transformers in rural areas 26-Feb-14 Download
20 Order chairman-Discoms/F. /D.89 Formation of the committee to ascertain the delivery given by the M/s HCL Infosystems Limited against the contract of "RAPDRP implementation" 21-Feb-14 Download
19 Office-Order JPD/Chairman-Discoms/F. /D. 77 Order in continuation with order no. 232 regarding feedback taken by authorised officers from the sarpanch with the format to be duly filled reported back to Zonal CE office 17-Feb-14 Download
18 Office-Order JPD/Chairman-Discoms/F. /D. 76 Orders regarding huge pendency in domestic connection in rural abadi areas 17-Feb-14 Download
17 Order 14/09 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.80 Implementation to enhance the customer satisfaction in the matter of uninterrupted power supply 17-Feb-14 Download
16 Order 14/07 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.72 Orders regarding mandatory field visit by senior officers 14-Feb-14 Download
15 Office-Order JPD/SE(C)/F. /D.73 Order for avoiding different practices in all three Discoms on various points listed in order 14-Feb-14 Download
14 Order 14/08 chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.74 Order regarding energising of 33 KV substations without adequate and proper installation 14-Feb-14 Download
13 Circulars जे.डी.पी. / राजस्व /पत्रा . 215/ प्रे - 334 सही विधुत प्रपत्र जारी करने बाबत 13-Feb-14 Download
12 Order chairman Discoms /TA/F.O/D.61 Order regarding all Turnkey tenders/contracts perceived to be on higher rates are to be reviewed and reanalyzed by the respective Purchase Commitee to assess the reasonable rates 7-Feb-14 Download
11 Office-Order chairman Discoms/JVVNL-CPC/F.O/D.1006 Payment through CPC in electronic mode 7-Feb-14 Download
10 Office Order-14/06 Chairman-Discom/TA/F./D-59 Commitee for Agriculture policy dated 06.02.14 6-Feb-14 Download
9 Office Order Chairman-Discoms/Dir(Fin.)/F./ D-58 Order regarding key guidelines for seamless material mgmt, inventory and budgetory contr ol dated 05.02.14 5-Feb-14 Download
8 Office Order जेपीडी/ अध्यक्ष / एमआईएस / पत्रा /प्रे-232 कार्यालय आदेश 5-Feb-14 Download
7 Office Order-14/05 Chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D 53 Order regarding appointment of various Nodal Officers to deal with the common issues of the three Discoms dated 04.02.14 4-Feb-14 Download
6 Office Order Chairman-Discorns/TA/F./OO/D 42 Orders regarding sanctioned projects/works covered under CSSs, RGGVY, deposit works etc for which turnkey mode is mandatory dated 30.01.14 30-Jan-14 Download
5 Office Order-14/02 Chairman-Discoms\TA\F. \D.29 Order regarding replies/ correspondence of parliament/ Assembly questions dated 27.01.14. 27-Jan-14 Download
4 Office Order-14/03 Chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.30 Order regarding Director (Finance) as a Nodal Officer dated 27.01.14 27-Jan-14 Download
3 Office Order-14/04 Chairman-Discoms/TA/F. /D.31 Order regarding Dy. CE(IT, M&P & RE) as a Nodal Officer dated 27.01.14 27-Jan-14 Download
2 Office Order-14/01 Chairman Discomn\TA\ F. I D 16 Committee for common Purchase of Major ltems 15-Jan-14 Download
1 Comml Order AVVNL/Dy.CE(Comml.)/XEN-II/F.57(F)/2011/D.3624 Regarding to “लोक सेवा गारण्टी अधिनियम-2011” 16-Jan-12 Download